His Lucky Green Eyes: My submission for the Prompt challenge #2. Thanks to my amazing Beta Texasbella and jess for my awesome banner.

I own nothing just a great mind and body (well okay mind).

This story didn't end up how I imagined it but when your characters talk to you , what can you do.

Wait! If the characters are talking to me, maybe I need help?

chpt 1

'Face palm'

Whose idea was it to travel thousands of miles…

To a country I knew nothing about, to places I had never heard of…

To play my music, to people I didn't know?

Oh, yeah; mine!

Like most of my brilliant ideas this one was born from the bottle of Jack Daniels I had consumed after a very bad break up.

I needed to get away.

"I'm going to tour Ireland," I told my parents.

"Get to know grandfather's roots," I smiled proudly at my mom.

They ooh'd and aah'd in all the right places.

But now, as I'm driving through heavy rain that seriously competed with my home town in Washington, I wished they had talked me out of it.

"Jasper, son," my dad should have said, "It's a long way to go on your own."

But he didn't, so I'm here.

Have been for the past six days and I can count the amount of sleep I have had on two hands.

Whose idea was this again?