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Memory Lane


Never actually having lost her powers, Sarah was able to travel between the two worlds freely. She often visited her parents and Tobey.

Every year on the anniversary of their meeting, Jareth would throw a ball in his Queen's honor. And every year, despite his best attempts at buying her new clothes, Sarah would wear the same sugar-spun dress she had in her fantasy.

"Some things never go out of style," She would say to him.

Sarah, ever loving to agitate Jareth, would spend hours in his Labyrinth. Traipsing through it with her misfit band of friends, mocking Jareth and every new trap he invented.

Children were still tricked into running his Labyrinth, but now many of them escaped. At least, the ones that Queen Sarah found to be truly remorseful escaped. She would bestow her wisdom and guidance on some of the children, much to Jareth's chagrin.

But for as much trouble as she caused him, Jareth could never become angry with his Queen. He secretly loved her defiance, and stood in awe whenever she would best him.

Sarah fell deeper in love with Jareth every day. She admired his wit and his strength of will. She would never tire of being in his embrace, and her hunger for his body was unwavering.

Ever so often, they would play in each other's minds. Sometimes they would simply walk through the memory of Sarah's first run, and sometimes they would dip into the footnotes. The first time Sarah got a glimpse of Jareth's fantasies, she practically fainted. She should never have been embarrassed that he saw into her mind, because hers might've been rated M, but his were triple X.

Sometimes they would add new footnotes to the old memories. They enjoyed creating new dreams for each other, storing them in crystals and giving them as gifts so the other could play it out.

Sarah got to live in her fantasy world, and even think up new worlds beyond that. Jareth's kingdom flourished because of her creativity, and Sarah flourished because of his affection.