No Returns, by DoofusPrime

Notes: This'll be a two chapter story, taking place not long after the events of the series. Enjoy.

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Five Finger Discount


After spending the day walking the streets of Go City, lost in her thoughts, Shego was feeling hungry. She had completely forgotten about lunch, but it was just about dinner time now. She cruised at low altitude in the hovercraft, looking for a good target. The sun was sinking beneath the forest of downtown buildings just ahead, and above her, orange and yellow bled out of the clouds as they absorbed the deep blue of twilight. Below, she glimpsed the twinkling lights of a store on the outskirts of the city's beating heart. Standing beside the building was a sign with the store's name:

Go Go Groceries.

Shego couldn't remember if she had actually shopped at that particular grocery store before. She wondered if it was named after her family. Either way, it would be good enough - and from the looks of it, it was an upscale place to hit. Light from inside the store escaped through a set of ornate skylights marking the center of the roof, although she still had enough room to take the hovercraft down and land in a corner. She got out of the craft, heading for the nearest air vent and kicking in the grate before slipping inside.

As she crawled through the vent, listening to the echo of reverberating sheet metal as her body pressed against the panels, she wondered why she had chosen to land on the roof and come in this way in the first place. It would have been easier to just head through the front doors. Probably she was used to it. After years of infiltration and thievery, sneaking in through an air vent was second nature to her. Kimmie could relate to that, even if that girl went wriggling through air vents for very different reasons (mostly to irritate her, as far as Shego was concerned). But in this case, it just so happened that she was planning on doing some thieving.

Shego was lucky enough to choose a path that led her very near the front entrance. Another wall grate blocked her path; a well placed kick sent it flying out onto a tiled floor with a clatter. She popped out and rolled onto the ground in full view of several customers. "Hi there," she said awkwardly as they gasped and took a step back. "Just inspecting the ventilation system. Nothing to see here."

The shoppers shrugged and wandered off. Shego grabbed a shopping cart, heading into the store. It was like a cross between a grocery store and a mall; parts were sectioned off into the usual food aisles and departments, but the décor was a cut above the usual chain outlets. In the center of the store was a food court catered by a little coffee and sandwich shop. Round, cast-iron tables and chairs were scattered through the court for shoppers to sit and have a snack. An intricately carved marble fountain – at least it looked like marble - bubbled in the center of the court, directly beneath the skylights she had seen earlier in her descent.

She definitely hadn't been here before. It was a pricey-looking place, too hoity-toity for the kind of girl she had been when she spent more time in the city as part of Team Go. But she felt like eating something fancy tonight. It would be a dinner for one, but sometimes it was nice to treat yourself, and she had been in a bit of a funk lately. Didn't she deserve it? That's why she was here, after all. To get a break; to get her head straight. And she knew exactly where she needed to begin, too.

The fine wines section was marked by an overhanging wooden sign that read "Vin", complete with snooty-looking curly gold lines all around the edges for decoration. She rolled her cart down the aisle. As she picked up a bottle and looked it over, Shego began to look forward to all the head-straightening she was going to do tonight.


Hego's shift at Bueno Nacho had been long and grinding. As floor manager, it was a duty he took very seriously – but sometimes the long days got to him. Today had been particularly grueling, with all the customers screaming about the Chimarito price hike as if he was to blame and not his overlords in corporate. But obeying your superiors was part of the joy of participating in a well-oiled corporate system, he reminded himself. And he genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to serve customers to the best of his ability!

Fortunately, his shift was over. Most nights he would have headed home after his shift, but he had to make a quick return and buy some groceries tonight. There was no food in Go Tower, which his brothers had already complained about several times; the Wegos were just starting puberty, which seemed to mean the fridge got scoured of anything edible before Hego had even finished stocking it. Mego was the same as always, but that meant the only thing he did more often than sarcastic sniping was eating. So here he was, stopping by Go Go Groceries to pick up a few things.

Hego shifted the package he was returning beneath his brawny arm. Mego would probably whine about them eating fancy food instead of just ordering Chinese takeout, but he wanted to treat himself after a hard day's work. Now that he thought about it, he didn't really even want to return to Go Tower. Things had been stressful with his brothers lately. There was puberty thing, and Mego being his usual annoying self. But that wasn't all. Hego didn't know what it was, exactly. Maybe it was just the daily grind of being a superhero, and all the responsibilities that entailed. Sometimes he just got tired of being the one in charge. People took him for granted.

As he grabbed a shopping cart inside the entrance, Hego stared absently down at the floor, lost in a funk. After a moment, he noticed he was still wearing his Bueno Nacho uniform, having forgotten to change out of it as he left work. He frowned; there was something awkward about walking around in public in his work uniform. Like it was a faux pas. He was thinking about whether or not it was worth stopping by the Bueno Nacho later on to get his regular alter ego clothes out of his employee locker when he ran smack into someone with his shopping cart.


"Ma'am, I am so sorry," he stammered. "I wasn't-"

Hego's embarrassment turned to elation when he realized he had smacked right into his sister. Shego! She wasn't in the green and black harlequin suit she always wore in her evil duties, which was a bit jarring, but it was Shego all the same. Even if she wasn't his sister, no one could miss the pale green skin. And he definitely couldn't miss the flaming hand she was raising as she scowled menacingly at him. Just before she was about to send him sailing right back out of the store in a haze of plasma, she lowered her hand in surprise.

"Hego? What are you doing here?"

He chuckled. "I happen to live in Go City, little sister. Have you forgotten already?"

"Don't call me little sister."

"Suit yourself. I'm here buying groceries. And I need to return this item," he said, patting the package he was holding.

"Yeah, that's great."

Shego paused for a moment as if about to say something more, but then abruptly turned around, heading down an aisle. Some people would think that meant she didn't want to talk, but Hego knew better; his sister was always like that. It was just her way. He followed her, eager to catch up. "What brings you here?" he asked. "I haven't seen you in a long time! As a matter of fact, the last time I remember seeing you was on the news, when you and Doctor Drakken helped Kim Possible and her sidekick to defeat the Lorwardians and save the world. Congratulations, by the way – that was a bang up job you guys did!"

"I didn't save the world," snapped Shego, not bothering to turn around. "I was just saving Doctor D after he got himself kidnapped by aliens, that's all. Out of employer-employee obligation," she added hastily. "Nothing else."

Hego smiled knowingly. "Oh, sure. I saw that little embrace at the United Nations summit." His sister whirled around, giving Hego the opportunity to wink at her. She was so easy to tease. "The sparks were flying, don't deny it!"

"You'll be flying too if you don't shut up!"

Her hand lit up in green flame again. He gulped.

"Sorry," he said. "Didn't mean to upset you. Did something happen between you two? I'm wondering why you're here in Go City instead of working with him – and buying groceries, too, which makes me think it's not just an afternoon visit. Am I right?"

"I'm not buying groceries."

Hego pursed his lips in confusion; she had a cart full of stuff, about half of which seemed to be wine bottles, and she was grabbing a box of cereal off the shelf literally as she was speaking. So it seemed like she was shopping for groceries. "You're not buying those?" he asked, pointing at the wine bottles and wondering if he was missing something really obvious.

"Nope. I'm taking them."

Confusion cleared as concern and disapproval took its place. He had been missing something obvious.

This was an awkward situation. Here he was, excited to see his sister - for the first time since Team Go had gone bad, if he was remembering right – and now he was already faced with the possibility that he might have to stop her from shoplifting. Turning his own sister into the authorities wasn't his idea of a fun family reunion. And he didn't want to fight with her, either. Not because he was scared, oh no – he had complete confidence that his super strength could overpower her abilities. No question about it. He just didn't feel like fighting, that was all.

Hego coughed nervously as he followed his sister. "Shego," he said, "Doesn't your employer pay you enough money to afford groceries?"

"Of course he does. But that doesn't mean I'm paying for them."

Of course Shego wouldn't buy something if she could just take it. As much as he loved his little sister, she had never been big on the idea of following rules. Or obeying any kind of basic code of decency, really. "Aren't you concerned about getting caught?" he asked. "I'm disappointed in you, Shego – I thought you and Doctor Drakken were turning a new leaf after saving the world."

"Rrrrgh! We didn't save the world, okay? Kimmie did. Just because Doctor D's getting cold feet about taking it over doesn't mean I've flipped and turned into little miss redheaded cheer queen perfection."

Clearly, Hego thought, there was some drama in his little sister's life.

"Besides," she said, "you're the one who's in trouble, not me. Although you might drag me with you."

"What do you mean?"

Shego tilted her head and nodded past him, indicating that he check the entrance of the aisle they were passing through. Hego glanced back, noticing a couple of security guards trying really badly to act like they weren't watching them. "Those two have been tailing us ever since you ran into me," she said. "And seeing as I was shopping in here for a while without being bothered, I'm pretty sure that means they're watching you. The only question is why. Been doing some shoplifting yourself, big brother?"

"Don't be silly, little sis – Shego. I would never-"

Hego tripped over his words as he looked down at the package nestled in the crook of his arm. How could he have been so forgetful? Shego would probably never let him hear the end of it, either. He had shoplifted. He had stolen the very item he was returning, as a matter of fact.

Back when Team Go had been hit with Electronique's Reverse Polarizer and gone on their rampage through the City, Go Go Groceries had been one of Hego's first targets. He felt his face flush with embarrassment as he remembered the last time he had visited this store, causing thousands of dollars in property damage and leaving with this little item, which he had forgotten about until yesterday. The two security guards were obviously trailing him because they recognized him from trashing the place last time he had been here.

Maybe he had automatically dismissed his sister's question because he was still technically right – he hadn't shoplifted. That wasn't him, after all. That was just a brainwashed evil version of himself. Mego had said something about how the device had probably just brought out hidden parts of their personality, but there was no way that was true. Hego wasn't a shoplifter, even if evil reverse polarized Hego was. He wondered what it meant to be polarized. Did you become more magnetic, or was it a reference to something else?

"Why are you staring at that?" asked Shego. "What is it?"

Broken out of his reverie, Hego noticed his sister pointing to the package in his arm. He smiled, turning it so she could see the labeling. "It's a Pop Pop Porter's Portable Party Grill," he said. "It was, uh – well, we don't want it anymore, so I'm returning it. But that's besides the point. I can't allow you to shoplift from this store. That's not hero behavior."

His sister laughed. "Yeah, but it's Shego behavior. Lighten up, Hego. You're not going to stop me. Honestly, you should try it yourself – you're so tight-wound, always leading the team and going by the book. Maybe it'd do you some good to live on the wild side for once. I mean, it's the same kind of rush you get from beating up bad guys. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it when you were hit by that Reverse Polarizer."

Hego sounded just the tiniest bit unsure, but he still denied it: "Don't be ridiculous."

Something in his sister's smirk made him gulp with apprehension. Did she have a point? Had he enjoyed it? Technically, yes, he had, but that was because he had been evil at the time. Obviously evil people enjoyed what they did, otherwise they would just be good. Unless they were sick. Or maybe it was like a drug addiction, and evil was their sweet, sweet – no, that wasn't it. Hego felt his head begin to hurt. This was too complicated. Shego was messing with his mind, that was all. She had a way of doing that. He wasn't a shoplifter, and that was that.

"Tell you what," said Shego, "why don't you go return that grill of yours, and then we'll talk a little more."

"Promise you won't shoplift?"

"Of course I won't. I can't do any catching up with you if I'm in jail, can I?"

Hego was glad his sister was finally hearing the voice of reason. His voice, in particular. She had never really listened to him in the past, but he was optimistic now – he knew he hadn't been wrong when he suspected she was turning her life around after saving the world. How could anyone resist, once they had tasted the sweet pleasure of doing good deed and helping their fellow man? He weaved through the aisles on his way to the returns counter tucked into a corner of the store. The two security guards were still following him, which irked him a little; he had paid for the damages from his rampage, after all. He was a respected citizen of Go City when he wasn't brainwashed. Weren't they overdoing their whole suspicious act, just a little?

"I'd like to return this," he said, plopping the packaged grill down on the marble-topped counter and speaking to a bored-looking teenager in a Go Go Groceries uniform sitting on the other side. "Not for any money, though. Let's see, how should I explain this – it was accidentally taken without payment a little while ago, and I only just remembered-"

"Hey, you."

The teen behind the returns counter was paying no attention – he was actually wearing earbuds and listening to music, now that Hego looked closer - but he felt the light tap of a finger against his shoulder. He turned to find the two security guards standing on either side of him. "What can I do for you?" he asked them.

"You're that guy who busted up the store that one time! You're one of those superheroes."

"Yeah," said the other guard. "The Go Group, right?"

"Team Go," Hego corrected. The fact that they couldn't even remember the name annoyed him. The city itself was named after them, after all, as per the contract they had whipped up with the Mayor long ago in order to defend Go City from all forms of scum and villainy. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if Go Go Groceries was named after them, too, or if it was just a cute name that sounded similar.

The guard who had tapped him on the shoulder rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "'Taken without payment', huh?" He exchanged a knowing look with his partner. "That's a fancy way of sayin' 'stolen', am I right, Lenny?"

"Pretty sure you're right, George."

Hego felt indignant at the third degree he was getting. Or maybe it was a second degree – what degree was it if two people were talking to each other instead of interrogating him? Or was it a degree thing at all? He felt himself getting confused again. Here he was, trying to do the right thing and make up for a past wrong which wasn't even done in his right mind, and he was getting hassled by a pair of rent-a-cops when his sister was off-

The three of them jumped noticeably into the air as a loud crash rang out through the store. It was the sound of glass shattering; and a lot of it, too. Past the aisles, where the food court and fountain stood in the middle of the store, Hego could see a rain of broken shards falling down from the skylights on the roof. The two security guards ran off in the direction of the commotion as he followed close behind them. A few scattered screams rang out with the tinkling of glass, and Hego joined the security guards in the center of the store just in time to see Shego lifting off in her hovercraft. It took him a moment to realize she had somehow remote-controlled the thing to smash right through the ceiling – probably where she had parked it earlier - and come down into the store.

"Stop right there!" shouted the security guards.

One of them pointed into the air as if he was trying to fire a gun before withdrawing his hand quickly, since he didn't actually have a gun. Even Hego couldn't help snickering at the sight. As the hovercraft rose into the air, Shego dropped an empty shopping cart over the side, having dumped her stolen cargo into the hovercraft before getting in herself. The guards darted away as the cart smashed into the tiled floor.

"So long, suckers!"

Shego cackled as the hovercraft rose up through the broken skylights and disappeared into the night sky.

A number of shoppers were cowering around the edges of the food court, some with arms still raised over their heads to protect against the falling glass. The store grew unexpectedly silent after Shego's departure, other than some soft jazz playing on the store's PA system. The two security guards gaped up at the hole in the skylights. They looked pretty angry. Hego couldn't blame them; his sister had embarrassed them, that was for sure. As he stood with his arms crossed, unable to deny feeling some admiration for her stunt despite it being totally wrong and against the law, the two guards turned back to face him.

"You," said one of them. George, he thought, although he was getting them confused.

The other one jabbed a thick finger at Hego. "You were with her earlier. And you both got the weird skin – you're both part of that Go Force Five, right?"

"There are five of us," he said, "but it's Team Go. And she's not a part of the team anymore. Believe me, I had nothing to do with planning that stunt. I'm only here to return this item I shoplifted-"


Hego laughed nervously. "If you let me explain..."

The two of them drew closer, and Hego realized he shouldn't have said that. They were angry at his sister getting away, and they were looking for a scapegoat. There would be no understanding from these two. "Why don't you come with us?" said Lenny. "We're gonna have to ask you a few questions."

Hego felt a surge of indignation at this treatment. He and his brothers regularly saved the city from certain destruction – and even Shego had helped with that before she went bad. Their superhero team was indispensable to Go City, and these two jokers couldn't even remember their name or pay him some basic respect. Here they were, treating him like a common criminal when he was trying to make things right. The nerve of some people! Sure, maybe he had technically shoplifted the item, and they were just going by the book and doing their jobs, which he could respect, but, well – when it came to him, things were just different somehow. They didn't need to suspect him!

"Come with us, buddy."

George grabbed him by the arm, although his arm was so beefy that the man's hands barely fit enough to get a hold on him. Hego began to walk, the two of them flanking him on either side. He felt like a convict headed for the electric chair. This was humiliating.

An insistent pulse of adrenaline from seeing Shego's daring escape coursed through him, still going strong, and just like that, Hego had an idea. It grew larger and louder in the back of his mind. He knew it was wrong, but it was just an impulse. His sister's unexpected appearance, his bad day, the problems he'd been having with his family – it was a perfect storm. Before he even knew what he was doing, Hego momentarily flared up his super strength, knocking both the security guards back in a burst of blue light.

"Sorry about my sister, George, Lenny. But I'm out of here!"

The two security guards looked up from the floor, dazed, as Hego sprinted towards the front doors. Some customers in the checkout lanes drew back in fright, and the cashiers stared in excitement that something interesting was actually going on during their shift. He caught a glimpse of a manager running towards him, arm outstretched, asking him to stop, but Hego felt like a man possessed. It was just like the Reverse Polarizer. He burst loudly through the store's front doors, sending a rain of glass scattering out onto the sidewalk as he had accidentally forgotten to open them in his escape. Looking quickly in either direction – it seemed like something bad guys did in the movies – Hego headed down the street with no idea where he was going.

The wind whipped against his face as he ran. He realized he still had the Pop Pop Porter's Party Grill under his arm; the security guards hadn't given him a chance to return it. The adrenaline was still pumping through his veins as he passed through the city in a whirl of blue. Hego could see why someone with a weaker will, like his sister, might be tempted by a lifestyle of evil. He hated to admit it, but that had actually been fun!


Working with Doctor D had taken Shego around the world, but there were few sights she found more impressive than Go City at night. Here on the balcony of her high-rise apartment, as she leaned on the railing and enjoyed the view, she couldn't see as much of the city as she could up in the hovercraft, where it would stretch out beneath her like a gleaming blanket. But it was still a nice view.

Downtown skyscrapers loomed ahead of her, peppered with glowing yellow and white windows. She wondered if someone was standing on a balcony, watching her as she watched them. One reason she sometimes visited the city of her youth, when she needed a break from her supervillainy and didn't feel like a vacation at a spa or resort, was nostalgia. She had a lot of bad memories stemming from her time in Team Go, but despite all that, she still had a certain fondness for the city itself.

It was also about privacy. Shego valued privacy more than almost anything else. That was why she had a clause in her contract guaranteeing a personal suite in Drakken's lairs. And it was why she got so annoyed when he repeatedly barged in unannounced whenever she forgot to close and lock the door, lost in thought about his latest harebrained scheme or screaming hysterically about some Cocoa-Moo related emergency She didn't have that much privacy with Drakken, despite her best efforts - but in Go City, she could blend in, strangely enough.

Privacy in public places was hard to come by for someone as notorious as her, and her green skin didn't help matters, but somehow she felt like she could go incognito here. Everyone here knew who she was, but paradoxically, she got the impression that was exactly why they steered clear of her. It was why no one really said anything to her in the streets. Only in Go City did nobody ever come up to her and make awkward comments about her skin or whether they had seen her in a crime blotter. They had all seen her before, and they knew she'd hurl them through a store window if she was in a bad mood.

It was nice to have privacy. Which was why Hego's appearance had been an unpleasant surprise.

She liked holing up in her apartment when she wanted some time to herself, and she enjoyed traipsing around the streets of Go City and visiting her favorite haunts, but she had always made it a point to avoid her brothers. She wasn't nostalgic for that part of her past, after all. She knew their routines, and she knew where they usually went; parts of the city were more reputable than others, for instance. She supposed she just hadn't been thinking when she visited Go Go Groceries. There was already too much to think about without Hego butting in and asking personal questions. Ditching him at the store while she made off with the goods had been pretty funny, though. She smiled at the mental image. Although something about it had been nagging her ever since she got back-

Inside the apartment, the doorbell rang.

Shego turned back from the view past the balcony railing and looked into the apartment's living room with a frown. She hadn't been expecting any visitors. She never had any visitors while she was hanging out in Go City. And yet she knew who it was. There was a small chance she'd find a couple of police officers at the door to question her about her whereabouts an hour ago and whether she had broken through any skylights, but Shego doubted she'd be so lucky. No, she knew exactly who it was. She went inside and opened the door, barely even looking at Hego as she let out a resigned greeting:

"Hi, Hego."

"Hello there!"

Her brother stood awkwardly in the hallway, apparently not having anything else to say.

"How did you find my apartment?"

Hego frowned. "It's the same place you always live when you stop by Go City for a few days. Do you think I don't keep track of where my sister lives on and off, just in case she needs help?"

"I don't need your help."

"Apparently you did this evening, to distract security while you shoplifted."

She had to give him that one.

"I don't really appreciate how you left me at the mercy of those Go Go Groceries guards."

"What are you babbling about? You weren't in any trouble."

"They thought I was in league with you. Can you believe that? Me, working with-"

Shego glared at him. If he was about to say 'criminal', technically he would be right, but she still didn't like his holier-than-thou tone. Especially not when he had come to her apartment uninvited.

"Working with my sister," he said with a hesitant smile. "Which everyone in Go City knows hasn't happened in a long time, unfortunately. Still, I managed to get away from them."

Shego's interest was piqued. "Get away?" Now that her brother had mentioned it, she noticed he was still holding that package in the crook of his arm. "Hah. You didn't return that?"

"Of course not. They thought I was stealing it. I had to avoid wrongful prosecution."

"But you did steal it."

"Well, yes," said Hego, faltering. "But that was when-"

"Excuses! You should have submitted yourself to Go City authorities anyway, Hego. You failed in your duties."

Shego was having fun baiting her brother, but something about the way his shoulders slumped sent the slightest pang of guilt through her. She was shocked to feel it; maybe it was an illusion. There was no way she could feel guilty about giving her brother a hard time, could she?

"Maybe I have," said Hego. "It was a spur of the moment decision. Those two security guards were getting fresh with me, and I just ran for it. Maybe the Mayor will relieve me of my duties with Team Go, and I'll have to work at the Bueno Nacho full time," he said in a voice tinged with dread.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You're still wearing your Bueno Nacho uniform, which means those guards know where you work. You'll probably end up fired by tomorrow."

Her brother looked down at his Bueno Nacho work uniform. His shoulders slumped even farther, which was a considerable feat for someone whose shoulders looked too bulky to be capable of slumping at all. Her pang of guilt turned into a longer throb, dull and heavy. This was crazy. All of a sudden she was starting to care about her brother getting into trouble – were her own problems with Doctor D getting in the way, heightening her ability to sympathize with other people's problems? She had been confused lately, sure, but sympathizing with Hego was just unthinkable.

"I don't know why you work at Bueno Nacho, anyway. What a weird alter ego to have. It's not like you're fooling anybody in Go City about your actual identity, anyway. And Bueno Nacho floor manager? Couldn't you find something more interesting than that?"

"It's low key, Shego. And I happen to like cheap Mexican food."

The weak defense set her eyes rolling. Like any of that stuff was authentic Mexican cuisine in the first place.

"By the way - can I crash at your place for the night, little sister?"

Shego almost didn't hear the question. Once it sunk in, she did a double take, grimacing at Hego's ridiculously hopeful puppy dog expression. So that was why he had showed up unexpectedly at her door. Although it still didn't explain much. "Why?" she asked. "You're not going back to Go Tower?"

"As I said, Team Go has been having some friction lately. It's been a long night, and I thought it might be nice to have an evening away from them. Besides, we could talk."

As if anticipating that she would raise objections, Hego cheerfully stepped into the apartment and set his package down on the coffee table in the middle of the living room before plopping down in her favorite armchair, propping his legs up on the table with a comfortable groan. "Ah," he said, "that feels great. I had to run away from those guards for a long time. I swear, they must have been part-time marathon runners."

Shego couldn't tell if her brother was genuinely so oblivious that he didn't recognize she didn't want company, or if he was taking a gamble by coming into her apartment and making her choose between giving in to him or bodily flinging him back out the door. It was a risky move on his part. He must have known it was 50/50, at best. But surprisingly, she found herself not caring enough to want to physically attack him. Maybe he could stay for just a little while, if he didn't bother her. And while talking about her problems was out of the question, hearing about this Team Go drama he had mentioned could be entertaining.

She sighed in defeat and closed the door, sitting down on the couch across from him and eying the package he had placed on the table. Pop Pop Porter's Portable Party Grill, the packaging read. She had taken her groceries down from the hovercraft she always parked in a private spot on the roof of the apartment building, putting all the perishables in the fridge, but she hadn't actually made any dinner yet. And there were a couple of sirloin steaks in there. The sight of the grill lying there made her lick her lips in anticipation. It wouldn't hurt to ask:

"You eaten yet?"


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