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The seniors at Mount Olympus High School jostle as they make their way to the seats of the lecture hall. The Philosophy teachers, the Fates, stand hunched at the front of the room, muttering to each other about the future and the most recent edition of Knitting Biweekly. Just normal omnipotent-old-lady things like that.

The cliques in the room are obvious as the students settle. A mob of pink-clad, overly made-up girls squeal and text in one corner of the room; another group of kids dressed in dark colors sit as far away as possible from them. Several of them are trying to finish papers due in just a few minutes.

"No use, pupils!" One of the professors shrieks, "We have seen and none of you will pass on that paper!"

"Aw, come on, Dr. Lachesis!" Artemis calls down, "Can't we have another day?" The Fate shakes her head. A sad chorus of crumpling paper and swearing erupts from the group. The teacher arranges the cowl of her cloak nonchalantly as her students groan.

"And to the rest of you, it is time to turn in your essays," another of the Fates speaks and holds out one gnarled hand for the homework. Slowly, the papers are passed forward and collected by the ever-attentive front row students- namely, Athena and Hephaestus. Once they have given up their work, gaggles of seniors fall to chattering again.

"Silence!" the third Fate screeches; immediately the class falls as silent as the grave. "There will be no idle chitchat today during class." The atmosphere in the lecture hall seems to droop and wilt. "We have a shortened lecture." The mood picks up again. "We also have an in-class assignment and, no, Zeus, you cannot take it home. It is due at the end of class." The boy turns a blotchy scarlet with embarrassment.

Clotho raises a pair of dangerous-looking knitting needles and clicks them together. "Today," she croaks, "you will be writing an impromptu essay which you will then share with your classmates." Athena sits a little straighter at the mention of a presentation; everyone else slumps a little more.

"Do we have to get up there and be all formal and crap?" Ares yells from his seat near Aphrodite.

"A summary of your paper will suffice, young one!" Atropos cackles.

The third sister pulls a stubby piece of chalk from her cloak, turns to the blackboard, and begins to write. Several students clap their hands over their ears as the Fate's fingernails scrape against the board along with the chalk. "Does she do that on purpose?" Demeter whispers to Persephone.

"It's not nice to gossip, girls," the crone hisses, turning back to face the class. Demeter pales and a potted plant in the corner of the lecture hall droops. Shuffling towards the front row, the Fate reveals the word written on the board- LOVE.

"Indeed," Lachesis rasps, "love. You will write an essay about the nature of love. What is love? And, before you ask, Hades, it's a quiz grade." The dark boy shrugs and keeps fiddling with his pencil. "Begin!"

The class begins to frantically scribble on their papers, even the slackers in the back. They all know that the Fates are no easy graders, and they take points off if your thoughts stray too far in class. Even with this knowledge, teenagers are apt to get distracted, and every so often a sharp comment from the Fates brings some poor kid back into line.

"Hades, stop thinking about Persephone and get to work!"

"Eros. That is not love, that is lust. The same goes for you, Zeus!"

"Apollo, we're not talking about loving trees. We're- oh, sorry. We'll let you get away with that one. It'll count for today."

"Artemis… just write something this time."

"Surprisingly good, Poseidon! And you, Hera!" At last the class whips their minds into focus and the Fates survey the lecture hall silently for a long while.

"Time's up, class!" Pencils fall- some roll all the way to the floor- and the students lean back, stretching their hands. "We'll not be taking volunteers. Just going down the line. Actually, we won't be 'going down the line'. We'll be choosing the essays that we believe are the most… entertaining." Another witchy cackle (although they would call it simply senile) and then Clotho points a crooked finger at Athena. "I think you have something to say?"

The girl stands. "That's not fair. Your methods of presentation are biased. It shouldn't matter what people wrote- you should choose randomly or, as you said earlier, go down the line."

"We thought you might protest, dearie. Come on up, you'll go first. Minerva, is it?"


"We know." The Fates share a grim smile. "A summary, if you please, Athena," Lachesis shrills. The girl rolls her eyes and walks briskly to the front of the class.

"Love is.. well, love can be defined as many things. It can be a simple attraction to something, for instance I love books. Also, love is the deep connection between two people that lasts a lifetime and creates a positive emotional bond that is stronger than most other forces of the mind."

"Aside from sounding like a textbook, very good," Atropos rasps, "Poseidon, your turn." The boy swaggers to the front of the class, still beaming from winning the Fates' praise as the assignment was being written.

"Love is when you'd give everything for someone; it's when you'd rather lose your life to find them than watch them walk away. Love is when you find the person that completes you." The class 'awh's (some sarcastically) at the reference to the boy's experience. He had chased a girl he liked- Amphitrite- for hours, following her from one class to another to find the right time to ask her out. Artemis thought it was creepy, but most of the other students found it sweet.

"If only you could know how that relationship will work out," Clotho simpers, waving Poseidon back to his seat. "Artemis, we said stop writing at least five minutes ago. Why don't you come up here and share what you have? And don't think thoughts like that, they're just not healthy." The girl shuffles reluctantly forward and the class snickers a little bit. Artemis never lets her opinion go unheard, and her romantic beliefs were well-known throughout the school.

"Love is stupid." Aphrodite and Eros squeal angrily. "Well, it is. You go and decide to fall in love and then what? You get hurt. Familial love is a different thing, of course, because they're your family and they're not trying to get in your bed… hopefully. Freedom is better. You can choose your own path and no one else will ever hold you back." One of her Amazon friends cheers from the back, but the cold look she sends around the room keeps everyone else quiet. The Fates call Hades to the front to break the awkward tension.

"Love can be tedious, but it's worth it. You just have to wait, be patient, that crap, but when the right person comes along it's worth it. You'll be happy forever, and you don't have to be alone in anything you do." He moves back to his seat, but not before glancing at Persephone. She blushes, Demeter glares, and the Fates chuckle to themselves.

"Aphrodite, you're up."

A cloud of perfume follows the golden-haired, blue-eyed beauty queen as she flounces up. Most of the room gags, but her clique, along with Ares and Hephaestus watch her progress raptly.

"Love is when you love another person sooo much-"

"Do not use the word in its description!" Atropos hisses. Aphrodite rolls her eyes and keeps going.

"That you would give up everything for them. Or when you have someone that would give up everything for you! When you love someone, you're willing to do anything for them, to do anything with them…"

"LUST!" all three of the Fates screech, and Aphrodite rushes back to her seat- but not before she flips her perfect hair over her shoulder one more time. "The girl has spoken for several of her classmates as well, we believe," the old ladies say, sending sharp glances at Zeus and Eros. "Hera, next!"

The regal girl strides to the lectern at the front of the room. "Love is something we can all disagree on- everyone has their own definition. For me, love is commitment. It's when you care about someone so much it's like they're an extension of your soul. It's when you want to be with them forever. Marriage represents love, and relationships should NEVER-" she glares at Zeus, "-be made void by cheating." Her boyfriend fidgets in his seat and looks like he wants to disappear.

"There is time for one more presentation before the lecture," Lachesis rasps, "Apollo!" The boy almost leaps down the stairs, grinning crazily. He hands his paper to Atropos before clearing his throat and beginning to sing.

"WHAT IS LOVE?" he belts out, pointing towards a girl sitting near his twin sister, "BABY, DON'T HURT ME!" The girl, Daphne, stiffens in her seat, as motionless as a laurel tree, as she realizes the song is being directed towards her. Apollo winks. "BABY DON'T HURT ME, NO MORE!" The Fates, cackling amongst themselves like they had planned the escapade, cut off the boy and sent him back to his seat before he sang any more.

The three professors begin their lecture before the students can begin to converse. A few of the slackers frantically try to finish the essays and take notes simultaneously. Of course, with the Fates as teachers, they were bound to get points taken off nonetheless.

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