Jade collapses to the ground as the bullet severs the air. Having been Cat's support, she too falls, in a mix of deadening green and deep scarlet. The weeds of the yard are drenched in blood that just doesn't seem to stop.

Tori lets out a shrill squeak, quickly kneeling down to the gasping Jade. "Oh my God, oh my God." she whispers, hastily wiping away the tears that spill, though the terror that grips her body is unshakable. "Jade, Jade can you hear me?" she questions frantically.

The wounded girl looks at Tori, her eyes tortured and defeated. "I-I'm..fine." she blatantly lies through ragged breaths, squeezing her eyes shut as the words pass her lips.

Tori bites her lip, her brows knitted together as she looks helplessly at her sobbing friend "Cat what do I do?" However it's clear that Cat doesn't hear Tori over her cries.

"Really...I'm fine." Jade sputters, trying to pull herself up at least up to her elbows so she isn't laying pathetically on the ground, though she fails miserably and collapses with a sharp intake of breath. Blood rolls off her back, oozing through the jagged hole of fabric that the bullet had pierced.

"Don't move!" Tori promptly orders, "Just-" though before she finishes, a man hurriedly makes his way across the lawn, gun in pocket and smile on face. Jade's body goes rigid as she hears footsteps, and even more so the chilling tune.

"Why hello girls." his voice is softer than expected, easily carried by the wind.

"Who-" Tori begins to ask desperately, but is swiftly interrupted.

"Try not to scream too much, alright?" the man practically materializes at Jade's side, and whispers into her ear. Without hesitation he grabs her bridal-style, agonized gasps and cries accompanied. "Alright, c'mon you two." he calls as he leads Jade towards the house.

Tori and Cat merely stare for a second, unbelieving that the nightmare had ben been put on repeat.

"You don't want her dead do you?" he glances back one more time before disappearing into the house.

Time seems to still as the two hobble into a trail of blood and leave behind a teary wake. Upon entering, the squeak of the floor boards announce their arrival.

"Close the door." the stranger orders.

With a watery sigh, Tori reluctantly shuts it with a soft click.

"We're upstairs." he says, though they can barely hear him as his hushed voice is nearly swallowed by the house's thundering silence.

The two stand at the foot of the stairs, the feat of climbing it heightened by their injuries.

"I don't think I can..." Cat whimpers softly, her body radiating in scorching sheets of pain. She leans heavily against the wall, tears coming down quicker and thicker now.

"Shouldn't you guys be getting you asses up here?" the man's voice is suddenly clear and vicious, as if whispered in their ear.

Shutting her eyes with a sigh, Tori gingerly swings Cat's arm around her shoulder. Both girls slowly make their way up the stairway, ribs cracking further and muscles tearing. Finally they make it up, gasping all the while, though they're able to shuffle down the little hallway towards the room that they were sentenced to yesterday.

At first sight, they see Jade laying unconscious on the decaying couch. Without looking up, the man busily wraps countless bandages around her torso, not even bothering to remove the shirt from the wound.

"Karma's a bitch huh?" A voice hisses from behind.

Snapping their head back, Tori and Cat's heart drop as they see Chase standing at the door. A bandage is wound around his head, and bruises mar his dirtied skin.

"What are y-"

"You didn't think she killed me did you?" he chuckles darkly, interrupting Tori "It was just a bump on the head."

A moment of silence passes in the room, before Chases words float through Tori mind and an unexpected rage seizes her "What did you mean karma's a bitch anyways?"

"She tried to kill me, now she's almost dead. She deserves it too." he states simply, glaring challengingly at the Latina.

"Deserves it?" Tori sputters incredulously, "You're saying she deserved a bullet in the back that could paralyze or even kill her for trying to escape some deranged freak?" she practically shrieks in hysterics.

"Yeah I am." Chase responds, now with a smirk.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she stares at him, genuinely disbelieving of his cruelty.

"Ah c'mon, you can't give all the blame to me. Cedric here is the one who shot her." he gestures towards the other man, who is still attending to Jade's injury.

"What did we even do?" Tori finally asks with a defeated sigh.

"Nothing, just luck I guess. Now I'm going to need you to shut the fuck up alright?" Chase's demeanor quickly shifts, the air a little more savage. "You done yet?" he calls to Cedric.

"Yeah, she'll be fine. For a couple more days at least."

"Alright, wake her up. I've got an announcement." he briskly orders, "And you, Cat was it? Sit down, I don't want you passing out yet."

Cat practically collapses to the ground with a groan, Tori cautiously following. Cedric roughly shakes Jade awake, a billow of dust rising from the couch along the way.

As her eyes flutter open with a drawn out moan, he demands "Hey, listen to me. Move your legs." Squinting her eyes in confusion, she weakly wiggles her feet. "Alright good, now listen, and don't pass out or nothing."

"Well ladies," Chase begins what he makes out to be a speech, "as you see Cedric here is apart of our little family. However in reality, he's always been here, hiding out around the house to make sure you guys weren't planning an escape or anything of that nature. Now regardless of our previous mishap" he pauses to glare callously at Jade, "we will continue with the tournament, though the first round will not be pain tolerance, since that's just boring now that I think about it. Instead it will be a surprise." A grimy smile spreads menacingly on his lips. "However due to the little stunt pulled today, it'll be a little more...morbid. Even for me."

With that Chase leaves a suffocating silence, only disrupted by his and Cedric's leaving.

Hey do you know if the girls are back from their little 'road trip' yet? Andre receives a text from Beck the day after they were supposed to come back.

Uh, weren't they supposed to be back last nite? Why o.o he quickly texts back, while getting ready for school.

A couple of minutes later his phone vibrates on his way out the door Yeah they were supposed to, but I texted Jade last night but she never answered. Same with Cat too.

Scrunching his brows at the message, Andre sends a quick message about seeing if their at school before driving off.

As he arrives, students already buzz around the school with half eaten breakfasts and impromptu performances. Andre idly sits in the hallway, sending about a dozen messages to Tori about 'where the chiz she was.'

Sighing after a couple minutes with no response, he pulls his gaze from the screen and spots beck making his way down the hall.

"Hey, any news?" he gets up, his hands stuffed in his pocket and clutching his phone.

"Nope." Beck sighs, "You don't think anything happened to them do you?" his face remains calm, though his voice is waivers slightly.

"What? No, dude you need to chill, they' probably got caught in traffic or something and overslept or something." Andre reassures.

"Yeah, I guess." he runs a hand through his hair, doubts running circles in his mind.

"They'll probably be here by lunch."

Though as time proved, the morning classes passes with none of the girls in sight. Robbie and first are the first the table, soon followed by Andre and lastly Beck.

"Shit." he curses under his breath, after seeing none of the girls at the table.

"Hey Beck," Robbie greet obliviously, "have you seen Tori, because-"

"No, none of them have been here today, I was going to ask you actually but I guess..." he places the second coffee in an empty space around the table.

"Maybe Trina knows, have you guys seen her?" Andre offers.


"Me neither."

The air tenses, and again Andre breaks the silence "Maybe we should go to Tori's house after school. Since her dad is a cop and all."

"Well you don't think it's that bad do you?" Robbie questions nervously.

Another silence. This time no one breaks it though.

Yay this was a pretty quick update! So QUESTION TIME; do you guys want me to write out about Beck, Andre and Robbie trying to find the girls? I mean obviously I'll periodically add something new here and there, but I know it's a little boring so tell me what you want. Thanks for reading!