My friends at school in I started this little project during our Mythology class one day. We took the Greek gods, gave them high school stereotypes and nicknames, and started writing. It's not meant to be offensive to anyone, and no character bears deliberate resmeblance to anyone except their Greek character. We do not own these ancient characters, just their high school versions. :)

At first, the stories were just high school versions of the original myths, but eventually they started having their own little side-stories. Most of the ones that I post will be the high-school myths, but don't worry, they're still plenty original. :)

The mythical family relationships ARE NOT used in this story. Disregard just about all familial relationships. Many times, they will just be close friends instead of parent/child, etc. The gods are all seniors in high school. Zeus is not the father of Apollo. Many dating relationships are marriages in mythology. Chaos is the founder of the school, Uranus is the principal, Cronus is the vice-principal, the other Titans are teachers, and the Fates are teachers too. :) Olympus High is a boarding school, so there are dorm assignments. They are hilarious, but they won't really come into play until some of the later stories.

Just some notes: 'Morry' is Thanatos's nickname, since his Roman name is Mors. AGAIN, this is not meant to be offensive. It's just a funny little thing we started in school one day for fun. I WILL TAKE REQUESTS. And, of course, R&R! :)


I slip past the art room where Demeter and Persephone are carefully folding origami flowers from brightly colored paper. It's a weird match, the dark boy and the, well, flowery girl, but I fell for her anyway. I even made sure that I hadn't been one of Eros' unfortunate golden love arrow victims. I couldn't quite believe it when I realized the truth, but now I just can't seem to avoid 'Sephie', as her friends call her.

My plan has come together very nicely now; it's time for the start. Just a little longer, then Morry and Hecate will start the ball rolling with fire and the following alarm. I position myself in the science lab across the hall so I have a clear view of the two girls, placing my cap of darkness on my head in order to melt into the shadows. They can't see me yet.

The fire alarm screams. Thanatos and Hecate have done their job, I think. I tear the hat off of my shaggy hair as I dash into the hallway. Sephie and Demi look around nervously for flames from the doorway of the classroom. I 'accidentally' collide with the pair of girls as I rush form my hiding space.

"I heard that there's actually a fire down towards the track course," I say. The two girls' eyes widen. If Hecate has done her job correctly, there is fire, but it won't do any damage or cause any pain. Persephone is startled when I grab her wrist, but she starts running after me down the corridor. Demeter tried to waddle along behind us, but eventually all those grains she eats catch up with her and she stops behind us, panting heavily. The hippie girl and I make it out of the school perfectly fine, breathing raggedly from the mad dash.

"So, what now… Hades? That's your name, right?" Persephone babbles. I nod. "Thanks for showing me the way out. Demeter and I aren't usually in that art room. Wait- where is Dem-" she never gets a chance to finish. I grab her delicate hand and pull her towards my black car, one of the few on campus. Olympus High is a boarding school, after all.

"Let me go!" the girl squeals, her honey-colored hair flying out in all directions as she attempts to twist out of my grip. I'm much more powerful than she and I easily wrestle her into the backseat.

My secret place isn't too far from the school, but my ears are ringing from Sephie's cries by the time the black car rolls to a complete stop. Hecate, Morry, and I come here when school gets too… happy… for us. We can be here for a few minutes before we are missed.

I haul Persephone into the shadowy building and guide her- trying to be gentle now- into a room near the back of the building. She tucks her legs up under her on a rickety wooden chair.

"I'm not going to hurt you," I try to explain, stumbling over the words. I've never been a very talkative person, even with my few friends.

"Then why am I here?" she snaps. I've never seen an angry hippie before. I must admit, it is quite amusing. Taking a deep breath, I continue.

"I needed to ask you something in private," I start, sitting down in the chair opposite Sephie, "I want to know- will you go out with me?"


I make it out of the school building just fine, no thanks to that creep Hades. The 'fire' turned out to be a mirage courtesy of (also a creep) Hecate. She probably just wanted to get out of class, too. Way to scare everyone out of their skins, Goth girl.

"Sephie?" I call, searching the sea of faces for my best friend. I can't see the petite girl or the tall, dark boy she was with. The mass of students begins to flow back into the school and I grudgingly return to Advanced Principles of Agriculture. I try to focus on my classwork, but my mind has other plans. It keeps turning to the empty seat beside me. I struggle through the rest of the day's classes, racing between rooms to look for my best friend. Sephie has always been the only one who really accepts me, and I'm totally alone without her.

I trudge back to my dormitory after Professor Krios releases the Philosophy class. Other students mill about in huddled groups while I walk alone. Where could Sephie be? Suddenly, I hear my name in one of the conversations. Why would people be talking about me- the quiet, overweight girl who only talks to Persephone?

"There's Demi- what's with her? It's her duty to keep all the plants alive, and all dying now!" Sure enough, everything seems to be withering when I glance around the campus. The brown plants match my mood.

"I think it's because Persephone left."

"Really? Well, then…" the voice of Hera, who is clinging onto the arm of her boyfriend Zeus, pierces my sensitive ears. I hear footsteps behind me- the clack clack clack of high heels. "Hey, Demi!" Hera chirps. I turn around slowly. "Are you looking for Sephie? I thought I saw her and Hades going around the other side of the school after the fire drill thingy." Hopeful now, I begin to head in that direction, forgetting to thank Hera or even say goodbye to the girl.

"Sephie? SEPHIE!" I hear voices as I yell my friend's name. But it's only Apollo and Eros, whispering and glancing at a very pretty girl- Daphne?- not too far away. When Apollo sees me, he smiles brightly.

"Hi, Demeter! I haven't seen Persephone around here today, but I did see her heading out to the parking lot with Hades earlier!" This time, I remember to thank my fellow student for the valuable information. The parking lot- Hades drives that hideous black car sometimes. What has he done to her!

I chase after the two boys who are talking and laughing next to the doors to the gym. "Zeus!" I cry out. He and Poseidon turn around staring at me. "Hades is your brother, right?" He balks.

"That's supposed to be a-"

"Secret. Yeah, sure, whatever. Well, he took Sephie somewhere and now I have no idea where they are or even what's going on!" The boy sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers.

"Well, if she's agreed to date him or something, there's not much you can do about her changing inner circles or whatever, but if she refuses him, everything can go back to the way it was before…before…"

"Before this morning," I finish the sentence for him. "But where would they be?" Zeus- or 'Zee', as his cronies call him- considers this for a moment.

"Well, there's always that shadowy, run-down shack Hades and his friends like to hang out in. Hermes sees them going there sometimes when he's practicing for cross-country. You can probably get him to show you the way out there." I'm eager to get on my way now.

"Thanks, Zeus. Bye!" I figuratively leave him in the dust. The janitor, Mr. Taur, keeps this school really clean. Surprisingly clean, if you've ever seen his labyrinth of a storage closet. Theseus got stuck in there once. But, I digress…

The scrawny senior is holding a can of Silly String when I find him. "Hermes!" He jumps guiltily. "I think Hades has carried off Persephone. Will you help me find his, um, hideout?" The boy's eyes sparkle mischievously.

"Sure, Demi." He tightly laces his signature winged running shoes and darts out of the school hallway into the sunlight, carelessly tossing the can of Silly String behind him. I chase after him.

Finally, we reach the edge of the campus. Hermes comes back to earth and slows his pace to a brisk walk. "It's only a few blocks from here," he says. The sun beats down on us relentlessly and I grow more and more irritated at Helios. Finally, the house I'm looking for becomes clear. It looms, dark and imposing, on the corner of the street. I've heard rumors before that people have died in that house, that their shades still remain in the shadowy rooms. Hermes cautiously opens the creaking, faded front door.

"Sephie?" I whisper loudly. Footsteps echo in the entryway, but I don't see anyone approaching Hermes and I. A ghost? I certainly hope not.

A figure rounds the corner at the end of the hall, running full tilt, and rushes straight at me. I squeal in fright and brace myself for an attack, but I receive a fierce hug instead.

"Demi!" Sephie squeals. She seems extremely happy for a girl who just got kidnapped. I grab her hand and begin pulling her towards the door.

"Come on! We've got to get out of here before Hades finds us!" Why does Persephone seem to be resisting me? Hermes is standing anxiously on the curb; I want to call to him to help me, but I'm afraid Hades would hear.

"What about me finding people?" I catch a glimpse of movement in the dark corridor and Hades appears out of nowhere, leaning against the door frame. I gasp and drop Sephie's wrist in fright. The tall boy stuffs some sort of cap in his back pocket and shakes his shaggy black hair out of his equally dark eyes. He makes no move to stop us; he just puts his pale hands in his pockets. Sephie takes a step towards Hades.

"Don't tell me you two are dating!" I groan.

"Well, actually… yes," Sephie replies, slightly apologetically. Hades lets his grim exterior crack and smiles a little bit when Sephie takes his hand.

I can practically feel the plants on campus die a little more.

Haha! Hope you enjoyed! I do take requests, so... yeah. Your request isn't guaranteed a story, since monsters are sort of hard to fit into high school and stuff, and other awkwardness in the Greek myths... :/ This one was bad enough. My friends and I ended up cutting out the pomegranate part. If you want to incorporate that, Persephone uses pomegranate-scented shampoo. :)

The entire story will not center around Hades and Persephone. It will visit many myths, from many POVs. :) Again, requests accepted!

And yes, Demeter has it really bad with her stereotype. We did SOOO many characters, and there wasn't much left when we got around to her. Sorry, Demi.

R&R! :D