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Hanako and Amaya stared at the tall man in their living room. Amaya looked over and noticed Shiori hunched over on the couch, face in her hands.

"Tsuruga Ren!" Hanako nearly screeched and grabbed her sister's hand.

Meanwhile, Ren glanced at the woman known as Amaya, trying to find the Kyoko he knew.

But he knew for sure that this was definitely Kyoko.

Shiori blocked everything out, trying to find a place inside of herself to retreat to.

"Kyoko..." Ren nearly whispered as he walked over to the confused amnesiac and excited fangirl. He stood only a foot in front of her and asked, "Do you remember me?"

"You're Tsuruga Ren, right?"

"Yes." he answered, thankful she at least had some of her memories. "But do you remember how I know you?"

Kyoko frowned in concentration (which Ren found to be completely adorable) as she struggled to pull up a memory.

"I...remember a rose?" she smiled lightly at the small whisper of a memory floating around in her mind.

Ren smiled. "Yeah, I got you a big one on your birthday."

By now Hanako was frowning. "No you didn't."

Ren stared at Hanako. "Yes I did." he replied childishly.

"You weren't invited. She got some flowers, but no roses."

Kyoko was heartbroken. Here was the man who obviously knew of her old life that she was just starting to remember, and here was the heartbroken teenager who was certain that they were sisters. She didn't want to hurt either of them.

Ren sighed. "I did get her a rose for her 17th birthday."

"She's fifteen."

Ren started to massage his temples in annoyance. "I'm sorry, but your sister is dead."

Shiori's head jerked up. "Finally." However, she instantly regretted it as soon as Hanako burst into tears.

"No, no she isn't! She came back! She's Amaya now!"

"You said now." Shiori tried. "You know that's not your sister, so quit acting like it." she stated harshly, though her eyes showed sadness and concern.


Everyone was stunned into silence as Hanako threw a vase at Shiori's head, the vase shattering instantly, and Shiori dropping to the ground. A small stream of blood started to show it's deep color as Hanako fell to the ground, shrieking in her tears.

"She'll be fine, after a while." the nurse replied to Kyoko's question. "You can see her now, if you like. She's awake."

"Thank you." she bowed. Ren stayed behind, since he didn't know Shiori (and Shiori probably didn't like him, after he punched her)

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Kyoko asked as she neared the hospital bed.

"Who am I?" Shiori asked, stunning Kyoko into silence.

Just then Shiori burst into incredibly loud laughter.

"Sorry, I had to."

Kyoko smiled. Shirori had gotten friendlier since they now knew who Kyoko was.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking. I got more stitches."


"Sure, I get into trouble all the time." Shiori stated. "It's no big deal, I've had worse. When visiting America one time, I got my thumb stuck in the hinges of a folding chair."

Kyoko winced.

"How's Hanako?" Shiori asked.

"She was taken away, to Warabi Mental Health Center, they don't know when she'll be released." Kyoko responded.

"Great, that's gonna be expensive." Shiori closed her eyes.

"I can help-" Kyoko started.

"Don't you dare. This isn't your fault. Any new memories?"

Kyoko nodded. "I got them all back, after you got hit. The shock must have pushed them all back."

"That's good."

Meanwhile in the Lobby, those from LME started to show up after a text from Ren.

Kyoko's fine. At hospital.

"MO! Is Kyoko okay?" Kanae stormed into the waiting room, the other people shrinking away from her.

"She's fine. She's not a patient, she's just visiting one."

"MO! Don't scare me like that, then!"

By now people had looked up from their magazines and noticed that the Tsuruga Ren was right there in front of them. Just as a crowd started to form around him, Kanae shot them all a glare.

They all ran back to their seats.

Yashiro and Lory had entered just in time for this, earning chuckles from both of them.

"Ren! I hope everything's okay!" Yashiro asked.

"It's fine, Kyoko's just visiting a friend she made."

"One of the kidnappers?" Lory teased.

Ren smirked and nodded.

Soon Kyoko appeared before them with tears on her face. Kanae and Ren were the first by her sides, each holding an arm and trying to comfort her while asking what the problem was.

"Shiori's going to prison."

Ren hugged Kyoko as she continued to cry, Kanae standing back, a little miffed that Ren had pushed her back to do so.

After a while Kyoko stiffened.

"What is it?" Ren asked.

"You're hugging me." she stated.

Ren chuckled a little bit. "So? We've hugged before, haven't we?"

"Yes, but..." Kyoko blushed. "I remember what you and Yashiro were talking about on the phone."

Ren stiffened at that as Lory let loose a laugh, remembering Yashiro telling him what they were talking about right before Kyoko vanished.

"You heard and ran off, didn't you?" Ren teased.

Kyoko slowly nodded her head, but Ren noticed that they were still in the embrace.

Ren, embarrassed, lowered his head on Kyoko's shoulder and gave a small laugh. "Well this is perfect." He looked up and looked Kyoko in the eye. "Kyoko, I love you."

Kyoko stiffened up again and looked into his eyes before falling into their embrace again, to Ren's surprise. Slowly, he tilted her head up and placed his lips against hers, and smiled when she didn't shy away.

Meanwhile, the LME crowd were cheering, and a cry of "Finally!" was heard.

The other people in the room stared openly, unbelieving of what they were seeing.

After a while, they pulled apart, Kyoko blushing like crazy.

"So," Ren started. "Why is Shiori going to prison?"

"Because she stole the car and ran me over." she stated before realizing what she had just said.

Everyone stopped cheering and watched with intimidation as Ren's eyes darkened at the news.

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