Summary: What if the clown in Cat, Rain, and Fire was just a little craftier. And deadlier.

When We Die of Laughter

"Tori," Jade interrupts the Latina's rant, heart picking up as she spots a clown creeping towards the girls. "Tori." she repeats, this time more alert.

"What?" she sighs exasperatedly, though almost immediately foul hot breath grazes her skin. She turns around and steps back with a yelp, her body pressed against the car.

"Can I have a ride to your house?" The strangers voice comes in a gravelly and threatening tone, and his eyes bore unrelenting into hers.

She gulps, rallying every bit of courage she can muster, "Um, no- no we're driving our friend to San Diego." Tori gestures towards Cat and Jade, who are clinging to each other, warily surveying the man.

"When are you going to San Die-ego?" He steps closer, his breaths coming in ragged, noxious gales, smothering her in it's fumes.

"You know," she stalls, taking a quick glance at the car, before dashing for the door, screaming for the others to follow suit. Though as she yanks the door open, and lunges for the seat, bony fingers claw at her stomach, pulling her back.

She struggles in his grasp, but before she can fully free herself, he swiftly wraps his arm around her neck. Her screams diminish to strangled gasps, until finally silencing as her airway is completely blocked.

She claws at his arm, arms and legs flailing as he chuckles quietly, watching with daring eyes as Cat and Jade rush to the other side of the convertible.

"Tori!" Cat squeaks, hurries to her friend. However, before she can reach her, the stranger uses his other hand and reaches in his pockets, and then pulling out a jagged blade.

Both Cat and Jade freeze as he places the knife below Tori's chin, whose face went from a deep red to a violent purple in seconds.

"I'll let go, if you listen to me." He states with a mischievous leer.

They both nod frantically, and at last he drops Tori to the ground, who instinctively clutches her throat as coughs rack her body, tears coming in torrents.

"So, how 'bout we head over to San Die-ego." The clowns face contorts into a monstrous glee, his face paint smudged and stained giving him an eerily resemblance to the Joker.

Trying to swallow down her hacks, Tori stumbles to her feet, her chest heaving, though manages to clamber into the backseat. Cat soon follows, tears carving runts into her cheeks, as the clown takes his place in the passenger seat.

Still standing outside of the car, Jade contemplates on what she should do. She knows that complying with this mad man will get them killed. But then again, so might not obeying. However, she never was one to go down without a fight.

"Come one Girly, we've got places to go." The cloqn coos from his seat, peering back at the goth.

Quickly pulling herself together, Jade easily falls into acting mode, "Nah, I'm not really in the mood for rape." She says nonchalantly, still standing near a gas pump.

"Rape?" He questions innocently, "Ah no, there's no fun in that."

"Really?" She eyes him challengingly, "Well I think I'll pass, you can take those two though, but they can't really drive so..." She trails off.

The clown stays seated, his face unreadable, and for a second she afraid he'll just drive off with Tori and Cat. However, at last he gets up and walks in sweeping motions toward her, "Well alright, I guess I can give you another demo." His voice comes in a raspy whisper.

Without hesitation, Jade throws a savage right hook to his face. He stumbles back, cradling his cheek with his body trembling. At first Jade believes him to be quaking in pain, though instead she sees a smile spread heinously across his face. Exposing grimy yellow teeth as he shakes in laughter.

Jade rushes to the car, and hops in the front seat, fiddling with the keys. Before she can put the junkyard car into drive, a screech erupts form behind her. She snaps her head back, seeing the clown jump into the roof-less convertible.

Tori and Cat scream in fear, trying in vain to remove him from the car, but he simply sits up at the end of the car, as Cat presses herself against Tori on the other end.

The clown wrenches Cat from Tori's side, and puts a knife to her neck.

The car remains eerily silent, as blood beads under the blade, although soon his steely voice slices through the air, "So how about we go to San Diego."

Wow, this was pretty creepy to write O.o Do you guys think I should continue?