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Title inspired by Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper.

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Don't Fear the Reaper

Dante scuffed his boots against the hardwood floors of Devil May Cry. Business had been pretty steady lately, money wasn't a problem, and things seemed to be going uphill for the devil hunter. That is, until Vergil called him and demanded that Dante help him out with a 'personal matter'. Apparently Dante's afternoon had just opened up.

Vergil appeared -on time, as usual- and paced the floor as he explained his predicament to the red clad twin.

Dante figured that Vergil may just be off his rocker for once and told him as much.

"This is arcane magic, Dante. It's as old as time itself."

"Why are you-"

"He shall not have her! She's mine; I'm the one who first laid eyes upon her countenance, not he!" Vergil seethed, clenching his fists.

"Whoa, calm down there, bro. Who and what are you even talking about?"

Vergil sighed, "Death, you simpleton. He has been trying to court Lady, and I shall not stand for it."

"Oh," Dante frowned, still confused, "wait, I thought 'death' was created as a symbol by humans?"

Vergil chuckled humorlessly, "He will wish to be merely symbolic after I am through with him."

"And how do you know he's trying to hook up with Lady?"

"I've seen him lurking about in the shadows. He has been sending her gifts and trying to be subtle about the whole plan of courtship. He cannot have her, which is why I have called you here."

A slow grin spread across Dante's face, "So you and Lady, huh?"

Vergil shot him a withering glare, "This is not the time, brother."

"Nah, you see it's the perfect time. Man, why didn't I see this coming? How long you been sweet on her, Vergie?" Dante grinned.

"That is none of your business. We need to get started on this as soon as possible," Vergil grit his teeth.

Dante unfolded his arms and propped himself up on the desk, "Alright then, let's get started. We've got the whole shop to ourselves."

"Are you sure Trish won't be returning anytime soon?"

Dante sighed as his shoulders slumped, "Yeah, she's got my permission to use my credit card on a 'shopping spree'," he looked imploringly at Vergil, "you do realize this has to be some serious shit for me to let her run around with my money, right?"

Vergil's lips twitched upwards, hinting at a smirk, "I realize this and I'll thank you once we have finished."

Dante groaned, "You really know how to pick'em."

Vergil waved his hand as he stepped past Dante and walked down the hallway leading to the basement.

"You said you kept all of father's tomes stored under the shop, correct?" Vergil asked, walking down the creaking steps and flipping on the overhead lights.

Dante squinted into the gloom, barely making out Vergil's crouched figure perusing one cardboard box after another.

"I'm pretty sure they're down here. Trish said she filed them in alphabetical order," he waved his hand through a spider web as he walked over to Vergil.

"I'll make sure to thank her. I know you wouldn't be one to care for these," the blue clad half-breed stood, clutching a thick leather bound book.

Dante frowned, "Hey, just because I don't have it framed up somewhere in the house doesn't mean I don't care. It's just hard to look at, y'know? Brings back some memories I'd rather not remember."

Vergil glanced back at Dante as they climbed the stairs, reemerging into the shop's interior.

"I meant no offense, brother. I know your disposition all too well."

Dante sniffed, "Yeah, so why this particular book?" he nudged the battered looking cover.

Vergil smirked, "There's a very old and complicated spell that I am going to perform."

"No shit, Sherlock. I'm asking for specifics."

"Oh, I'm just going to perform an incantation to change Lady into a half-breed like ourselves," Vergil flippantly replied, quickly going through the book to find the specific page.

"Are you fucking crazy! Lady will not let you do that, you know how much she hates demons. I mean, I know she tolerates us, by that took a lot of fucking trial and error."

"For you."

Dante glared, "Yeah, we didn't get off to the best of starts, but dammit Vergil, she's not going to let this fly."

"She will never have to know who did it or how. Now, we're going to need that child with the demon arm to help in this ritual," Vergil snapped the book shut, dust floating through the air.

Dante crossed his arms, "I'm not doing it, Verg. I couldn't do anything to mess up her trust in me after it taking so long for me to get it. Sorry, bro, but I'm a no can do."

Vergil's gaze turned stony, "You are going to help me, Dante, rather you are willing or not. I will not have any obstacles to stand in my way."

"We can't do this. You can't do this. Do you even realize how pissed she would be? How fast this could blow up in our faces? Fuck," Dante ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "I just can't do this."

Vergil nodded, "I understand your reluctance. Do you think I would even contemplate this if I did not view it as a last resort?"

Dante sighed, "I don't know. You've done some pretty crazy shit for less."

Vergil's lips thinned, "If Death gets his hands on Lady, there won't be anything left for us to do but to accept the inevitable."

Dante's eyes widened, "You mean..."

"Just like with Hades and Persephone, except she'll only be a wraith of her former self seeing as she is only mortal," Vergil pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

He murmured softly, "I cannot lose her, Dante. She has endeared herself to me and I won't let her go."

Dante gazed at his brother's face, normally so stoic, and seeing a sadness and longing that had never been there before.

He walked over and patted Vergil on the back, "Don't worry, bro. We got this."

Vergil shook his head, "I hope so for her sake."

Dante walked over to the desk and picked up the phone, "I'm going to go ahead and call the kid up. Does he need to bring anything?"

"No, we only require his assistance, nothing more."

Dante nodded going back to punching in the number. The twins waited in silence as Dante listened in to the other line.

"Hey, is the kid around? Nero? Yeah, can you tell him it's Dante. Yeah, I'll hold..."

Dante rolled his eyes at Vergil and made a gun with his fingers and fake shot himself in the head.

"Hey! Yeah, it's me and don't call me old man. Nah, everything's good on this end. Listen, I need a favor. No nothing like that you ingrate. I need for you to come over to the shop for a few days. Yeah, it's all good, I just need you to help me out for a couple of days. I'll pay ya. Mm-hm, okay, I'll see you in a few."

Vergil quirked an eyebrow, "Pay?"

"I got'em to help us out, didn't I?" Dante grinned, "you offer money and they'll come running."

"I'm sure that's what you tell all the girls, right Dante?" mocked a sly, feminine voice.

The silver haired twins spun and saw Trish silhouetted in the door frame.

"Hey babe, didn't see ya there," the red clad hunter chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.

Trish raised an eyebrow, "It's four in the afternoon, I told you I'd be back by then."

"Dante, call me once Nero has arrived," Vergil turned and headed out the door.

Dante waved, "Gotcha," he faced Trish and bit his lip, "I'm broke, aren't I?"

Trish smiled and patted his cheek as she walked upstairs, "Not quite, hon."

Dante sighed and flopped down in the chair behind his desk.

"That's life, that's what all people say.." he sang under his breath then snorted, "life's a bitch, that's what they should say."


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