Moving On

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He had told her to move on – to find someone else to love (to dream of marrying) – he had told her to forget about him and find someone else.

But he was grateful when she did not.

He was genuinely happy to see her standing on his front porch the next day saying that she just "happened to be walking that way" and actually asking – asking – if he would "like to join" her.

He couldn't help the slight blush that accompanied his (small) smile – and hers – when he mumbled a "Yeah, sure."

She beamed at him and locker her free arm with as they began the not so long walk to school.

Neither of them said much of anything – he chewed on his toast contently and she just smiled – through most of their peaceful stroll. They were happy like thus and he even found her to be pleasant (just this once).

But he'd never admit that to her.

Even after she said, "I'm happy." All he did was mumble an "hm" and he knew that it broke her heart when he didn't say it back because she held on tighter - but not savagely tight like she does when she feels threatened by other women – to his arm and refused to look at his face.

He hated hurting her – there was a tightness in his chest every time he does it and the tightness just gets worse with time – but she needs to move on for her own sake and it's his job to push her away so that she can.

"You're lying."

She said it softly but there was a fierce look in her eye and all he could do is say, "huh?"

"You're lying." And this time she looked him straight in the eye and all he did was scratch a certain spot on his cheek, "oh . . . uh . . . yeah."

She squeezed his arm tighter and pulled it close to her chest, a smile beaming on her face, and he simply allowed her to do what she wants because, even though she needs to move on with her life, he finds that he does not exactly want her to.

So, for now, she's fine – he thinks that she'll realize what a bad guy he is with time but the more time that passes the more deeply in love with him she falls and it seems that he has begun to fall in love with her as well.

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