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The beginning of a new life? Nah, not so much. More like the beginning of a new journey. That is how Sam and Jules Braddock would describe their lives at this particular time. Definitely the beginning of a new journey, a new adventure.

Sam parked their car in the drive way of their new home. "We're here babe." He smiled down at Jules, all she could do was smile back and squeeze his hand in pure delight.

They stepped out of the car and admired the house from the drive way. Sam took Jules in his arms, both were grinning idiots again.

"I can't believe we did it Sam. I mean, married, baby twins and a new house all in only two years."

Sam chuckled lightly. "Well Jules, we are super heroes after all." He reminded his wife.

Jules laughed and slapped him playfully of the chest. "Yeah, we are pretty awesome." She joked.

"I'd say so." Sam teased again. They stood silently for a few minutes, trying to gather ideas for the house. But finally, Jules turned to Sam with a worried expression.

"What's wrong Jewel?"

Jules sighed. "I can't stop thinking about the kids. Sam, they're only one year old! This is their first time away from us over night!" She said worriedly.

Sam ran his hand across her cheek in an attempt to comfort her. "They'll be fine hun, there are with my mom, safe and sound. You have nothing to worry about." He reassured her.

"I can't help it Sam! I'm their mom, it's my job to worry about them! I miss Noah's blond hair, and Alexis's big brown eyes! What if something is wrong!?"

"Jules, trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong, mom would call if there was. I miss them too, but right now we need to focus on unpacking and getting everything ready for them!"

Jules thought about what Sam had said. He was kinda right. Damn. Jules sighed, giving in. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Of course I am." Sam teased her, and playfully tweaked her nose.

"Erm, Excuse me?" A random voice said.

Sam and Jules turned around to see about seven older adults standing in their driveway. Giving each other a strange look, they decided to introduce themselves.

"Hi," Jules began. "I'm Jules, and this is Sam-"

The old, 'wider' woman who seemed to be leading the pack cut Jules off. "Yes, well, we see you've moved into the Smith's old house." She said rudely.

Jules gave Sam a What-the-hell type of look. "Um, yeah."

"Listen," The pack leader began. "I'm gonna cut right to the chase. We don't want to preach to you kids, but the Smiths were great neighbours, friendly in every way. They didn't cause any trouble around this neighbourhood. In fact, there is basically no trouble at all in this part of town. Now we understand that you guys are young, and think that life is only fun and games, you guys just want to have fun and party. But that is not how this neighbourhood works."

Sam and Jules stood there completely stunned.

Mrs. Head Wolf continued her lecture. "Now we all know that you two have little friends, who appear to be quite wild. Yes that's right, we saw them helping you unpack the moving trucks. But we will make ourselves very clear when we say that there will be no wild parties, uncontrollable guests and certainly no drunks wandering around our town. We will not tolerate that kind of behaviour. There are many young children living here, and they do not need to be exposed to your kind of lifestyle." The woman looked at both Sam and Jules, happy with her speech.

"I hope we've made our selves clear. Nice meeting you Rocks and Dan." Mrs. Wolf and her pack turned around and began to leave.

Jules and Sam looked at each other. "Rocks?" Jules spat at him. "Who the Hell does she think she is?"

Sam could see that Jules was about to snap. And to be perfectly honest, so was he. That was the rudest thing he had ever experienced in his life, and he had met some pretty rude people.

Jules walked forward, not about to let this slide.

"Actually," Jules called out, gaining the attention from the stupid seven. "You have us all wrong."

Big ole mamma wolf didn't like this. "Excuse me?"

"I said, you have us all wrong." Jules said, showing her tough SRU side.

"Who on earth do you think you are young lady?"

Jules didn't hide the disgust on her face at the rude woman's comment. "Officer Callaghan of the Strategic Response Unit, mother of two. Who do you think you are? The neighbourhood vigilante?"

Go Jules.

The shock of the adult's faces was priceless. Especially on mama wolf's.

Sam walked up behind Jules, and put his arm around her shoulder. He had never been more proud of her. "And I'm Constable SAM Braddock of the SRU, also father of two."

If only Jules had a camera to take a picture of their stunned expressions.

Pack leader gained her composure first. "I… oh… well um… we are so sorry, we didn't, um, realise… We just saw two young people, and their friends, and well…"

"Yeah, well those friends that you saw would be our team's bomb technician and the rookie." Jules spoke up.

"Really, we are truly sorry. We're all so embarrassed."

"Well, I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about with us." Sam told them.

The woman nodded. "Well, we apologize once again, but we should really be on our way."

Sam and Jules simply nodded.

Once the pack was at the end of the driveway, Jules called down to alpha woman. "Oh, and its Jules!"

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