It was with some reluctance that he disentangled himself from Jill that morning. She roused a little as he eased her from her position half lying upon his chest. "Gordon?" Her voice was a sleepy mumble, her eyes opening a crack as he cradled her in his arms, in order to lay her back against the pillows.

"Go back to sleep darling." He breathed, brushing a kiss over her forehead. The soft smile which flickered over her lips in response to his touch made it even harder for him to draw away from her. He blindly searched for his clothes, dressing with a haste he didn't feel. It was when he reached the entrance to her bedroom, just as he was about to close the door and block her from, that he couldn't resist returning to her. A soft kissed was bestowed to her cheek, and a hand brushed over her tussled hair.

The image of her lying so beautifully stayed with him all the way home; her hair, slightly awry, framing her sleeping features, the way the top of her bare shoulder was visible just above the blankets, the curve of her fingers as she held gently to her pillow. His contented smile widened as he recalled the previous night's exploits.

His good mood stayed with his throughout his normal morning routine. The normal stress of getting himself and two children ready and at their respective destinations on time dissipated. The only slight dip in his mood came when he arrived at work to find the car park devoid of the only car he wanted to see. But then he shook himself. She'd arrive soon enough; it had to survive a few extra minutes without her.

"Morning Lizzie!" He called as he strode into reception, momentarily surprising the receptionist who nearly sent her carefully arranged patient files flying in her shock.

"Morning Doctor." She replied once she recovered, handing him one set of files. "Mr Middleditch would like to see you straight away."

"Right ho Lizzie." He grinned, before heading to the aforementioned man's office, stopping merely to deposit his belongings into his office. Even being within the artificially lit hospital corridors couldn't dampen his mood, and he released many a greeting to the staff he passed. He was granted entry into the hospital secretary's office as soon as he knocked. "Good morning." He grinned, seating himself in the chair the older man gestured toward.

Mr Middleditch started speaking. His smile slipped, his mood was no more.