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Umm.. I've had this what? idea? going in my head for a while now, and thought that, whilst I've got alllllllllll this ridiculous amount of free time, I might as well put pen to paper, or keyboard to monitor? I suppose it's a teeny bit different to what's on here, but I always wanted to do one where they were already really close/lovers. 3 & so here it is. The result of many a day without university. (Y).

As the morning sun drifted in creating a partial glow amongst the fresh, white furniture and pine walls, a set of toes curled delicately underneath the haphazardly thrown cream faux throw. Muscles and skin stretched as the suns shadow covered the latter half of the room and the thirty-six year old turned onto his back, a brief smile gracing his face, eyes still closed as he lifted his arms to place them under his thick hair. Chuckling lightly, Norman began to open his eyes before quickly squeezing the lids together again, wanting to continue basking in the memories of the previous two days.

'Finally mine…' he mused blissfully, thinking back to the Sancerre, Rioja, meat canapés, and dancing. Etta James was the perfect choice, Norman recalled, grinning as he remembered being spun skilfully along the polished floor, "… my love had come along, my lonely days are over…" he sung softly, his voice catching in his throat - elated that Carter had actually allowed the song for their first dance, although he smiled remembering the amount of 'persuading' he had to do. Reminiscing once more about the lights and cheers, (and just how damn gorgeous Carter looked in his dark tailcoat with purple lining), Norman sung lowly and huskily once more, bringing his left hand up above him, "…and here we are in heaven… for you are mine… at last," and gazing at the platinum ring.

Exhaling contently, Norman sat up, careful to not disturb the man beside him, and ran a hand through his hair before getting up and softly padding over to the chair to retrieve and step into his navy tracksuit. Admiring the older man who still lay in the bed, beautifully unaware of his beaus departure, Norman opened the large glass door and walked onto the open, broad balcony, leaning his arms against the smooth railing as he gazed out to the beach.

"Maui really is beautiful," he murmured in his light, Bostonian accent, absorbing the deep orange sky and partial silhouetted trees, shaking gently in the light breeze. The green vegetation, golden roads and strong, clay mountains - everything he had imagined the island to be and more. Closing his eyes briefly, Norman allowed the peaceful wind to entwine him, and he inhaled the fresh air, showing his grey eyes to the scene before him a long while later - watching a tanned young boy and girl running and throwing sand at each other as they hopped and glided along his view in the sweltering heat. Smiling shortly, Norman looked down and tented his fingers. Although not quite a smoker, he couldn't resist wanting one of Carter's precious Marlboros as he turned his slim body, elbows leaning back on the cool railing as another humble gust of wind swept through him, allowing his ruffled hair to sway along briefly. Pressing his eyelashes together, he envisioned his and Carter's future town home on the suburbs of Washington. Tomatoes, potatoes and Sweet Williams growing in the garden as his husband flexed those colossal muscles as a he hammered pieces of eucalyptus wood together to build the swing he knew they would crave. His mind flickered to the image of their bedroom, white, light and crisp. Contemporary yet traditional, with famous Kandinsky prints spread throughout the room, the image of 'On White II' filling him. Their rooms would be equally dazzling - light pink walls with stone white furniture, square noiseless orange shelves, with a pink and purple butterfly rug alongside the single Disney princess bed. Of course, his room would also be one of the best, with its soft green walls and pale yellow furniture as giraffes, pandas and monkeys decorated the room beautifully. He would grow up to be an explorer, have a curious, exquisite mind alongside his sister, their lives fulfilled in everything, achieving pure happiness.

Sighing heavily in content, the corner of Norman's lips lifted slightly, the smile barely noticeable unless you looked for it, as he looked down at the planks of wood splintering in areas. Of course, he and Carter had had 'the talk,' - whether it was ethical, fair, or even a good idea. He'd always wanted children, even more so as the years elapsed, and although he managed to wangle it out of the older man that he too wanted a few mini Carter's running around their future home, each time they really set about doing something, Norman found himself becoming distant, and escaping, running from anything associated with children. Once more slowly lifting his head, Norman fixed his eye-line to gaze at his lover through the large glass doors, blinking profusely before expelling a low groan. Rolling his shoulders back and cracking his pale neck, Norman made a resolution before picking up a foot to make his way inside, determined that for once in his fucking life, he wouldn't let his past ruin what happiness he actually had.

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