Chapter 3: Daring

Chell looked up at the clock on the wall and yawned. She didn't know it was so late already. Wheatley closed his book and smiled, "All done. Say, Chell? Do you have any more Machiavelli? I would love to rea-" He blinked, noticing her yawning. "Oh, are you tired?" She nodded and stood up, stretching.
"Right. A good night's rest is important," Wheatley said, "Oh. Do you have an empty outlet, by any chance?" Chell blinked at him and signed to him. 'Why do you need one?' Wheatley stood up and reached behind his back, opening a small storage compartment to the right of the base of his spine and pulled out a small plug. "I have to recharge at night to keep functioning. I was told if I didn't, I would die!" She rolled her eyes. Wasn't that what they said about his flashlight and getting off his management rail? Chell pointed to an outlet by her computer before moving down the hall.
"W-Wait, Chell! Where are you going?" Wheatley followed her a bit, only to be stopped by Chell. 'I'm going to my bedroom. You stay out there,' she signed, turning the light on to her room. Her bedroom was painted a light blue to resemble the sky; the carpet was a darker shade of blue. Her bed was covered in a fluffy blanket and two pillows. There was a vanity by the window that held a few pieces of make-up, a comb, brush and a mirror that was attached. Her Companion Cube, now cleaned up, sat next to her bed. Wheatley peeked inside and blinked, "Oh, it's like a relaxation chamber… but with a smaller bed." She shuddered, forcing the memory of that room out of her mind. She stepped into her room and turned to Wheatley. 'Goodnight.' She closed the door, leaving him alone.
"R-Right. Goodnight, love. See you in the morning." He sat by the computer and plugged himself in. He closed his eyes, slipping into sleep mode.

Chell opened her eyes, still half asleep. She couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. She hadn't felt like this since the time she took a nap while solving one of Wheatley's test chambers.
"…You really are alive, love… I'm glad…" Suddenly awake, she turned to the source of the sound. Two cerulean glowing eyes met her own pale blue eyes, less than two inches away from her. She reeled back, losing her balance and falling out of her bed, pulling her blanket with her.
"Oh! Chell, are you okay?" He stood up and leaned over the bed, looking at her. Chell glared up at him, her outfit now a white camisole and pink pajama bottoms. "You're not hurt, are you?" Wheatley asked before Chell stood up and turned on the lights. 'What are you doing in here?' The android straightened up a bit, "W-Well, I finished recharging and woke up. I thought you might be lonely so I hacked the door and sat by your bed. I don't know how much company that cube of yours was, but I think I can do better." Chell looked at the door, seeing the doorknob was pulled out of the door. She sighed and glared at him again. 'This isn't helping me forgiving you. ' He looked down, "O-Oh... I'm sorry, love. I-I'll just go back by the computer then." She nodded and picked up her blanket before rubbing her eyes and looking at her alarm clock. It was 35 past 7, time to get ready for work. Once Wheatley left her room, she changed clothes and combed out her hair. So much for getting a little extra sleep.

Wheatley sat on the couch and put his head in his hands. "Nice job, Wheatley… she'll never forgive you at this rate," he muttered to himself, "Maybe we should just give up and go back to Aperture." He groaned as someone knocked on the door. He blinked and got up. He waited for Chell to come out her room. When the person knocked a second time, he went to the door and carefully opened it.
"Morning Che-" The young man from yesterday stood there, glaring, "What the hell are you doing in Chell's apartment?"
"She invited me in," Wheatley said, glaring back, "Why are you here?"
"I'm here to walk her to work." Wheatley blinked as Chell knocked on the computer desk, getting their attention. "Oh. Morning, Chell. Ready to go?" the man asked as she nodded. 'I'm ready, Paul.' She turned to Wheatley, 'I'll be back in about 4 hours. Stay here and don't mess with anything.' She turned on the TV and stepped out. Wheatley nodded, "A-Alright, love. See you soon." He waved and smiled.
Paul slid his hand onto Chell's shoulder and pulled her closer, "So, are you busy tonight, Chell? I got tickets for a concert and I think you'd enjoy it." Wheatley watched them and frowned, a strange feeling coming over him.