Based on the idea of a child witnessing a war, more specifically when the martians take over in War Of The Worlds. You may not like it because it isn't based on any particular style of poetry, it's just a ramble of words but it came to me so I had to get it down. Enjoy and please tel me what you think! :)

The fire rises,

Yet I feel smaller.

The screams grow louder,

Yet my voice is shrinking.

The road and buildings are broken,

Yet I am whole.

The tripods move eagerly around the city,

With but only one aim.

To destroy anything and everything that comes in it's path.

I lost my parents a few moments ago,

Oh, if I could just turn back time,

I would never have let go.

For now I am broken,

Lost without hope.

Everyone is broken and everyone is hopeless.

The world has entered a new way,

A new beginning.

Evoloution has started again,

Creating a new world on another.

There is nothing we can do,

No human has power to conquer over,

What is now making history.

The martians are here.