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Memory Lane

Chapter 1

Sarah sat in front of her vanity mirror, braiding her semi-wet hair so that it would be smooth and wavy come morning. As she did she kept conversation with Hoggle through the mirror. He talked to her about a new potion he had created to destroy the ever-multiplying fairies, and she told him all about the classes she would be taking next semester.

Sarah, now twenty years old, had decided to stay living at home while she attended school at a local community college. She had said that she would eventually move away to somewhere more exciting and attend a state or private college once she got her Gen Eds taken care of. Though, the longer she stayed at home, the clearer it became that that wasn't really something she wished to make happen. It was just something fun to talk about with her friends during her senior year of high school, since all of them had grand plans and hopes of doing something extraordinary after high school.

Sarah didn't need to dream about doing something extraordinary. She already had the adventure of a lifetime when she was fifteen. Not a day had gone by when she didn't wonder about the Labyrinth and all the magical places and creatures she saw there. At the time it had been petrifying, but when she came home she realized that it had also been exhilarating.

She longed to go back to the Labyrinth. Though, preferably not on the same terms as last time. If that world existed, then there had to be more of it. More amazing places to explore and creatures that she hadn't met yet.

It made the life she was living in her world seem grey. Was she really going to dream about a fancy moss-covered brick college, or a castle with a Goblin King?


Not a day had gone by in five years when she didn't think about him and his offer. At the time she figured it was just his way of trying to trick her again. Pretending that he loved her just so that he could defeat her and keep her little brother.

But as time went on, and Sarah matured, she couldn't help but think of the handsome Goblin King and the possibility that his offer had been real.

It caused her much turmoil. How could she think about the Goblin King like that? He was cruel! He trapped her and stole her brother! He was a trickster and a sorcerer. Even if he was gorgeous, with a voice like liquid velvet and beautiful mis-matched eyes…

Every boy she dated just didn't come close to him. How could they? Just as colleges and careers could never compete with fairies and magic, no human boy could ever compete with a Goblin King.

Sarah sighed and threw her finished thick braid behind her back. Her conversation with Hoggle now over, all she saw in the mirror was her own reflection.

"Tomorrow I will wake up and go to class, and I'll find a way to make it not so…" Sarah's voice cracked as she tried to give herself a pep talk.

"I'll find a reason to…" She said, staring into her own bright green eyes. Try as she might, she could never hide her real emotions – her eyes always gave it away.

She hung her head in defeat, staring into her lap.

"There's just no reason to wake up. I've got nothing to look forward to." She said.

Sarah was alone in the house, as Karen and her father had decided to take Toby away to Disneyland for summer vacation. They had asked Sarah to come along, but she actually preferred the idea of having the house to herself for a couple of weeks.

There was one not-so-innocent thing she could do if they were gone. It was something that sometimes helped her to forget the monotony of the life she was leading.

Down in the living room, Sarah used the key that her father thought he had hidden behind the fridge to open up the liquor cabinet. She pulled out a few bottles and decided which to choose. Not that it mattered. All alcohol tasted terrible to Sarah, but she wasn't drinking it to look cool. Nope, she was doing it for lovely tingling sensations and the feelings it gave her.

Sarah grabbed a bottle of vodka that was almost finished and closed back up the cabinet, making sure to stash the key back where it belonged. She poured the remaining vodka into a glass, and then took the empty bottle out to the garage and put it into the garbage out there. No evidence meant no lectures from Dad about under-age drinking.

Back in the house, Sarah poured some cranberry juice in the glass to go with the vodka. She figured she had about four shots in there, so decided to sip it.

She took the drink back in to her room and put on some music. She got out her finger nail polish and put on the most garish and glittery one she owned. She had one that was gold and green, with flecks of all difference sizes in it. It reminded her a lot of the Goblin King's make-up.

After applying the polish to her fingers and toes, she was now half-way through her drink and feeling rather good. With a thud she sat back down at her vanity mirror.

"Didymus? Are you there?" She asked to her reflection. A moment later the gallant little fox-terrier appeared.

"Yes M'lady?" Didymus said.

Sarah sighed happily and leaned on her propped up hand.

"Tell me one of your stories, Sir Didymus. I long to hear a tale of a valiant knight!" Sarah practically shouted, holding out her drink and swinging it around before bringing it to her lips again.

"Of course, M'lady!" Sir Didymus said, clearly ecstatic.

If there was one thing Didymus loved, it was telling tales of his heroism, which may or may not have happened exactly as he told them. True or not, Sarah grinned as she listened. She loved hearing Didymus's stories, because they always involved parts of the Labyrinth and their world that she had never visited.

After an hour and a half of story-time, Sarah was just finishing up her drink.

"And the hideous stench monster never again tried to cross me! I tell thee, the citizens of that small village were so eternally grateful that they made me this very breast plate!" Didymus said and knocked on his chest. He looked down, startled when his fist only met fabric. "Now where did I put that armor?" He said, looking suddenly confused.

"Didymus, how is Jareth?" Sarah blurted out, ignoring her friend's panic over his missing armor.

Didymus looked at Sarah through the mirror, his wispy white mustache twitching and his brow furrowed.

"Now why would the lady ask about him?" Didymus asked.

At that Sarah straightened up in her seat and tried to shake away the warm and comforting effects the alcohol was having on her. Never had she ever asked about Jareth to any of her friends from the Labyrinth. She worried just mentioning his name might conjure him up. She wasn't sure what she would do if she actually saw him again, either.

Sarah waited a moment, looking around her room frantically. Was Jareth suddenly going to appear? Her gaze was turned away from the mirror and staring at her bay window when she heard Didymus speak up.

"Lady Sarah? Are you unwell?" Didymus asked.

Sarah turned around and stared at Didymus. Ok, so apparently just saying his name was safe.

"Yes, er, I mean no." Sarah took a deep breath. "I'm fine Sir Didymus. I only ask because I wonder about him. I was the first to defeat his Labyrinth, after all." Sarah said.

"Oh well, his Majesty was very upset that you beat him, for certain. The Labyrinth has become much more dangerous as a result. Why, I don't think any of the new challengers have made it longer than ten minutes without being stuck in an oubliette or worse." Didymus said.

It might have been foolish, but the thought of a newer, more dangerous Labyrinth enthralled Sarah.

"Really?" She said with widened eyes. "I would love to see the changes."

Didymus's whole body shook with agitation and shock.

"Absolutely not!" He yelled. "It is far too dangerous! And if the King saw you…"

"What do you think he would do?" Sarah asked, her guts swelling with anxiety.

"I should think he would not be happy," Didymus said. "You're much safer when you are, M'lady."

Sarah bit her lower lip.

"I want to see the Labyrinth again, Sir Didymus. I wish-"

"Silence!" Didymus yelled. "Do not make that wish!"

Sarah's heart was pounding. She wished to know what became of their magical world, she wished to know what became of Jareth. She wished to know if his offer had been real!

She took a deep breath and tried calm herself.

"As you wish, Sir Didymus." She lied. She had made her decision and there was no going back now.

She said her good-byes to Didymus and then flew out of her chair. She threw open her closet and changed into her old fairy tale dress, the one she had used so often when acting out plays in the park. If fit better now than it did before, hugging her hips and displaying her ample bosom. She had grown in height as well, and the dress no longer dragged on the floor when she walked. She put on a pair of ballet flats that she knew would be comfortable for walking in even after several hours.

Back at her vanity she did her make-up. She put on bright gold eye make-up, much like what she remembered Jareth's to look like. She contoured her cheeks and applied a peachy color to her lips.

She looked the part, but now, she'd have to act it as well. This time she wouldn't go into the Labyrinth unprepared.

She grabbed a brown satchel that she had bought at a renaissance fair and stuffed it with snacks and a few bottles of water. She went to the garage and grabbed some rope and her father's hunting knife. She wasn't sure what to expect from this new Labyrinth, but took anything she thought might help her and wasn't too heavy.

Back in her room, she tucked the little red Labyrinth book in her satchel for good luck.

Why hadn't she thought of this before? She had been so bored and miserable for the past five years!

All the fear she had of Jareth and the Labyrinth was long gone, having been defeated by the drudgery she lived each day.

Sarah stood in front of her mirror, and took a few deep breaths. It was now or never.

"I wish the goblins would come and take me away, right now!" She yelled happily, and then, the lights went out.