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The sun was finally setting after a long, hot summer day, leaving the evening sky a mixture of red, pink, blue and yellow. Sam Braddock sat, stretched out on the outdoor recliner on the patio of his lover, Jules Callaghan's, house. He relaxed, waiting for Jules to join him.

He wasn't kept waiting very long.

He sighed contently as he felt soft hands circle his shoulders from behind.

"Hey Beautiful." He said, gently capturing her petit hands with his much larger ones. He pulled her around the chair, and guided her to lie on top of him. She'd just had her shower and smelled like strawberries. Her damp hair and soft skin was enough to drive him insane.

Jules smiled at her new position on the chair. "Hey." She said back, only in a whisper, as she was enjoying the moment.

Sam rubbed her bare arms with his hands. "The sky is beautiful." He commented.

"I know, I love summer so much. It's hands down my favorite season."

"Really? For some reason I always pegged you as a winter kind of gal."

Jules laughed. "No way, I had enough of winter growing up in Alberta. Believe it or not, winter was the one season that my brothers were 'free' of me. They would always take off skiing or skating or whatever and I would stay at home. Had a lot of hot dates with the fireplace, a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate."

Sam chuckled as he ran his hands up and down her bare arms out of habit. "Well as much fun as those 'hot dates' sound, did you ever even try skating or sledding or anything at all?"

"Sure, when I was really young I was outside all the time."

"So what changed?"

Jules laughed again. "It's really a pathetic story."

"Well you've got my attention."

"Alright, I'll tell you only because I know that you won't drop the subject until I tell you."

Sam pecked her temple. "You know me so well."

"Anyways, to make this incredibly long story short, me and Jacob and Collin- those are the two youngest boys," She informed him. "Were going out sledding and there was this incredible hill, the one that everyone went to. But it had a pond at the bottom and mom and dad would drill it in our heads every single time we went, that we had to be careful of the pond. Obviously we never paid any attention to their warnings because there were always so many people there."

"Pretty sure I know where this is going." Sam chuckled, earning a glare from Jules. "But please, continue."

"SO, this particular day that we decided to go, it was rather mild out so mom and dad's warnings were even more forceful than ever before. But me, Jacob and Collin were determined to go so we trudged all through the woods, snow pants and all and when we finally got to the hill, Collin and Jacob realized that it was a warmer day than what we had originally thought. They decided that because I was the youngest, I should go first, to test the ice."

"And you fell for that?" Sam asked.

"Of course not. They fed me some story about how it was an honor to go down the hill first, how there was no way the ice would break and all that crap. I still wasn't buying it though, so finally they brought out their best trick."

"Let me guess, they said something along the lines about how you're too scared to do it. So naturally, you had to prove them wrong."

Jules laughed again. "Yeah, something along the lines of that."

"So what ended up happening?"

"Well, I went down and everything was going fine until I hit the ice, well really, it was just slush."

"So you fell into the water?"

"Yup, although it wasn't very deep. I was only six and the water was only up to just below my shoulders."

"What'd your brothers do?"

"They came running, typically they'd be laughing their asses off, but they knew how much shit they'd be in with my parents. After all, I was their responsibility for the day. So once they got to me, they yanked me out and begged me not to tell mom and dad."

Now it was Sam's turn to laugh. "Did you ever tell them?"

"Oh hell yeah. As soon as we got home. I even said that they pushed me down just so that I wouldn't get In trouble for buying into their trick." Jules laughed along with Sam.

"That really shouldn't surprise me! I bet Collin and Jacob were pissed at you."

"Ya know, they weren't actually. I'm pretty sure it was because they knew that they had no right to be after they'd almost killed me."

"Wild times on the Callaghan Farm."

"You're telling me."

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