Chapter 3

The next day was hell.

The first group of campers showed up so we had to take them out. And they weren't here for a night or two... No. This was a group of university scientists who wanted two weeks in the woods to study plant and animal life...

"Okay!" I heard Lucas yell. He was in charge of this expedition? I perked up right away!

Everyone gathered around, including the scientist people.

"We are going into the woods for the first time this summer!" Lucas began and everyone (except a couple of the university guys) immediatly turned all their attention over to Lucas. Me more than anyone. "Yes! Most of us are probably a bit rusty, seeing how we haven't done this for a year!" He paused and pointed to me and my heart completely stopped, "And We also have a new counselor! Kayla," He took his hand down and continued, "camped here last year and wanted to be a counselor this year! Now! Back to where we're going!"

"Into the woods!" Some idiot in the scientist group yelled.

Lucas whipped around on him and spat, "Would you like to lead?"

The guy shook his head violently and stuttered, "N-n-n-n-n-no-no sir!"

Lucas smirked and went back to his speech. "We are going deeper than any other campers have ever gone! We will Be out there for two weeks, so don't piss us off!" Lucas laughed a hearty, deep, sexy laugh that had every hair on my body on end. "And now!" Lucas yelled over the laughter of, well, everyone. "We walk! I hope you're all wearing the right shoes! Ladies! High heals don't do any good in the muddy forest!" He laughed again and walked into the woods, beckoning the group to follow.

Conner and Rafe were in the middle of the group, Lidnsey and Brittany were in the back, and me? I was up front next to Lucas.

Everyone walked in silence for a while. And it was one of those uncomfortable silences where it was only silent because no one knew what to say.

I was ready to go to the back where Brittany and Lidnsey were probably chatting away when Lucas leaned closer and whispered, "I read your file."

I jumped at his sudden desire to talk and also at what he said.

"Are you jumpy?" He kept his voice low, obviously not wanting to be overheard.

"NO!" I answered way to quickly. I caught my breath and said, "No. I am not jumpy. I just, you startled me. That's all."

He giggled and said, "So."

Again, he startled me, but I didn't jump this time. "So...?"

"I read your file." He repeated.

"Yeah. I got that. You're the head counselor, though. It's your job!" I answered plainly.

"Whatever. Anyway. Theres a river coming up and according to your file you're the best swimmer here. Three milliseconds from making the Olympic team? Never could do that. I'm in college on a track scholarship, but yours will probably be for swimming. So. Anyway. The river coming up is really deep and I need you to cross last in case something happens. We're pretty good swimmers, the rest of us. But if you're as good as you're made out to be you're much better. So, you get to skip along to the back and Swim last. 'Kay? Good." And he shooed me away.

"Okay!" He yelled after a few more minutes. We stopped and heard the roar of the river. "We have to cross this river, but ther is no bridge so we have to swim!" He yelled over the river's loud roars. "I will go first and tie a rope to a tree on the other side and Rafe will tie the other end to this tree here!" He held up a rope and pointed at a steady-looking tree.

Everyone nodded and so he dove.

Rafe, who was holding the other end of the rope, tied it tightly to the tree.

"Okay!" Lucas called when he was on the other side and had the rope tied "Now, hold the rope above your heads and one by one you're going to step into the water and make your way across! Holding the rope over-head the whole time!" He enunciated very clearly and the scientists slowly started across, a counselor going after every two or three, until finally, I was the only one left.

I grabbed the rope and stepped into the freezing water.

After about a second in the water it warmed up and I started across slowly, trying to get my footing, aware that everyone was watching me.

I was doing fine and was about half way across when I heard Brittany scream, "Kayla watch out!"

I looked up in time to see a rock come at me before it smashed me in the temple.