Title A nasty fixation
One Piece
Word count
about 1300
Written for Sanji's birthday. Congratulations to the love cook!
Don't ask me where this came from because I really don't know. And sorry about Sanji being quite OOC.

I do not own One Piece or the characters mentioned in this fic. They all belong to Oda-sensei.

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Recently Sanji had noticed he had an unresolved problem. Although it was very hard to admit such a thing as an endless crave for a certain marimo's cock. Yet it was right there, covered by the green haramaki, the black trousers, and a pair of unexpectedly sexy underwear.

Never in his life Sanji could have known how delighted he would be to make its acquaintance. However, the first glance of its erected form had nearly made him scream. It had seemed nothing but inhuman and outrageous. His own couldn't even be compared to the intimidating one rising high from the bush of green hair. That moment he had only wanted to forget about the whole thing and run away, but of course Zoro hadn't let him. The swordsman couldn't stand breaking promises and thus Sanji hadn't had any other choice but to do as he was told. Even if it was going to kill him.

Closing his eyes he had stuck his tongue out of his mouth and tried to lick the glans at first. Immediately the taste of Zoro had covered his taste buds. It hadn't been bad or disgusting but somewhat bitter and salty. The knowledge that it was the marimo's authentic taste had soon filled Sanji's brain. It needed to be savoured slowly and thoroughly that he wouldn't ever forget it. After all a cook's mouth was delicate like that.

Performing fellatio had never even crossed his mind, not to mention with the shitty swordsman. But even if the cock had been far too big to take it all in his mouth, Sanji had tried his best to suck it. The slipperiness of his own saliva and the oozing precum had made it a little bit easier to enjoy the deed. With his tongue, lips, and palate he had explored the tender head and the pulsating veins that covered the shaft. All the way from the years that he had been a cook apprentice to the time that he had become a first-class cook, he hadn't ever had anything like that in his mouth before. Ravenously he had probed every nook and cranny of the cock with the sensitive tip of his tongue. And that was when he had become obsessed with it.

It was the kind of love he had never experienced. His love for food and women had been there as long as he could remember, but to have such fondness for a single body part was beyond reason. A plenty of times he had tried to get over it and move on since there had to be a limit to the ridiculousness of his feelings. He wasn't an idiot like the marimo who had started it in the first place. But in the end nothing seemed to help to change the way he felt.

Zoro was a part of the crew so he was there right before Sanji's eyes every day. There wasn't a way to suppress his feelings as long as he was so close. And it only meant that any time, any moment the swordsman could come to him and make him suck his cock or thrust it deep into his ass. Both actions were something that the cook anticipated nearly 24/7. In fact, he could have taken a lot more than the marimo asked for, but he wasn't going to be the one to request it or even beg for it. The ship had enough perverts without Sanji becoming one, even if he secretly had joined the group already.

Languidly smoking his cigarette on the deck the blond turned his head a little to look at the familiar sight of the swordsman lying on the grass, sleeping and snoring after the typical 3 o'clock snack time. Only if the haramaki hadn't been there, the bulge between his legs would have been completely visible. Holding the burning cigarette between his fingers, Sanji licked his lips. Having such a juicy treat right before his eyes was unfair especially because he couldn't do a thing about it. His poor cigarettes weren't enough for him anymore now that he had found a bigger addiction.

Since it was quite a peaceful day for once and there didn't seem to be anything better to do, the cook stubbed out the cigarette into his portable ashtray and made his way back to the galley. Even if the fridge was full of food ready to be served during the next meal, he might as well cook something extra for supper or breakfast or whatever. He needed to do something else than think about how much he wanted to taste the thick, slimy cum on his tongue again, or just how wonderful it would have been if his ass had been full of rigid cock.

"Stupid marimo," he mumbled with a helpless tone leaning his head on the fridge door.

"Who's stupid?" asked a deep voice that came from the doorway.

Sanji hadn't noticed that Zoro had only faked taking a nap. He must have seen how he had been staring so heatedly at his crotch.

"You are," he replied without taking his eyes off of the door in front of him.

"Well, I think you're wrong. A certain love cook is the stupid one here," Zoro commented with a highly self-important tone.

Undoubtedly the marimo was trying to pick a fight. He must have been pretty bored as well to do it so deliberately. But Sanji wasn't in the mood for it. All the confusion that had filled his mind had made him too fed up with those useless remarks. He would have rather wanted the swordsman to praise him, even if only once. Or call his name when he came flooding inside him.

Before he knew it, a pair of strong arms had encircled him. Suddenly it was so quiet that he could hear the other's heartbeat and the jingling of his earrings right beside his own ear.

"Cook, if you're not okay, you should go to Chopper."

Yes, he was seriously sick. But it wasn't the kind of illness that a mere medicine could cure so he just shook his head.


A single word and then the chapped lips pressed a gentle kiss on the nape of his neck. It lit a fire on his skin that spread all over his body. If Zoro wasn't going to let go soon, there wouldn't be left anything else but a pile of ashes.

"I'll wait for you up in the crow's nest," the swordsman whispered lowering his hands to fondle Sanji's perfect ass intentionally. Then he turned around and walked right out of the galley door as quietly as he had come in.

His hot breath on his neck, his big hands on his ass, his deep voice in his ears, his manly scent in his nose, the thought of his naked body made Sanji gasp and twitch. Although it wasn't even 4 o'clock yet, he didn't care. If Zoro was going to give him what he wanted more than anything, he would go and get it rapaciously and uninhibitedly.

Right after the cook managed to step outside the galley with slightly trembling legs, he took a deep breath and looked up at the place where the target of his lust was. The marimo must have been right after all, since only a simpleton would have wanted to get fucked by a real living demon beast. But Sanji knew that it was worth it and he could hardly wait for the pleasure that was shortly going to seize him.