This is a requested fic for yaoilunarangel.

Monroe growled to himself, annoyed that mating season was approaching, again. It happened every year without out fail and usually he ended up locked in his house, alone like always. But not this year, this year was different cause this time he actually had a potential mate. It gave him comfort that he wasn't alone for this round, that this time that he'd actually have a chance to prove himself as a good mate. Nick would be there this time, even if the Grimm wouldn't understand what was going at first. Nick rarely ever did, but he was getting better at noticing the odd things that did happen. The clockmaker began to pace around his living room, contemplating his feelings for the younger man, again.

Monroe had been circling around these feelings for weeks and was just now getting used to the idea of it. At first he'd panicked and had ended ignoring Nick for a week, which had been a mistake. There had been a random Grimm creature that had ended up attacking Nick in the middle of one of his detective cases. The Grimm had suspected that it was a Grimm case, but had thought that Monroe had been pissed at him, so he didn't go to him for help and had done the case himself. Nick, being Nick, had gotten badly hurt by the rogue snake creature, ended up with a small concussion, a few broken ribs and a hairline fraction in his left wrist. Monroe had been rightly pissed when he found out, having been told by one of the hospital staff. Monroe had been put on Nick's emergency contact list awhile back, and Monroe was glad he was put there. Monroe growled low in his throat when he thought about what the snake did to his potential mate, the physical damage on that lithe little body had the wolf inside him rage. Though Monroe did feel a certain warmth when he thought about Nick, and then he thought about what Nick would like for wooing.

A good place to start was food, it would show that he was reliable in the kitchen. Nick came over frequently for dinner or breakfast and would often complement Monroe on his cooking skills, so the Blutbad knew it was a good place to start. Tonight would be one of those nights that Nick was going to be coming over to be feed, plus the kids wouldn't be there either. Monroe grinned deviously as he grabbed his keys and cell phone, he had some shopping to do for dinner. Nick had a terrible habit of picking up stray children, and he had introduced them to Monroe. Monroe, of course, had complained about it at first, but had loved each one of 'their pups'. Another thought entered the wolf's mind as he was driving down the street, he should probably get Nick a gift as well. Monroe wondered yet again what to get the younger man and a sudden memory popped up into his memory. Nick seemed to be a rather big bibliophile, which had been a rather pleasant surprise for the Blutbad. Before reaching the grocery store, Monroe stopped by an out of the way, but quant, little bookstore by his regular grocery store.

Two hours later, Monroe's dinner was almost done and Nick's present was wrapped and casually placed at the Grimm's usual spot at the table. Moments later, the doorbell chimed through the house in a delightful ring. Monroe grinned as he took his apron off and loped to the door. The Blutbad grinned as he opened the door, the gin widening as he saw Nick at the door. The young Grimm smiled back, happy to be there. The tension that usually clung to the younger man had melted away as soon as he saw Monroe, the wolf had been his stability for as long as they'd known each other. The wolf was one of the few stabilities that Nick had allowed himself since his parents died, and Monroe knew that.

"Hey Monroe," Nick said, coming in.

"Hey Nick, welcome back. I got something for you," Monroe said, his grin turning softer as they went to the dinning room.

"Oh? You didn't have to Monroe, especially after all the crap I put you through," Nick replied, fidgeting.

"But I wanted to. Here," Monroe responded, picking up the gift and handing it over to the shy Grimm. Nick nodded shyly and gently opened the gifts.

"Oh my god, I've been looking for these books everywhere. Where did you find them?" Nick asked, clutching the rare art and herbology books to his chest. A look of pure delight was on Nick's face as he looked over at the other man in complete awe. The wolf inside Monroe preened that they did a good job for their potential, that these gifts made Nick happy.

"There's this book store near the grocery store that I go to. I remember you mentioning about them in an earlier conversation and thought you'd want them. Don't give me that look, I know your low on cash right now, and I wanted to by it for you," Monroe replied with a nonchalant shrug. The wolf inside preened even more when Nick's joyous smile.

"Thank you so much Monroe, I love it," Nick said happily. The Grimm needed some happy moments in his life, and the majority of them connected mostly with Monroe.

"You're welcome Nick," Monroe replied with a grin. Nick actually giggled, which made Monroe raise an eyebrow. The Grimm blushed a dark red and looked at the floor in embarrassment. In the next few weeks, Monroe took pain staking care to properly woo Nick. He went out of his way to ask what Nick liked and disliked and to properly get to know the Grimm. As soon as he found out what type of things the Grimm would like, he'd buy them, mostly they were books. He'd make sure to make the Grimm five star meals or help Nick come up with fun stuff for them and the kids to do. Gods above did Nick care too much for people, especially if they were kids that were in need. Hanson, Gracie and Kevin were very good examples of that, Nick even let them stay at his house if they needed someplace to stay. At first Hanson thought is was a charity case, but soon found out that Monroe and Nick really cared.

Roddy, Barry, and Holly depended on them too, as role models and as second parents. When they met Kevin, Hanson and Gracie, they'd been weary but had soon accepted them as part of the pack. Holly was the most excited about having three new people in their pack, especially since one of them was a girl. Gracie was rather pleased with having another girl in the group as well, her and Holly had become fast friends because of it. The kids really seemed to depend on Nick and Monroe's kindness, especially Nick considering he was the one who offered up his house and a good chunk of his money. That was another thing that made Monroe happy, Nick's parental instincts. That made the wolf inside Monroe pleased, to know that his potential mate would be a good parent to any pups they might adopt in the future. Assuming they had a future together of course. Monroe growled to himself, of course they'd have a future together, he was going to do everything right for this mating. Plus, Nick had already accepted the first gift of wooing, which meant that the Grimm accepted the chance to be wooed.