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Prompt: Grilling the suspect

Words 301

Grilling the suspect

"Why do I always get to be the bad cop?" Buffy bit her lip provocatively. "Why can't I be the good cop for once?"

Spike knew what she was doing and it wasn't going to work this time (even if it usually did). "Love, you are so much better at being the scary one than me."

She scoffed. "I'm the human; you're the monster."

"Buffy, you're the one the Big Bads are afraid of. You give them nightmares. I'm just a souled up vampire."

She rolled her eyes. "You mean you're a pushover when it comes to little girls."

He looked beseechingly at her- wide eyes and puppy dog expression. "Little girl's got me wrapped around her little finger. Don't tell her mind."

Buffy smiled fondly. "Jess knows already." He wrapped her arms around her and peered out the door at the chagrined little girl sitting on their sofa. Little Jessica was Dawn's daughter, as beautiful as she was cheeky, and Spike spoiled her rotten.

She pulled away from him reluctantly. "We had better discipline our niece."

"Into the breach," he mumbled unenthusiastically. He didn't want to see the little chit cry after all. He was whipped good and proper but it felt good.

Just as Spike was about to open the door, Buffy stopped him. "Just one question, Big Bad."


Buffy grinned wickedly. "Dream about me often?"

"Always, baby." He swirled his tongue around his teeth.

Buffy gave him meaningful look. "You better make this up to me later. If you help and look disapproving we might get through this faster. And the sooner we get this over with -"

He didn't need her to finish the sentence. He sighed. "Let's get grilling so, pet. Maybe the bit can tell us how she managed to destroy my leather coat."