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Old habits die hard.

When something was too hard for her to handle by herself, she'd run off. That's how she met Corn, after all. And that's what she was doing right now. Running off.



Kyoko stood frozen with her phone still to her ear. 'Kyoko-chan?'. "Congratulations on graduating the Love-Me Department."

Kyoko smiled to herself. "Thank you! And to think, soon I'll be turning 18! I wonder what this year's party will be like..." she trailed off, thinking of the best birthday she had ever had. Nearly everyone she held dear to her was there to see her on her big day. If only Father and his wife could have flown over, then it would have been perfect.

Kyoko could feel Ren's smile from the other side of the line. "I'm sure it will be better than last year's." he assured her. "So, I heard you got a new role for a motion picture!"

"Yeah! I just finished dying my own hair to fit the role-"

"You could have just gotten a wig."

Kyoko sighed. "I know, but I wanted it to look as real as possible. I look so different now, though, I was worried Taisho would throw me out of his restaurant! But neither him or Okami-san are home at the moment."

"Ren! Could I see you for a second?" Kyoko heard Yashiro ask Tsuruga-san from the phone.

"Sure, Kyoko-chan, could you hang on for a moment, please?"

"Yes." she heard the phone being gently laid down on a counter, and listened for his voice to return.

"Is that Kyoko-chan?" She heard Yashiro muffled voice ask.

Ren answered with what sounded like a 'yes', and Yashiro nearly started squealing. "So you're going to tell her now, right?"

"Not over the phone, Yukihito." Ren muttered.

"Of course! That would be really unromantic."


"Besides, I didn't even ask her on the date yet." Ren responded.

The date? Kyoko wondered.

"Don't worry about it! I'm sure she loves you as much as you love her."

She dropped the phone and gave a little shriek. After a few seconds, she heard Ren's voice calling her name from the phone, sounding worried.

She didn't think. She just ran out of the restaurant, trying to process what she had just heard.

'Running probably wasn't the best idea...' she thought, as she neared a park with a river. She reached for her purse to grab Corn, only to realize she left it at the house. Even Princess Rosa was missing from her neck, though she was sure she was wearing it.

Kyoko started to cry, she couldn't believe she lost something so important to her! She looked down at the river in despair, her tears blurring her vision. When she cleared her eyes, a sad young woman with purple hair cut in a punk hairdo stared back at her. Of course, her new role, she remembered. She wiped away her tears, and started to retrace her steps, hoping to find her precious necklace. The necklace she made from the gem she found in the rose Ren gave her...

That Ren gave her...

She lifted up her head and refused to cry. Why was she crying anyway? She was so confused, she didn't know what to do. She crossed the street, eyes once again on the lookout for Princess Rosa...

"Oh my God!"

Did something happen?

"Someone, call an ambulance!"

Someone just got hurt! she thought.

"Stand back! Let me feel her pulse."

She felt two cold fingers touch her wrist, and she tried to jerk her hand away subconsciously.

"She's responsive, that's good. Excuse me, Miss? Can you hear me?" the man said slowly.

She slowly opened her eyes and squinted at the light. She felt the pain come crashing over her all at once, and she could barely stand it.

"Keep her restrained, she might have fractures!" the man yelled.

"Warabi city police, what happened here?" another man demanded.

"Another hit and run, anyone get the number of the car?"

"I got it!" someone yelled.

Voices were blurring into one another, colors and lights were swirling around in her head. She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the pain and the discomfort of so many hands keeping her once twitching form down. She stayed this way until the voices stopped, and one voice called out to her.

"What's your name?"

She slowly opened her eyes and tried to focus on the man sitting above her. She stared at him until she started to cry.

"I...I don't remember..."

"Director Kurosaki, have you seen Kyoko?" a seriously panicked Tsuruga Ren asked through the phone.

"Not since this morning, she said she had an idea on what her character should look like. Why, is something wrong?"

"She's not at home, and she didn't bring anything with her!"

"Is that Ren?" President Takarada asked Kurosaki.

"Yes, apparently Kyoko is missing." Kurosaki started to worry himself.

Lory grabbed the phone from him. "Ren, what's going on?"

"I was on the phone with her, and Yashiro wanted to talk to me, so I set down the phone, and I heard Kyoko scream. I came over to find her phone on the floor, and Kyoko missing." Ren explained as calmly as he could, even though he knew he was slipping out of his Ren persona in his worry.

"You say you heard her scream?" Lory asked.


"Kurosaki." he turned to the director. "You said she's the main role in your new film?"

"That's correct."

"The first film in five years produced by a super rich director who won many awards and has been highly awaited for?"

"Yeah, but...Oh my God."

"What is it?" Ren asked.

Takarada and Kurosaki shared a worried glance at each other nervously. "Ren, Kyoko has been kidnapped."

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