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Light's Adventures

Chapter 40: The New Life

Light glanced up as Cream once again pressed against him in the water. He once again thought that Cream might be scared to leave his side. They wouldn't be able to have that if they were going to live here. Cream needed to feel safe in her environment.

Light splashed Cream playfully as they washed off in the spring. Cream laughed and splashed back, though her splash wasn't as big. Light splashed her again, and soon, they had a full on water war going on. Cream and Light laughed as they once again played around. Both of them were quickly soaked.

After a little, Light could tell that Cream was tiring from doing all that work and now swimming beside him, even if there was little current, so he called an end to it. He stepped out onto the bank, while Cream tried to hop up. Unfortunately, the added water weighed her down and she didn't make the jump. Light reacted quickly and grabbed her by her mane, keeping her from falling back down. He set her gently down on the grass.

Light's fur quickly shed the water off, being short, but Cream's fur was soaked and would probably take hours to dry. "You should lay here and dry. I'll finish the last part of the den," Light suggested.

Cream shook her head and stayed next to him. Light was once again worried. Was she still scared? He wished he would have reacted to that attack. Maybe then Cream wouldn't be so scared. Still, he couldn't change the past, so he redirected his thoughts, least they lead to unpleasant memories.

He walked toward the cave they had excavated. The cave was in the side of what they now called the 'Silent Falls.' While the waterfall did make noise, it was as quiet as a creek, even with a high drop. After walking a while, they stumbled upon the place. Cream was overjoyed to be there again, remembering the last time they had been there, before the . . . tournament.

They had only been out here a week, and already they had dug out a respectable burrow into the side of the fifty foot cliff face. While one could call it a cave, it was more a burrow with downward slope and dirt walls. There was little rock that had to be excavated. The waterfall was too gentle near it to ever cause damage, but they burrowed a few small, well placed trenches leading around and back into the waterfall to prevent any flooding. The entrance was simple, a small hole just large enough for Cream and Light to enter side by side. It went back for about thirty feet into a larger, more rounded room. The room was large enough to hold a food pile, though theirs was still small, a small area to keep any valuables or keepsakes, and a reasonably comfortable bed made out of the soft grass and ferns growing nearby.

There wasn't much too to really be done. A little harvesting would get the food pile up to stock and the bed was already made. A few scraps here and there would make the walls solid and smooth, showing a very good ability for the amount of time put in it. If they lived here longer, maybe they would make this larger. However, this location was temporary if any Pokemon nearby proved to be aggressive and yet powerful enough to do damage.

"I'll do it," Light said, walking over to the final portion needed to be done. Cream had taught him how to deftly carve the wall without just taking hunks out. However, Cream still followed him, nuzzling him as they went. Light was glad for the attention, but he was still worried about her.

Light turned his attention to the wall and shaped the wall with his paw. Soon, the wall was just as smooth as the others, finishing up the den at last. He sat back, proud of his work. Cream purred and pressed against him as they looked at it. "It's perfect, Light," she said, nuzzling his side again.

"Let's go outside so that you can dry off," Light said.

Cream followed him out and laid down as he did, stretching out so that the sun would dry out her fur faster. Light gentle started to groom her fur, his tongue absorbing some of the moisture from her sponge like fur. Cream purred in pleasure and sprawled out even more. Light carefully went over the wound areas, though they were healed before they left. Cream's fur was starting to once again grow in the areas, to the point that one could barely see the scar that was on her side. It was the only reminder of what they had left, besides Cream's collar and blue scarf.

When he was finished, Cream turned over for him to continue. Light usually didn't groom this area, as her shorter chest fur usually dried faster. But Light still obliged, Cream purring contently as he continued. Soon, her fur was mostly dried out, just a little damp. Light gave Cream a little kiss on the cheek as he finished, elating a blush out of her.

Without turning back over, Cream nestled closer to him, nuzzling his side. Light sighed. "Is something wrong, Cream?" he finally asked, too worried to keep it in any longer. After all, she had been doing it ever since she had woken in the Pokemon Center.

Cream blushed heavily and looked away. "Uh, there's nothing wrong," she said, emphasizing the word wrong.

"What is it, Cream?" Light asked, concerned.

"Well, umm . . ." Cream started, still looking away. She took a deep breath to prepare herself, which only made Light worry more. "I was going to tell you after that battle that I was going to be soon, but, well, you know," she said. Light nodded, waiting for her to continue. "Well, in all the excitement . . . I kind of forgot to tell you that I would. And now I am."

"You're what?" Light asked.

"Well . . . I'm in heat," Cream said so quietly that Light barely heard.

It took a second to register, but Light jumped up when it did. Cream was in heat. That explained everything. She had been staying so close because she was about to go into heat. She had probably gone into it the night she had woken in the Pokemon Center, when she started to cuddle and do so many loving gestures. She was in heat. That's why she was staying so close to his side now that they were out here.

He couldn't believe that he had missed the telltale smell before now, especially with Cream next to him all this time. Now, though, he couldn't miss the pheromonal smell all female Pokemon carried when they went into heat. The same pheromonal smell that aroused the hormones of any male Pokemon that smelled it.

Cream got up slowly, not as happily as before. "I'm sorry, Light," she murmured.

Light looked at her confused. "Why are you apologizing? It's natural for you. However, we need to move things along differently," Light said. He nuzzled Cream to reassure her. Cream brightened a little. Cream gasped as Light suddenly picked her up and put her on his back. Cream held on as Light went into the den and put her down on the bed. "Now, I've got to go for a second. Stay here," Light said sternly. "I'll be right outside the den."

Cream looked uneasy about him leaving, but didn't follow him out. Light quickly recalled the things he had learned from Ty when he had lived in the wild. When one had a female in heat, it would attract all sorts of Pokemon. So, the mate would need to mark the surroundings to prevent them from coming.

Light went to the edge of the clearing and marked the whole area's perimeter, making sure to leave no gaps. Just in case, Light also marked their den's entrance. He didn't want anyone coming after his Cream.

Light walked back into the burrow. Cream looked relieved when he walked back in. He came up and laid down beside her. Cream nuzzled his side, glad that he was next to her again. "What are we doing now that we finished the burrow?" she asked.

"Let's take the day off. We've been working every day now. Let's enjoy what we've finished so far," Light reasoned.

"Okay," Cream agreed.

Light leaned over and picked up a berry for each of them. Cream gratefully accepted hers and ate it slowly, rubbing slightly against Light. Even as Light ate, he couldn't help but notice Cream's scent now that he knew. However, he pushed it out of his mind and concentrated on eating. Light's stomach was contentedly full as he finished. Cream had finished before him and had been rubbing against him and alternately nuzzling him as he finished up.

Cream suddenly yawned, Light almost immediately echoing it. Cream smiled and nuzzled his side, before curling up against him. Light smiled at her curled up form, so content and peaceful looking. He was glad they had been able to find this area. Not only was it a safe spot, it held good memories for each of them, and he hoped it would stay that way. On the up side, this situation would really tell them if it was safe to really settle down here. Her smell would attract others, and if any tried to still come past Light's markings, he would know if it was really such a safe place.

Light placed his head down next to her and slowly drifted off to sleep, a large, unasked and unanswered question swirling in his mind.


What could she do? She knew it was bad timing for her to go into heat right as they left, but she couldn't help it. Her body was going through the cycles whether she wanted them to or not. She didn't want to make them getting settled any harder, especially after all Light had been doing to cheer her up and keep her happy. He had worked so hard, and now she was messing it up.

As she laid by Light, she could once again smell the pheromones being released from her body, even as she squeezed her legs tighter to try to stop it. She had tried her just to hide it, which seemed to work since Light hadn't guessed all that time. She hadn't wanted him to worry, but she knew he was now.

Cream quietly sighed, before gritting her teeth for a moment. Her heat was starting to get to her. It had been hard for the last week and a half to contain herself. She knew her heat would be ending around three days from now. The only way to end it early was to mate, which Cream knew she couldn't have Light do that. She wanted another kit, but they didn't need the hassle of it right now in the fall when they were just getting settled.

Cream closed her eyes as another wave of desire washed over her. Her tail lurched to the side as the feeling came. Her tail brushed against Light's side, but he luckily didn't wake. She panted slightly as the feeling continued to push against her. Cream snuggled closer to Light. The feeling ebbed some from the contact of their fur and the feeling of him next to her.

Cream tried to sleep, but after a little, the feeling once again came back, much stronger than before. Cream blushed and squeezed her legs tighter as her body released a large amount of pheromone. However, the air was now thick with the smell from her heat.

She bit her lip as she resisted her body's urge to find a male. Her body desired to be filled by a male, but her mind kept reminding her of Light and their situation. Finally, she came to a conclusion that would settle both.

Cream carefully moved away from Light to the edge of their bed so that she wouldn't disturb him. Taking a breath, she slowly reached down between her legs with a paw. Cream paused as her paw touched her vagina, eliciting a small, quiet moan from her. Cream clamped her mouth shut, knowing she couldn't wake Light.

Tentatively, she touched her vagina again. She then began to slowly move her paw across it, already weakening the burning desire as she felt sexual pleasure arise from her touch. Her tail swished back and forth as she began to speed up slightly to satisfy her craving. Small trails of pheromonal liquid started to come from her rubbing, soaking the end of her paw.

As her body demanded more, she hesitantly inserted her paw. She accidently let out a soft moan, before shutting her mouth. She glanced over at Light, but he was still resting. Remembering to keep her mouth closed, she started to insert her paw repeatedly. Soon, her hips were moving slightly with her paw, her body's own request for her to go deeper. She pushed her paw in further, almost crying out as pleasure hit her. The burning desire was all but gone now as she began to speed up with her pawing. Her pheromonal liquid continued to slowly seep out as her body reacted to her treatment. Soon, her paw was completely soaked from her liquid, making a quiet squashing noise as her paw went into her.

Cream's body still wanted more, but she couldn't push in any farther. Instead, she started to wiggle her toes around inside her. Cream's back legs suddenly wrapped around her paw as pleasure shot through her. Her tail jerked from side to side as she continued the action.

Cream felt her body getting close and put her face into the leaves. Soon, her body was filled with intense pleasure as she climaxed. Unbidden moans escaped her mouth into the muffling leaves as she cummed. Her back legs clamped down even harder as she entered her state of bliss. Cum gushed forth, soaking her hips and her paw. As she laid back and panted from the sudden feeling, she could feel the cum slowly flowing off her onto the leaves, leaving whitish trails all over her bottom.

After catching her breath, Cream leaned down and started to clean herself off. It was hard, stretching at such an angle to clean herself off. However, some parts would have to stay, as she just couldn't reach them. If she lowered her tail just right, though, it would block it all from view, fortunately. However, she was covered in sweat her body had given off during her treatment. She would suggest going back for another bath in the stream tomorrow. She then pulled one of the large fern leaves over and covered the spot where she had been, effectively hiding what she had done.

Cream went over and curled up against Light again, still being careful not to wake him. Somewhat satisfied, she closed her eyes and finally gave in to the lethargy that was now plaguing her body.


Light woke feeling completely refreshed. He glanced down and saw that Cream was still sleeping, curled up against his chest. He looked out and noticed that the light was bright enough to mean that it was past dawn. However, Light didn't wake Cream, wanting her to be completely rested.

Light was watching Cream breath steadily and calmly for a while, before he finally noticed the scent in the air. It was the scent from Cream's heat. Somehow, it seemed much stronger than before as it coated the air. Light tried to ignore it, but it was impossible now that he knew it was there. He tried to concentrate on other things, like Cream or what they would do later that day, but the smell still invaded his senses. He felt his shaft shift as the tip of his penis appeared, aroused by the pheromones. Light quickly scooted his backend slightly away from Cream so that it wouldn't touch her.

Light was beginning to feel uncomfortable just lying there, the air lingering everywhere around him. Cream just simply slept on as though she had stayed up all night. Finally, Light couldn't take the effects of the pheromones any longer and he carefully got up. Cream shifted slightly, but stayed asleep. Light stepped outside into the fresh air, clearing his senses.

Deciding to do something while he waited for Cream to awake, he renewed the scent markings he had left earlier. He didn't know when to renew them normally, but he didn't want to take any chances. The sun was at its zenith as he finished up. Once done, he took a quick drink at the stream and then went back to the burrow.

Cream was just beginning to stir as he came back to the bed. Cream lazily looked up and smiled as she saw Light. Light smiled back and brought her a berry for lunch, selecting one himself. Cream slowly ate her berry as she seemed to be thinking of something else. This time, Light finished first, as Cream slowly took a bite to get halfway through her berry.

Light chuckled at her state of drowsiness and began to groom her. For some reason, she seemed to have sweat during the night. Light was almost finished grooming Cream's back, when she suddenly froze, her muscles tensing. Light quickly looked around, but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"What's wrong, Cream?" Light asked, worried about her strange stiffness.

"Umm, nothing," she said, looking away as a blush came to her cheeks. Light could see her force herself to relax.

Confused, Light went back to grooming her as Cream continued eating. Cream seemed to be much more awake now as she ate much faster. She finished quickly and sat up in a tight position. "Okay, what is it, Cream?" Light asked, though he had a guess. However, now that he had slept on it, he finally had his answer.

"Umm, could we possible go take another bath in the stream?" Cream asked, avoiding both his question and his eyes.

"Cream," Light said, making her lower her ears some. "I think I know what's wrong," he started. Cream appeared almost frightened of that, but continued to listen. Light smiled at her as he continued, "But I think it's a perfect time."

Cream looked confused at this. "Perfect time?" she asked.

Light pressed up against her and nuzzled her cheek. "To have another kit," he explained, getting a gasp out of Cream.

"Wait, did you just-" Cream started, turning to face him. However, as she did, Light locked her in a passionate kiss. Cream was the one to break away, though. "What about settling down first?" Cream asked.

Light smiled at her lovingly. "We'll be staying here. I know you want another kit, and this will make our settling down solid," Light reasoned.

Cream lit up in surprise and joy. She rubbed up against Light, purring loudly. "Oh, this is great, Light!" she exclaimed.

She was unable to say more as Light kissed her again, this time Cream returned it more passionately. They continued to kiss as Light gently pushed Cream down and onto her back. He got above her, his paws becoming surrounded by her mane fur, as he finally ended the kiss. Cream's face was a mixture of happiness and pleasure as they got into the moment. Light kissed her again as he felt himself starting to get hard. Cream wrapped her front paws around him as she pulled him deeper into the kiss.

They broke from the kiss, both panting a little, and looked into each other's eyes. "Are you ready?" Light asked quietly.

Cream nodded before she kissed him again. Light needed no other enticement and slowly lowered himself onto her. His penis brushed against her already wet vagina. Light gently pushed into her. Cream moaned into her kiss as pleasure shot through them both. Light paused once he was fully in her, but didn't wait long. He immediately began to slowly pull out and then in, setting a deliberate tempo. Cream started to moan regularly with the feeling, softly calling out Light's name a few times. They continued to kiss as Light began to hump her and fill her desire. Her vagina was slowly leaking out its pre-cum as she mated with Light, mixing with the older, already dried cum that she hadn't been able to reach.

They broke from their kisses, unable to keep their breath. Cream, however, kept up her moaning as Light continued to ride her. She continued to call out Light's name seductively in between her moaning. Her tail swished around erratically as she was filled with wave after wave of pleasure. Light quietly howled as he humped her.

Cream started to buck her hips with Light's pace, trying to increase the rhythm. Light happily obliged, increasing his tempo. He cried out with Cream as a stronger wave of pleasure washed over them both. Light wrapped his paws around under Cream, pulling them into a tight embrace as he sped up more. He put his face into her mane, smelling her sweet scent and feeling her soft fur. He could feel Cream's liquids flowing around his penis and out of her vagina.

Both of them were panting heavily now as they mated. Cream continued to give out short, high pitched moans as they continued. "Faster, Light, faster," Cream started to beg, thrusting her hips forward with him.

Light obliged and started to go even faster. Soon, he could feel himself getting close to his climax. Cream suddenly let out a cry and clutched to him, her back legs gripping tight around his waist, as she cummed. Her tail was jerking around spasmodically as pleasure shot through her body. The liquids quickly flowed out, drenching their hips in the whitish liquid. Her vaginal walls immediately started to constrict around Light's penis, the warm walls massaging his sexual organ while trying to keep it in.

The feeling was too much for Light. He took one last thrust, going as far in as he could, and knotted Cream, becoming locked in her. His body tensed as it shot his semen into her vagina. The two of them stayed in their position as they savored the intense feelings of pleasure that was washing over them and putting them in a state of total bliss and euphoria. Soon, Light ejected a second load into Cream, filling her up as more of their mixed liquids seeped out of their locked organs and trailed down their bodies. Light and Cream was both panting heavily, but happily, as they started to calm down from the moment.

Soon, Light was unable to stay up and laid down carefully on Cream, keeping enough of his weight off her that he wouldn't hurt her. Light laid there, embracing the elated Cream, locked in their position. They waited silently, enjoying the mere presence of each other, as Light let out one more load and finally became unlocked from Cream.

They both let out a small moan of pleasure as Light pulled himself out of her and then laid down on his back next to her. They were silent for a while as they slowly came out of their stupor. After a while, Cream rolled onto her side and warmly grinned at Light. "I guess it's time to clean up," she teased quietly, scooting downwards.

Remembering last time, Light watched her with baited breath as she moved down behind him. She grinned again before lowering her head and gently starting to groom his fur with her tongue, licking up their combined liquids. Though she was still only cleaning his hips at the moment, the thought of what was to come was already turning him on as his penis started to come out of its shaft. She grinned even more as she continued to deliberately clean the rest of him, leaving it for last.

Finally, she had finished the rest and turned to his penis. With long, slow strokes, she began to lick his member clean, sending pleasure through to Light at the same time. Light leaned his head back and started to pant a little as Cream started to increase her speed slightly.

Light gasped as Cream moved on and took his penis into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and moist from all the panting she had been doing earlier. It worked wonders as she slowly began to bob her head. Soon, Light found himself bucking slightly, wanting her to go faster. Cream saw this and purposefully pulled her mouth off to give a long, slow lick to his throbbing member, making him purposefully wait longer.

Cream once again took his erect penis into her mouth and started her oral work again. Her lips were locked firmly around his member as she started to bob her head agonizingly slow, taking pleasure in teasing him. Light moaned as she began to use her tongue again while bobbing at the same time, her saliva coated his penis. Her canine teeth occasionally touched him, though they were lubricated by her saliva, and sent small jolts of additional pleasure through him.

Finally, Light was unable to hold it in any longer and released in her as his knot formed in her mouth. His mind went into a state of ecstasy as he climaxed to Cream's handlings. Cream kept her lips firmly planted as she took his load, swallowing it quickly. She used her tongue to clean off his member, though she kept her mouth closed. Her tongue sent paralyzing jolts of pleasure through him, making him squirm a little. It wasn't long before Light released a second spurt of semen into her waiting mouth. She hurriedly drank it up and cleaned him once again. Finally, his knot deflated and Cream pulled her mouth off, a trail of saliva still connecting them for a little.

Cream crawled up onto Light's stomach, waiting for him to recover from her treatment. Light panted for a little before he held Cream close and rolled over. He grinned at Cream as he stood over her and began to back up to her genitals.

Light lowered his head and began to clean his beloved Cream's fur. The cum seemed to have covered her thighs and butt everywhere. Parts of her fur had already started to mat from it, somehow. Light gently licked up all the sweet juices from her fur, making sure to leave none left. The mixture of both their liquids didn't seem somehow as good as just Cream's, but the sweet flavor was still present and Light lapped it all up quickly. He gently pulled the few mats out, though he noticed Cream heavily bushed at that point.

Soon, all that was left was her vagina. Light hovered above it for a second, teasing Cream just as she did him. He leaned down and began to lick her vagina along the outer part slowly. Cream put her head back as he started, moaning slightly from the contact. Light took his time pleasuring Cream, staying outside for a while.

Finally, he penetrated her folds with his tongue, making Cream gasp and then moan. He was instantly met with her sweet juices that he licked up, though moving his tongue slowly and deliberately. Cream's tail swished around his chest as pleasure shot through Cream. She moaned into the night, savoring all of Light's oral treatment.

Light pushed farther into her, licking at her delicious juices along the way. Cream moaned even louder, already panting between her pleasure-filled moans. Light felt himself getting turned on by her seductive moaning, but continued his oral pleasuring.

Light put his paws on Cream's hips to support him as he shoved his tongue in as far as it could go, making Cream cry out alluringly. He wiggled his tongue around as he licked up her inner liquids. Cream continued to cry out charmingly as she was hit by wave after wave of pleasure. Suddenly, Light touched a highly sensitive spot and Cream almost screamed in pure rapture. Cream's cum come squirting out as she climaxed from the touch. Light took in the most he could and pulled his muzzle away as more continued to leak out. He quickly swallowed her pleasant fluids and started to clean up the rest that had gotten out of her.

Both of them weak from their states of ecstasy, Light laid down beside Cream again. She leaned over and licked off a little cum that had gotten on his muzzle, before nuzzling in between his legs. She snuggled comfortably into his chest, his mind mostly clouded by her state of bliss. Neither of them said another word as they fell asleep in each other's paws. They had truly settled down.

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