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Chapter Ten

Lady felt a severe case of vertigo once she and Death landed on the cold, stone floor of his throne room.

"Now, my lovely one, I must depart," Death smiled gleefully, his eyes glowing like embers, "please, make yourself at home."

Snapping his fingers, a large table of food appeared in the middle of the room.

"Enjoy," he bowed low, taking her hand to kiss it.

Lady yanked her hand away and glared at him.

He cackled, "Oh how I'm going to love breaking you. See you quite soon, Mary."

He spun on his heel and made his way to the doors.

"Before I go, there is just one more thing," he waved his hand and Lady's clothing transformed.

He smirked and left the raven haired woman to her own devices. She looked down at herself and saw she was wearing a black and red floor length gown. The sleeves flared at her elbows and the neckline plunged lower than she wanted. Gold trim outlined the hem and when Lady ran a hand through her hair, she felt a tiara resting there.

Looking around, she noticed a mirror hanging in the corner of the room. Walking over to it, Lady gaped at what she saw. A frail young woman with wide, mismatched eyes gazed back at her -seeming almost defeated. She sighed and then noticed another reflection. Whirling around, she caught sight of another woman, dressed in a black, high collared dress. Her face had a solid black mask covering it that seemed to glitter like diamonds.

"Who are you?" Lady called out, "one of his prisoners?"

The mysterious woman didn't answer and instead started to sway to music only she could hear. Lady stood dumbfounded as the lady started to twirl about the room like a ballet dancer. She could feel herself being drawn into the strange dance. The figure took Lady by the hand and began to lead her into a dance.

Lady felt as if she were in a trance. Her limbs didn't seem to want to obey her and the dancer kept twirling her around faster and faster. The material of the mystery woman's dress kept brushing her arms making it feel as if hundreds of butterflies were flitting against her skin. Lady felt an almost reckless rush seize her and she hugged the dancer close letting her eyes slide close. Once she reopened them, she realized she was still standing in front of the mirror, but only now she was wearing the high collared dress.

With a sudden start, she realized she had been alone all along. Lady slid to the floor and let the tears fall.


Death watched his bride-to-be through the two-way mirror. He smiled broadly and stroked the glass.

"Very soon, my pet, very soon," his eyes glittered menacingly.

Turning away from the glass, he made his way down the dank passage. He summoned several shadow men and barked orders for them to ready the place. He couldn't stare at his Mary all day; after all, he did have a wedding to plan.


"I'm going after him," Vergil spat, wiping the blood out of his eyes.

"I'm going with you," Dante slid Ebony and Ivory back into their holsters.

"I do not need your help, brother," Vergil glared at him.

Dante sighed, "Either way, I'm coming with you. So you can let me tag along or suffer through my subtle attempts at stalking," he grinned at Vergil's sour expression.

"Very well," Vergil grit his teeth, "but if you compromise-"

Dante stepped closer to Vergil and pat his back, "I swear on my life, I will help you bring back Lady."

Vergil's lips thinned, "Thank you."

"I will head back to the office and try to pull Eva from the sword," Lucia stated.

"I will go with you; you may need my assistance," Sparda gazed despondently at the sword.

"Nero and I will also go with you," Trish nodded to Lucia.

"I have a feeling you guys don't need us," Nero spoke to Dante and Vergil, "well Vergil doesn't at any rate."

Dante narrowed his eyes, "One more word outta you and I'm gonna-"

"Enough," Vergil interrupted, "the time to leave is now. Father, can you summon a portal to send us to where they are?"

"Yes, but Vergil, you may not like what you find," Sparda studied the blue twin's stoic facade.

"I must go."

Sparda nodded and then walked a few feet away. He closed his eyes and summoned a gateway. Turning back to face the group, he motioned for his sons to walk to him.

"This will take you to the inner foyer," he conjured a small vial of silver liquid, "once you are ready to return, pour this on the floor. Once you have all stepped onto its surface, you need only to state your destination."

Vergil took the vial, "Thank you."

Sparda smiled, "I only wish the best of luck to you both. Fare thee well."

Dante and Vergil stepped onto the portal and felt themselves transported to another place.

Sparda walked back over to the remaining hunters.

"I have prepared a way back," Lucia gestured to the translucent doorway in front of them.

"Let's go," Nero muttered, stepping through it.


Once the small band of hunters made it to the Devil May Cry office, they quickly set to work on freeing Eva's soul from the sword.

"I found it!" Trish called from upstairs.

She made her way to the kitchen and set the heavy tome of magic onto the table.

"I can't quite make out some of the older glyphs, but I'm sure this is exactly what we need to free her," Trish flipped the book open to a particular spell.

"I can read it," Sparda glanced over the incantation, "we require only the blade, the wielder, a bowl of water, and a small knife."

"Here's the water," Nero set the bowl down onto the table.

Trish opened the kitchen drawer and pulled out a small cutting knife, "Will this do?"

"Yes, just as long as it's sharp enough to break the skin," Sparda spoke without looking up from the book.

Trish set the instrument down next to the bowl and stepped back next to Nero.

"What now?" Lucia asked.

"You must cut your palm and squeeze out four drops of blood over the bowl of water. Then, you must coat the blade from tip to hilt with it. Once that is finished, you must speak the words: 'From once you came, now it's through, I relinquish the hold this blade has upon you.' That should be it."

Lucia took a deep breath and held the blade to her hand. With a quick jerk, she sliced open her palm and quickly placed the bowl underneath. She squeezed four drops of blood onto the surface and watched as the clear liquid became a pale red. Lucia took the blade from its scabbard and dabbed her fingers into the mixture.

After coating the blade in the bloody water, she spoke the words, "From once you came, now it's through. I relinquish the hold this blade has upon you."

The seconds seem to drag out before a low hum came from the blade. It started to vibrate at a low frequency before lifting itself from Lucia's hand. A red glow came from the weapon and the three occupants watched in awe as Eva's form slowly emerged from the sword. With a last shudder, Eva freed herself from the Weapon of the Saints. The weapon disappeared in a flash of blue light.

"What happened?" Lucia cried out.

"It seems it is no longer needed," Sparda mused, as he clasped Eva's corporeal form to his chest.

"No longer needed?" Nero questioned, looking at the spot where the blade had hovered.

"Yes, that is one of the specialties of the blade. It goes to where it is called. Now that Lucia is no longer in need of the blade, it has left to find someone who does."

"You mean-?"

"Vergil and Dante," Trish smiled, "I only hope Death knows what's coming for him."


"Wow, this place looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Cliché much?" Dante snorted, eying the gargoyles sitting on top of the columns lining the corridor.

"You take the left branch and I'll take the right," Vergil whispered, gesturing in each direction.

"Right-o," Dante mock saluted before unsheathing Rebellion and heading down the left hallway.

Vergil rolled his eyes in exasperation as he turned and headed down his designated path.


Dante sighed for the umpteenth time as he passed another empty room filled with broken furniture and cobwebs.

"They seriously need to sort out their priorities," he muttered under his breath.

He opened another door only to be met with an empty fireplace and a broken chair.

"Boring," he sing-songed as he made his way back down the hall.

The hall seemed never ending. He started to sing random rock songs just to hear his own voice echo back at him. He noticed he was nearing the end of the hall when a dead end seemed to come out of nowhere. Walking up to the last door in the hall, he noticed that it began to hum with energy. Dante paused and eyed it with satisfaction.

"About time," he pushed it open only to slump his shoulders, "there's nothing in here!"

He kicked a box and watched it crumbled into rotten planks.

"Eh? What's this, my pretty," Dante grinned to himself as he noticed something shiny sitting in the corner.

"What the hell is this doing here?" he wondered aloud as he picked up the Weapon of the Saints.

He twirled it in his hand before nodding to himself, "I guess there's only one thing left to do."

Dante sheathed Rebellion and swapped the Weapon of the Saints over to his right hand.

"Time to kick some ass!"


Vergil ignored every door on either side of him. He knew Death would keep Lady somewhere where he could keep his eye on her. He growled low in his throat as his eyes flashed crimson. He would kill him for laying eyes on Lady and for even daring to hurt those he considered family. Death would pay dearly. The cost would be his life.

Vergil slowed to a stop as he took in the giant, double doors barring entrance into the throne room. He looked around warily, realizing he had yet come across any creature in his haste to get here. Growing ever more suspicious, he pushed open the doors.

The room housed two large thrones on a pedestal. They were made up entirely of skulls and situated in the middle of the room. Seated in the smaller one, Vergil caught sight of a slumped figure. He took hesitant steps toward her.

"Lady?" he called out.

The figure raised their head, "Vergil?"

He rushed over to her seated position and lifted her from the throne, "Come. We must make haste."

Lady lifted her head and Vergil gasped.

"What has he done to you?"

Lady's face had become pale, almost wax colored. Her eyes were now both a deep yellow and her raven hair was waist length. She was dressed in a mockery of a royal gown. The corset was laced so tight, it was a wonder she could even breath.

"I cannot leave," she whispered, eyes slipping shut.

"Yes, you can," Vergil urged.

"No, she cannot," a voice interrupted, amusement laced in every word.

Vergil turned to the door and saw Death laughing.

"She can do what she wishes," Vergil spoke, hatred oozing from his voice, "I'm here to take her back."

"Ah, but you see," Death smirked as he neared the two, "she is my bride."

Death gripped Lady's arm and pulled her to his side with no resistance. He tipped her chin up.

"Isn't she beautiful?" he murmured, fingers tracing her cheekbones.

"Do no touch her," Vergil's voice shook with unbridled rage.

"Why, I can do what I please. Isn't that right, Mary?" Death smiled insanely.

"I promised myself in return for all of you," she turned her lamp like eyes to Vergil, "I am so sorry."

"I suggest you leave before I have to break my promise," Death cackled at Vergil.

Vergil could feel the pulse of his demonic energy rising up within him. His hatred seemed to fuel it, make it more potent. Without uttering a word, Vergil launched himself at Death. Death only grinned at him and vanished in a flurry of smoke.

"Fight me, you coward!" Vergil seethed, the blue in his eyes bleeding into red.

"If you insist, but then Lady's sacrifice would have been in vain," Death's voice echoed around the room, "you wouldn't want that now, would you?"

Vergil turned to Lady. She only looked to him, sadness etching her features before turning back to the thrones. Death materialized next to her and gestured to the doors.

"Go now, hellspawn, and leave her where she belongs."

"You know, you fight pretty dirty and I don't particular care to be called hellspawn," a snarky voice broke in the conversation.

"YOU!" Death screeched, "LEAVE! Both of you have tried my patience as far as it will go!"

"Now, that's just a pity. Isn't it Verg?" Dante walked over next to the blue clad twin.

"Yes, it quite is," Vergil smirked.

"Would you like to do the honors?" Dante held out the Weapon of the Saints.

"With pleasure," Vergil held the sword aloft.

"No," Death's eyes widened, "I will not let you take her!"

He let out a howl of desperation and started to transform. His cloak fell to the ground as his body elongated to fill the room. Several tentacles emerged from his back and started to writhe in the direction of the half breeds.

"NOW," Death smiled, his teeth gnashing and sharp, "I WILL DEVOUR YOU AND ABSORB YOUR POWERS!"

"Psh," Dante waved his hands, "like we haven't heard that a million times. Be original man."

He pulled out Ebony and Ivory and rushed headlong into the onslaught of tentacles.

"Keep him distracted!" Vergil called as he sliced a tentacle in half.

"Can do!" Dante howled with glee and opened a clip on Death's legs.

"DIE!" roared Death as he summoned shadow men to charge the twins.

"Go!" Vergil motioned to Lady, who nodded and ran to the far side of the room and out the doors.

"This is what I'm talking about!" Dante devil triggered and started to hack at everything in sight.

As Dante decimated Death's lower half, Vergil teleported to the chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. He garnered Dante's attention and signaled for him to lead Death closer to the middle of the room.

Death chuckled, the sound reverberating around the room and causing the ground to shake.


He swung a clawed hand around and destroyed the chandelier. Vergil leaped out of the way, but watched as the Weapon of the Saints went clattering out of his reach.

"NOW YOU SUFFER!" Death's tentacles shot forward and hoisted Vergil high up in the air.

They wrapped around Vergil's throat and began to slowly suffocate him.

"Vergil, catch!"

Vergil struggled to look down. Lady stood below him clasping the Weapon of the Saints in her hand. She tossed it up and Dante shot the hilt, sending it careening into Vergil's outstretched hand.

"NOOOOOOO!" Death screamed as Vergil sliced away the tentacles holding him.

He then teleported to the back of Death's head and plunged the blade straight through his cranium. A horrible gurgling noise echoed in the room as blood bubbled up through the lips of Death. His eyes rolled in their sockets before his body slumped over. A suction from the Weapon of the Saints pulled out Death's still struggling soul.

"NO!" he yelled out one last time before he was sucked up into the blade.

The Weapon of the Saints shattered into thousands of pieces before disintegrating into nothing.

"Glad that that's over with," Dante wiped his forehead.

Lady walked over to the twins and pulled them into a group hug.

"Thank you," she murmured, tears slipping from her mismatched eyes.

"Anytime," Vergil brushed his thumb across her cheek, wiping the tears away.

Lady clung to them for a few more moments before Dante pulled away.

"Man, I'm starving. Let's get the hell outta here and get some grub," Dante gestured to Vergil, "well come on, pour out that stuff."

Vergil shook his head, but pulled out the vial from his pocket. He tipped the content out onto the floor. The three stepped on the silver liquid.

"Home," Vergil called out and they disappeared in a swirl of color.


Once the three appeared in the middle of the office of Devil May Cry, the group rejoiced with music, dancing and (Dante's favorite) drinking. As the festivities wound down, Eva and Sparda felt it time they left.

"Now that it is through, we must bid you all goodbye," Eva pressed a kiss to Dante's forehead.

"Aw, can't you guys stick around for just a little bit longer?" the red clad twin pouted.

"We must return. It is the rules, son," Sparda shook Dante's hand then Vergil's.

"Safe journey, father," Vergil inclined his head in a small bow.

"Such formalities," Eva laughed and wrapped her ghostly arms around the stoic half breed.

"Watch your brother for me," whispered Eva into Vergil's ear.

"I will try my best, mother," Vergil smiled as she pulled away.

"That's all I ever ask."

"Come, Eva, we must leave while we have the opportunity," Sparda gestured to the glowing mirror in the hallway.

"Have a safe journey," Trish called out slinging her arm around Nero's shoulders.

"And thank you for all that you have done," Lady added, running a hand through her -once again- short, black tresses.

"It was our pleasure," Eva chimed, pulling Sparda towards the portal.

"May the Protector watch over you," Lucia called out.

With one last wave, the duo disappeared through the doorway and back to their realm.

"I guess that's it," Dante turned as they all made their way into the living room.

"I feel as if I don't have anything to do with my hands now," Vergil cracked a smile.

"You and me both," Lady grinned, nudging his shoulder.

"I say we party like it's 1999!" Dante picked up the phone and dialed the local pizza parlor.

"He does realize that it is a new millennium, correct?" Lucia looked at Trish.

The blonde demoness shrugged, "Who knows?"

"Thirty minutes or it's free. The clock's ticking, buddy," Dante ended the call and tossed the phone back onto its cradle.

"Nothing like being back," Nero rolled her eyes.

"I couldn't say it better myself," Lady smiled as she lay her head on Vergil's shoulder.

Lucia fidgeted with her blades before turning to face the group, "I must also depart. I promised Matier I would return once it was finished."

"Don't rush off, babe," Dante hopped over the pool table and stood in front of her, "surely you could stay one more night?"

"I must be going," she smiled, cheeks dimpling, "it has been wonderful to work with you all. I shall never forget it."

Lady stood and walked to Lucia, "If you ever need us or wish to visit, we're right here. I owe you my life and I'll never forget that."

Lucia patted Lady's shoulder, "You are good people," she directed to the entire room, "I shall see you soon enough my friends."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to hit the road either," Nero pulled on his coat.

"No one will miss you, kid," Dante grinned.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you even realized I left you daft old man," Nero's eyes glittered with mirth, "seeing as you can't even remember my name."

Nero ducked the boot Dante threw at him and met Lucia at the front door. He pulled it open and dashed out into the street.

"And stay out!" Dante called out after Nero's laughing figure.

"Stay in touch!" Trish called out afterwards, joining Dante, Vergil, and Lady on the stoop.

In response, Nero gave her a wave.

"May the Protector watch over you all," bowed Lucia before disappearing into the fading night.

The four hunters stood on the steps outside Devil May Cry and watched as the dawn birthed a new day.


"Honey, I'm home!" Nero called out, dragging out the syllables in 'home'.

"I'm so glad you're back," Kyrie smiled, brown eyes lighting up at the sight of Nero.

"Me too," he smiled, dropping his coat on the rack and his weapons on the side table underneath.

"What took so long? Is everything okay?"

Nero laughed and pulled Kyrie into a hug, "You wouldn't believe half of it and yeah, everyone's doing just fine."

She kissed his cheek, "That's good to hear. Now, I think I may need some help eating this double layered chocolate cake that I made. Think you could pitch in?"

Nero grinned, "I would be glad to."

He picked Kyrie up and twirled her into the kitchen while her giggles echoed in the hall.


"Matier!" Lucia set her weapons down in the living room and made her way upstairs.

"Matier, I'm home!" she ducked her head into the library and met the wizened woman's countenance.

"It's good to have you back, child," Matier patted the seat next to her, a smile gracing her face, "now tell me all about your adventures."

Lucia laughed, "There is so much to tell!"

"All the better to start now," Matier chuckled.


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