Almost two weeks later, Nick was well enough to go to work. Not only was Nick well enough for work, he was well enough for well enough for Blutbadden mating season. Monroe couldn't have been more pleased with this prospect either. Nick had just gotten better in time for the beginning of mating season, ready and healthy enough for the chase. Idly, the man thought that he was exceedingly glad that Angela had never been around during mating season. Now that was one women he would not have been happy to have been tied down to, she was way to destructive for a healthy relationship.

Nick, now that he thought about it, was the perfect choice in a mate. The Grimm was healthy, strong and had an excellent parental instinct, easy to talk to, and even easier to love. Nick was loyal to a fault and trusted as if it was going out of style. He was innocent to a degree, but knew enough about the world to know how hard life actually was. The Grimm was gorgeous and kind, with a full mouth that led Monroe to think how beautiful they'd be stretched around his swollen cock. The Blutbad groaned at the thought of fucking Nick's pretty mouth to a hard climax, and keeping it in that throat to make Nick swallow his hot seed. Moments later, his doorbell rang out and Monroe felt a warm flutter of anticipation. Monroe opened the door and his mouth dropped open in shock. Nick stood before him in form fitting jeans and a deep red hoodie.

"Come and get me," Nick said with a cock teasing grin before shooting of into the woods across the street. Monroe gaped after him before shooting after the younger man, barely remembering to shut his door as he began to chase his Grimm. The wolf in him was pulling at it's metaphorical leash, demanding to prove his worth, and desperate to claim the pretty prey he hunted. A whiff of Nick's honeyed scent tickle his nose, teasing the wolf in him, taunting him with the need to mark, mate, own, claim.

A playful laugh reached his sensitive ears as Monroe tracked his potential mate. It was making the wolf go berserk and needing to find the Grimm and to take him, knot him, breed him.

'Mine,Mate,Claim,Mine,Mine, MINE!' Monroe thought frantically, the new mantra echoing in his head. Nick was his mate, no one could touch, kiss or fuck the pretty Grimm outside of him. A flash of red caught his red tinted eyes and he grinned. Shooting off after Nick, herding the pretty man to a secluded meadow that would be a perfect place to claim the man. Nick glanced back once and a mischievous twinkle entered his blue-grey eyes and he turned back around to focus in front of him. Monroe growled loudly as the man disappeared from his sight. Not that he need that right now, Nick was going to the place he wanted him. Moments later, Nick shot out into the meadow, panting heavily. He didn't slow his stride as made it to the center of the meadow before Monroe tackled him to the ground.

"Mine," Monroe snarled before latching on to the back of Nick's slender neck. The Grimm froze in his spot on the ground, not moving as Monroe grasped his neck. Nick wasn't scared that Monroe would hurt him, but knew that Monroe wanted his submission.

"Yours," Nick responded, panting. Monroe pulled back and admired the teeth impression in the back of Nick's neck. Seconds later, Monroe had Nick's pants pulled off of him, groaning at the lack of underwear. The wolf inside howled at the sight of the full ass on display before him, making him harder at the sight. Monroe propped the Grimm onto all fours, enjoying the submissive way that Nick was placed. Monroe was quick to unzip his pants, quicker still to push them down around his knees.

"I'm gonna fuck you now Grimm, gonna fuck you so hard you wont be able to move without a limp for weeks. Gonna breed ya good Nick," Monroe groaned out before spitting onto his fingers. His words made Nick moan hotly, desperation obvious. Two fingers slid into Nick's tight, virgin entrance.

"Oh god Monroe," Nick moaned out, thrusting back onto Monroe's fingers.

"Your gonna love this Nick, gonna get you addicted to it," Monroe groaned out, adding two more fingers. Nick let out a shout and tossed his head around wildly in pleasure.

"Pleas Monroe, fuck me please," Nick panted out, begging to be filled with Monroe's length. The wolf grinned at the pretty begging and took his fingers out. He spite on his hand and used it to lube up his throbbing cock. Monroe aligned himself up with Nick's entrance, teasing the younger man with his tip before shoving himself into that tight heat until his balls slapped gently against Nick's taught ass. Nick let out a shout at the pleasured pain that coursed through his body, starting at his entrance.

"Sorry, sorry. God, you're so tight," Monroe groaned out, leaning over Nick's body to whisper in the Grimm's ear. Nick arched submissively into Monroe's body, gasping and convulsing around Monroe's intruding length. Monroe licked Nick's neck and let his hands wander, giving his mate the chance to adjust to the harsh intrusion. Seconds later, Nick shoved his hips back and tightened his muscles, giving Monroe permission to move. Monroe grinned and bit Nick's earlobe before thrusting into Nick's body, pegging his prostate in the first thrust.

"Ooooohhhhhh," Nick moaned out, clasping at the moist dirt and grass below him. Monroe grunted as Nick tightened, but didn't slow his hard, fast pace. Monroe's large hands splayed on Nick's slender hips, giving him the added leverage to plow Nick into the waiting ground. Plea's of 'harder' and 'faster' rang out in the meadow as Monroe pounded into Nick's willing body. For every forward thrust of Monroe's hips, Nick would push back to meet the hard movements. Nick balanced himself on one hand and reached to grab his aching cock, wanting to cum. Monroe growled and slapped Nick's hand away.

"No, your gonna cum just from me fucking ya," Monroe snarled out, hands tightening on Nick's hips. Nick let out a pitiful moan.

"N-need to come, let me come, p-please," Nick sobbed out, muscles clenching desperately around Monroe's throbbing cock.

"Not yet," Monroe growled out and fucked into Nick with a hard pace. Moments later, Monroe felt himself beginning to swell and he grinned into Nick's clothed shoulder. He pulled back until his tip was the only thing to remain.

"Gonna swell inside you Nick," Monroe said, making Nick moan desperately, his entrance trying to suck Monroe back in. "You're my bitch, mine to fuck, mine to breed, do you understand Nick?"

Nick let out an answering moan before Monroe slammed into him so hard, Nick saw stars. Nick climaxed then and there, letting his white seed splatter on the ground. Monroe moaned at the tightness and he felt his knot complete it's swelling. He thrust in once more before he climaxed into his mate. Nick let out another moan as Monroe filled his insides to the brim. Both panted in exhaustion and felt pure bliss.

"How long we stuck like this?" Nick panted out as he caught his breath.

"Half hour," Monroe replied as he gently maneuvered them onto their sides.

"Okay, gonna sleep 'till then," Nick said, before his breath evened out in sleep. Monroe grinned and curled his large body around his mate, determined to protect him out in the woods, and for the rest of their natural lives