Title: Ten days and a little… luck.

Written for: Drabble War Challenge #2, Prompt/Lucky Challenge #2 to be posted on 3rd March 2012.

Written By: Nicia

Rating: M

Prompt used: Luck/Lucky.

Summary: In some ways, being attacked and left for dead was a stroke of luck. Without it, I don't know where I'd be right now. But I do know that I wouldn't have him – Dimitri. My soul mate. My lover. Rated M for dark themes and eventual lemons. HEA, of course!

This drabble is dedicated to the FABULOUS Mandy52799. Mandy you are amazing and have my everlasting thanks and gratitude. You've made me some beautiful banners, allowed me to adopt some equally awesome ones and given me tons of advice! You helped me out with my very botched attempt at a Twilight fanfiction, and I promise that someday, someway, it will be reader worthy and posted up for you. Thank you so much for all of your help. I hope you enjoy this!

A.N. The banner for this (also made by the fab Mandy) is on fb. Check out my photos or the Drabble War Forum. They also have a community here on ffn, so check that out! In this fic, Dimitri is a dhampir, and Rose is a moroi. There is still the age gap, but they're not the same ages as in the books, and do not know each other beforehand.

I will be posting three chapters in every one update so that this fic isn't overly long. Links to all the information used should be on my profile.

WARNING: This fic has dark themes. Though it does not go into graphic detail and should not upset anyone, do not read if you're highly sensitive to the subject of rape. However, as my long-term readers should know, I'm a fluff and romance lover, so a HEA is guaranteed. I have taken artistic license in some places, because otherwise this fic would be a thousand chapters long. So please, no flames about her recovery time being unrealistic etc… Just enjoy!

Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered. ~William Shakespeare

Chapter One.


It ripped through the lower half of my body, paralysing, agonising… deadly.


They thought it was funny. Watching me try to push them off with feeble arms, with aching legs that didn't want to co-operate.


It trickled from a cut in my head, and from the scrapes on my body. And from another source, deeper, richer, more dangerous.


They filled my ears. Cruel and lewd suggestions as they sated themselves. Broke me apart and then left me there.


And dirty. Inside and out. Dirt covered my body, but their touch coated me on the inside.

Chapter Two.

"Miss, can you hear me?"

A bright light shines in my eyes as the deep voice soothes my ears.

I blink, and the light moves away as strong hands carefully press against the nape of my neck and move down, along either side of my spine.

"Spinal cord intact. Slight swelling and possible concussion…" My world fades to black again and the voice disappears.

I wake up, to a bright light shining in my eyes again.

Slow, steady beeps register in my mind, but they don't really have an impact, just… fade away.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

Chapter Three.

There's a man leading the front of my stretcher.

He's incredibly tall, and I can tell from the set of his shoulders he's not happy.

He's a dhampir, a guardian, and I never really realised just how strong or fast they were until the person who lifted the bottom end of my stretcher lost their grip, and he managed to grab a hold of me.

Pain had ripped through my abdomen and as I'd cried out, anguish crossed his features before he glared at the other guardian.

He has beautiful eyes.

Dark, chocolate brown, they pierce straight to my soul.

So, thoughts...

I hope you enjoyed these first three chapters, and the next update will be as soon as I wake up later on today.