This is majorly AU so don't start freaking because their last names are a little different, it will all make sense soon enough. This is my first Vocaloid ff, so be nice, anyway… the characters don't have any set personalities so I kinda just made them how I picture them. Enjoy and plz comment!

P.S. More characters will be coming in soon, the main Vocaloids and some of the fan made ones will all be characters.

Chapter 1-

"I'm home!" Twenty five year old Meiko Kagamine called as she entered her house. It was well into the night but she was sure the whole house was still up. She kicked off a black high heel before using her foot to slam the door closed once more and dropping her suitcase to the floor with a loud thud. She sighed with relief when she got the other high heel off as well as her confining jacket. It had been another long day at work, she hates her job and especially her boss, if she could she would smack the jerk upside his blue head. But at least she has the weekend to relax… "Stupid Isamine…" She grumbled to herself as she stomped into the house. "Such a perverted jerk…"

"What he do now?"

"Gah!" Meiko practically jumped out of her skin, whirling around to find one of the other inhabitants of the house peering around the corner with innocent green eyes. "God Gumi…" Meiko grumbled raking a hand through her short, already messy brown hair. "How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on me like that?"

"Sorry Meiko!" The girl sang, bounding around the corner to come to a halt in front of the older girl. She was wearing her favorite bright orange skirt along with the matching tank top and vest and, of course, strapped to her head were her favorite glasses, they were more like goggles in Meiko's opinion, with their dark red lenses and black strap. "So what did Isamine do today? Is he still bugging you about Uncle Kaito?"

Meiko sighed and began walking again, knowing the childish fifteen year old was sure to follow. "Yeah… speaking of Uncle Kaito, where is he?" Meiko figured she already knew the answer. Her twenty-year-old, good for nothing, brother was probably downstairs playing evil scientist with his little projects.

"He's downstairs working on his robots." Gumi replied as she skipped along behind her, twirling so she could admire her ruffly skirt. "Rin is upstairs, Len is out with some of his friends, and Gakupo is in his study."

Meiko nodded, figuring that would be the case. Meiko had never imagined living like this, she figured as soon as she was out of high school she could get a place of her own, away from her family and friends, and start out fresh. But then her father died, as well as Gumi and Gakupo's mother and father, leaving her and Gakupo to take care of their families. Ever since it took her fathers life she's hated science but for some ungodly reason it only made her brother more obsessed and determined to go back and redo what their parents had been working on.

A twenty year old man should be out partying, not hiding in his basement, hunched over a computer, working on something pointless that had taken three lives.

Besides, if he actually gave her the money he used on his robots they would be much better off, Meiko probably wouldn't even have to work so late.

"So Isamine still wants Uncle Kaito's robots?" Gumi asked innocently.

"Yes Gumi…" Meiko sighed as they entered the empty kitchen. The house was large but not very nice, it could be worse though. "Why don't you go talk to Rin some?" She suggested eyeing the high cabinet that held the sake.

"Ok!" Gumi replied, smiling brightly before skipping back the way they had came.

Meiko sighed, slipping over to pull a bottle of sake from the cabinet before heading to the door that lead to the basement. She popped the drink open, taking a large swig of it, before heading down the twisting metal staircase. The basement was a large, bright, room, littered with scrap metal and paper. In the center was a large desk where Kaito usually was when she came down but tonight he was nowhere in sight. Her brown eyes immediately flickered to the far corner of the room hidden by large curtains making it resemble a giant shower. "Oi! Bakaito!" She called before taking another swig of her alcohol. "Where are you?"

Kaito's blue head popped out of the white curtains. His blue eyes came to rest on her and a lopsided grin spread across his face. "Ah! Perfect timing my lovely Onee-Chan, come here, come here!" He said franticly motioning for her to do so.

Meiko snorted before taking yet another long drink from her bottle. "Did you seriously just call me that?"

"Hurry up! I want to show you something!"

Meiko rolled her eyes before starting down the remaining stairs. She was slightly surprised he was actually allowing her to come down. He never allowed her to see his work, all she knew was that it was a pointless project working with robotics that had ended her fathers life in an explosion. She would think that he would at least ask Gakupo for help, he was also a scientist but currently he was forced to work as a science teacher in a local college. "What is it?" She called warily but Kaito had already slipped away. "Kaito, seriously, what is it? Oh, and Isamine was asking about you again today. That dude seriously wants whatever it is your working on. So what is…" She pushed the white curtains away to peek inside.

What she found made her freeze.

Kaito was hunched over a control panel, quickly pressing buttons, and the wires attached to the control panel wound their way over to a large egg-like container, it was at least four or five feet taller than herself and she was relatively tall, it was made of glass tinted blue but she could still easily see what was held inside.

She gulped looking down at the bottle in her hands. She definitely hadn't had enough to be drunk so either this was a dream… or that girl was real.

"Kaito…" She said nervously, taking a hesitant step forward. "Wh-what is that… exactly?"

"It's what I've been working on!" He sang bounding over to fiddle with the latches on the side of the egg. "She's amazing isn't she?" He continued, throwing the front open so Meiko could clearly see the girl strapped inside. "She's going to be unlike anything else…"

Meiko gulped, taking another step into the little area her brother had created. "It… it's a robot?"

"Don't be afraid," he laughed taking off his lab coat and throwing it to the floor so he could work easier. "Come here!" He reached over to grab his sister's wrist, dragging her over so they both were standing before the girl.

She looked around the age of fifteen, maybe sixteen, she wore a white leotard-like outfit with shorts, no sleeves, and a turtleneck. She had long, milky green hair that had been pulled up into two pigtails, her skin was flawless, her face calm like she was asleep. She looked… human.

"She… it… looks so human though…" Meiko murmured, standing on her tiptoes to brush the girls bangs from her face. "It feels like real hair and skin! Kaito, how did you do this?" She demanded, shocked that her idiot of a brother could accomplish something like this. She had assumed the reason he never flaunted his success was simply because he was failing miserably, but this… this was amazing.

Kaito grinned at her, blue eyes sparkling with excitement and pride. "Uh-uh-uh Meiko, a scientist never reveals his secrets…"

"That's a magician Kaito…" Meiko huffed putting her hand on her hip.

"Well, the design is dad's I think, he came up with most of it with Gakupo's parents help you know, they just didn't execute it right." He explained, going back over to the control panel. "Her name is Miku Hatsune, I've programmed her with everything she could possibly need, she's strong, smart, she has feelings, it's like she's a human being! Only better! All I have to do is turn her on!"

"Kaito, are you sure about this?" Meiko asked nervously, suddenly a bit more wary of the robot. "I mean, this did kill dad…"

"Calm down Meiko! I've got it right! This is going to get us out of poverty!" And with that he slammed his hand down on the on button.

Meiko gulped, taking a step back from Miku before taking a drink from her bottle to calm her nerves. She watched fearfully for a moment but… nothing happened. "Uh… Kaito, I think it's not working…" She informed him.

"What! No! I've spent weeks on this! My entire summer! Wasted!" Kaito wailed, pulling at his hair angrily before tearing the curtains out of his way and storming towards the stairs, grumbling to himself.

"Kaito…" Meiko sighed following after him reluctantly. "Come on Kaito, you did great!" She insisted as they entered the kitchen where Len was leaning lazily against the sink, sipping from a soda. He watched his two older siblings with little interest. "Maybe you just need a little help! I bet Gakupo will know what to do!" Meiko insisted but Kaito only ignored her, pulling a gallon of vanilla ice cream from the freezer.

"Gakupo will know what now?" Interrupted a certain purple-haired man as he came into the room with little Gumi hot on his tail.

"Nothing…" Kaito huffed, collapsing into a chair at the small kitchen table and shoving a spoon into his vanilla ice cream.

"He created this robot," Meiko informed him, brown eyes still wide. "And it's AMAZING!" Kaito couldn't help but blush lightly at the compliment. Usually his sister was harassing and insulting him, not complimenting him.

"Really?" Gumi gasped clapping her hands. "What can it do? Is it cute?" She demanded, grin on her face.

Len snorted. "Kaito's actually done something with his life? Never thought this day would come…"

"Shut up…" Kaito huffed before eating a big spoonful of vanilla ice cream. "This is the second try… Haku didn't work either…"

"Haku? You mean there was another?" Meiko cried. "Was it as real looking as that Miku one?"

"You named them?" Len asked, raising a brow as he tried not to laugh.

"Oh shut up blondie!" Kaito huffed, pouting like a child.

"What are they? Like your little girlfriends?" Len teased, snickering at his older brother. "That's sad…"

Kaito huffed, cheeks flushing with embarrassment and irritation. "You don't-"

"Oh my god! Who is that?" Everyone looked to where Gumi was pointing, the door to the basement.

Peeking out at them was an innocent looking girl with big blue eyes. She blinked at them then smiled slightly. "Hello," she said sticking a hand out so she could wave slightly. "Uh, I'm Miku…"

The silence was deafening.

"She's… the robot?" Gumi squeaked.

"Nuh-uh, no way." Len added staring at the girl, blue eyes wide.

"Kaito, did you really succeed in making artificial life?" Gakupo gasped peering at the girl. "And one so lovely…" He added, lips curving into a slight smirk.

"Gakupo!" Meiko cried whacking him upside the head earning a yelp of pain from the purple-headed man. "Stop acting like such a perv! For god's sake! You're a grown man not a hormonal teenager!"

"Miku," Kaito scrambled out of his chair to kneel in front of the smaller girl, ice cream left behind to melt. "Are… you're working properly?"

Miku smiled sweetly coming a little farther out of the doorway. "You're my creator…"

"Y-yeah, I created you." Kaito replied nodding sharply.

"I… I like being… alive." She continued.

"Well, good, I would hope so… uh, you feel alright and everything? Your limbs are working properly?"

"No way that's a robot." Len huffed crossing his arms over his chest. "She's probably just some girl Kaito kidnapped or something. He's such a masochist…"

Kaito threw him a dirty look and Gakupo just chuckled. "It's true…"

"I am not!" Kaito hissed.

"Hey, Meiko, what's a masochist again?" Gumi whispered to the other girl.

"God help me…" Meiko sighed rubbing her forehead. "Kaito, stop acting like a kid and take care of your… creation."

Miku blinked, stepping farther into the room and collapsing to her knees the floor in front of Kaito with a soft thud. "Miku! Are you ok?" He yelped lurching forward to grab the girl by the shoulders.

She only giggled, throwing her arms around him in an embrace. "Cre-a-tor…"

Kaito blinked owlishly, realizing the girl was hugging him. He grinned. "The social recognition is working!"

Meiko watched a little disturbed by the way the girl blushed softly, nuzzling into her brothers shoulder. It was… so… human. She shifted nervously. "I need some more sake…" She grumbled, moving to get some more from the cabinet.

"This is amazing!" Gakupo cried thinking of all the possibilities for this new creation. Perhaps they would no longer live in poverty… "Hey! You could sell it to Isamine to get us out of debt!" He suggested.

"What?" Kaito pulled Miku even closer, clutching her to his chest as he stared over his shoulder at Gakupo in shock. "She's not an it Gakupo, she has feelings, like a human. And I will never sell anything to that filthy-"

"Ok, we get the idea Kaito." Meiko cut in with a sigh. "You can keep your little robo- er, girl as long as you can pay for the stuff she needs, whatever that may be… and keep an eye on her. We already have three, well, four kids running around here counting you."

"Hey!" He protested, pouting at her indignantly. "I'm not a kid, besides, Miku will soon be paying for herself." He said firmly. "She has many gifts and I'm sure she will find something she likes to do."

Len snorted. "Dude, she's a robot, stop talking about her like she's actually human."

Miku curled farther into Kaito's embrace, frowning to herself. She has feelings… she can be human too… Why can't they see that like Kaito?

Kaito scowled at his younger brother. "She has a brain, a body, and feelings, what more do you need to be human?"

"Uh, a HUMAN body, a HUMAN brain, and feelings that haven't been PROGRAMED." Len snapped.

Miku squeezed her eyes shut, fingers gripping Kaito's blue shirt tightly. She didn't like the little blond boy who said such harsh things, nor the creepy purple-headed man whose eyes always seemed to sparkle menacingly, the brunette seemed kind enough, the little green haired one was a little too hyper, it would take some time to get used to her. But she loved Kaito, he had created her after all.

"I'm going to bed…" Kaito growled, gathering Miku up in his arms. She let out a little squeak of surprise, gripping Kaito's shirt even tighter. "I'll see you in the morning…"

"Wait, you aren't taking her to bed with you, are you?" Gakupo asked, brow raised.

"Well I'm not leaving her in the basement," Kaito replied before taking the girl from the kitchen.

Meiko sighed heavily, this would be interesting…