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Everything that happened five months ago seemed more like a dream than reality to Clary. It took months to get Valentine put away for life and just as long to try and get Jonathan cleared. They were able to prove him unstable through help of a shrink, and instead of being sent to prison, he was sent to a mental institution. The pump was taken away and, he too, was forced to deal with his demons.

The judge ordered that Clary could visit but only after he was off the adrenaline juice and had a full psychic evaluation. She knew the withdraws would be hard for him but this was something he would have to do on his own. He'd done well and Clary visited three times a week. He was working through his skeletons but what hurt her most is that, he told her to stop coming. His shrink felt it wasn't helping.

Luke and Clary moved shortly after. They sold the gallery and book store. Isabelle disappeared after the night Jonathan released her, and frankly Clary didn't blame her. She and Luke were granted Citizenship in England because of Jocelyn's work and because of all they did to help put Valentine away. They decided to settle in France while Clary finished her last year of art school and she got an internship at the Louvre. Clary's only problem was that Jace's body was never found.

Every day she went through a routine. She had class from eight in the morning to eleven and then she worked at the Louvre from Noon to six. For a half hour before her shift started she would walk the museum halls taking in all of the history around her. Each day she found a new piece to admire but she always came back to one. The Mona Lisa was one of her mother's favorites. What secret did she really hide? Clary stopped in front of her and would come up with different scenarios.

This day was like any other. It was beginning to get colder out and Luke had ordered her to wear a coat. She was glad he did because when she left school, the wind nearly carried her away. "Look what the wind blew in," Grace, another intern said in a thick French accent as Clary made her way in.

"Hey, Grace." Clary smiled and hung her jacket up in her locker.

"You're finally getting a little bit of a bump there, girlie," Grace pointed to Clary's belly. "For someone who's six months along, I'd expect you to be much bigger."

"I'm just lucky I guess," Clary shrugged. Jace hadn't left her alone completely. He'd left her a gift, one she would proudly bare a big belly for.

"It's your day off why are you here?"

"I'm just gonna walk the halls. What's the use in working in an art museum if you never use the free pass to see the sites?" Grace nodded as Clary left. She followed her usual path, stopping at her favorite pieces until finally she reached her Mona Lisa. "So, what are we hiding today, My Lady?" she did a small curtsey and smiled.

She studied the glass up and down, her own reflection staring back at her. She looked sad but, she always thought she looked sad. Clary rested her hand atop her small bump and forced a smile. "What's her secret?" A voice whispered in her ear. Her head snapped up and she stared into the glass, trying to see the reflection of whoever it was. A blurred face with a golden halo stared back at her. Clary instantly thought her mind was playing tricks on her.

Clary closed her eyes and spun around slowly. She felt warm fingers wrap around her hand and more warmth on her cheek. "Open your eyes," the whisper came again. "I've missed your big green eyes staring back at me." Clary shook her head. She had to be imaging things. It couldn't be possible.

"You're not really here," she said as quietly as she could. She didn't need people thinking she was crazy.

"Look at me, Clary. It's really me." His voice swept over her and made her body tingle. She exhaled and tried to fight back the tears that stung her eyes. It was no use. Small streams fell down her cheeks as she opened her eyes. The perfect fuzzy vision of Jace stood in front of her. He gave her a small smile and wiped the tears from her face. "I've miss you," Jace whispered. She still was unable to comprehend what was happening. Her mind wasn't wrapping itself around the current situation.

"You're dead," she whimpered. Jace's head bobbed left to right and he chuckled. "You're not really here," Clary whispered.

"I'm glad to hear that you missed me as well, Cherry, but I am really here." His voice held a certain tone that only Jace, in the flesh, could pull off. Her eyebrows came together and his hands held her cheeks. "You're a hard one to track down, you know?" She couldn't help it, she just had to. Clary swung her arms around Jace's neck and flung herself into him.

"God, I hope you're real. Please be real," she mumbled into his shoulder. His arms wrapped around her waist and held her tight against him.

"As real as I'm ever gonna be." Clary pulled back abruptly and a scowl painted her face.

"I saw you…I watched it happen. This isn't possible."

"It is, if you'd let me enjoy having you in my arms just a little while longer, I would be more than happy to explain." He was so irritatingly Jace that she couldn't help the smile on her face. His arms held her tighter, his body completely surrounding hers, and then he tensed. He pulled back, looked down and slowly opened the cardigan she was wearing. "What is that?" He questioned.

Clary smiled and placed her hand flat on her little bump, "Not what," she amended, "Who." She took Jace's hand and rested it atop her belly with her own on top, "I'd like you to meet your daughter, Jace." She felt a little nudge inside her and Jace's fingers twitched. His eyes hadn't left their hands. She reached her free hand up and pressed it to his cheek. "I think she missed you too." His eyes met hers with his brows raised and mouth agape.

"I…I th-thought I had the bigger surprise," he swallowed.

"You still may, you haven't told me how you survived a kill shot." He regained his composure quickly and a sly smirk drew into his cheeks.

"Let's go, I'll explain and then," his finger shook left to right in the direction of her stomach, "so can you."

"What's to explain about her? You were there. Didn't you pay attention in health class?" Jace pursed his lips and cocked his head. "Well," she began clasping her hands in front of her, "when a man and a woman love each other very much…"

"O.K. smartass, lets' go." He took Clary's hand but she couldn't help but giggle. "A girl? What am I going to do with a girl?" He mumbled.

"Teach her how to stay away from boys like her daddy," Clary suggested with a straight face but sarcastic tone. Jace looked at her but rolled his eyes. "What? She could be a kick boxing, gun toting, mini you."

"No daughter of mine will be anywhere near guns…or boys." Clary bit her lip trying to force back the smile but failed. "Shut it, Fray, Fairchild…Morgenstern. Whatever it is you go by now."

"I'd prefer something that starts with an 'H' instead," she said.

"I'll make a mental post-it of that," he smiled.

"Maybe I was supposed to work today…did you ever think of that?"

"Clary," he stopped just outside the museum and took her hand in his. "Would you have worked your shift today given that I'm here and you thought I was dead?" She stared back at him but didn't respond. "I didn't think so. Besides," he led her forward once more interlacing his fingers with hers. "I've been watching you for months. I know your patterns better than you do."

"Why did you wait so long?"

He stopped again but this time he sighed. "I needed to know whether or not you had moved on."

"Why would that have mattered?"

"Because, Clary," he took her cheeks between his hands and leaned in. "If you had, I would've let you alone, let you be happy without me screwing it up."

"Jace, there is no way for me to be truly happy without you," she whispered. He rested his forehead against hers and smiled. "I'm a little disappointed in your return," she added. His smiled fell and he lifted his head. "I envisioned hugs and kisses and I love you's. All I got was a hug," she pouted. Jace let out a low chuckle and kissed her forehead.

"We're in public, Clary. I need to maintain my composure out here. The rest of that stuff will come later, preferably a sooner later than later because I'm interested in what that freckled little tummy of yours looks like without the shirt."

"Jonathan Christopher Herondale, are you making a pass at me?"

"Yes," he nodded confidently.

"I am not one of your easy little tramps that you can just…." He kissed her before she could finish. Her heart sped out of control and heat surged through her veins. She's forgotten how much she missed his soft lips and the sweet taste of them. Her fingers itched to tangle in his curls and rememorize his every muscle. Her arms stretch up and wrapped around his neck but he pulled back quickly.

"I said later," he said and gave her a chaste kiss before tugging her forward again. He took her to a small coffee shop that she was all too familiar with, just a few blocks from the Louvre. She tried to order a mocha frapachino but Jace protested saying, "Caffein isn't good for her," while he shook his head and finger in the direction of her tummy. He'd known about her for like fifteen second and the protective daddy in him had already set in. Though frustrated, she couldn't help but smile.

"So," she said taking her seat at a table for two with a hot chocolate in hand. "How did you do it?"


"Foil your foes and fake your death."

"Ooooh," he sighed, "Where to start…"

"At the beginning would be nice," she batted her eyes and smirked from the rim of her styrofome cup."

"O.K…" he tipped his cup back and sucked his teeth, "Two days before I left you at the cabin I spoke with Izzy on the phone. I'd heard about a concoction once that slowed bodily functions and gave the appearance of death."

"Like the one in Romeo and Juliet?" Jace cocked his head and nodded. "The one that slowed her heart and kinda put her into…hibernation," she added.

"Yup, that's the one, but there was only one person that I knew who could get her hands on it. I couldn't take the chance of contacting her myself so I had Izzy do it and trying to get that girl to do something without telling her what it is exactly, is like pulling teeth. Anyway, she did it and when I left I met up l with her. Izzy disappearing was a trap. She put herself on Valentine's radar and by me meeting her also put me on it. That's what I needed."

"Did you need him to come find me too?" She said straight faced and jaw clenched.

"No," he shook his head. "I'd hoped if he had me he wouldn't go after you but I was wrong. Little did I know, he couldn't get what he wanted from me. I'm sorry, Clary. If I had known…I never would have played it out the way I did. I never would have left you there." His eyes blazed with apology after apology. "But in any case, it was better that I did what I did because, had I been locked in that house with you, we never would've gotten you out."

"That's not the point, Jace. You left me there to fend for myself."

"You weren't alone, Izzy was there."

"Locked in a cell! And she thought you were dead too!"

"I needed everyone to think I was dead. When I met up with Iz, I replaced her bullets with ones Cami gave me when we were in Jersey City. They were new and I never thought I'd have use for them but they came in handy. Blood splatter bullets. They give the illusion of hit and they hurt too, I had a bruise for weeks."

"I feel for you, Jace. I really do." Clary shook her head. "While you were playing dead I was being forced to watch the torture of the, "living," people I love while being molested by my big brother and dealt with morning sickness the entire time. Forgive me," she said angrily, "If your little bruise doesn't invoke pity."

"Wait, wait a minute," Jace laughed. "I just came back from the dead and you're mad at me?"

Clary nodded.

"Why?" Jace asked leaning over the table with his arms crossed.

"Because, Jace," she spat. "You play on people's emotions like it's a game!"

"Only when I have to, the way you and Izzy reacted had to be real, not look real. There is a huge difference between the two." He reached over the table to hold her hand but she quickly slipped them into her lap. "Clary, if I hadn't done what I did…the formulas never would have gotten into the right hands, Valentine would still have you locked in his mansion and only God knows what he would be doing, not only to you, but to our daughter right now." Her hands instinctively went to her little bump and she felt a nudge on her right side. Her heart skipped a beat and she sucked in a breath of air. "I was there that night," he said quietly. "I was there to watch you walk out of that house and into Luke's arms, where I knew you'd be safe until the time was right. I've been as close as I could be since that night."

"You let me think you were dead," she whispered.

"You said I meant nothing to you."

"I was trying to protect you," she hissed.

"So was I," he whispered. "When Izzy came back with the formulas, Alec and I looked them over. Different variations of steroids, painkillers, adrenaline, amphetamines, and growth hormones all packed into one equation to make a person stronger, faster, more deadly…Clary, he wanted to pump that shit into you like he did to Jonathan. If he knew I was alive he would've strapped you to a chair and fed you an I.V. the moment I escaped. He needed to think the threat was gone."

"How did you know about the formulas if you'd already played the 'I'm dead' card?"

"Luke told me. Valentine had us all held in that cellar."

"Luke didn't…"

"He knows how to play a good game too, Clary."

"How did you know he would use Izzy's gun?"

"Because, I know Jonathan. He and Izzy have a sorted past, it was a way to get back at her."

"For what?"

"Me." Clary looked at him skeptically. "Let's just say, he's the main reason I thought she was full of shit when it came to her being pregnant. Apparently I'm better than your brother at a lot of things." He slumped back into his chair and smiled.

"I would've been just fine living the rest of my life not knowing what you just said," she said with a disgusted tone. Jace just shrugged and took another chug of his coffee. "So how did you get back to Alec?"

"Ha, Ha, Jonathan threw me in the trash. He was more worried about riding off into the sunset with his little sister than disposing of me correctly. I crawled out when I woke up and went to Alec's hotel. Izzy showed up about an hour later. From there, the rest is history. I have a question, though," he said. "What was the combination to the safe?"

"It was mom and Valentines anniversary."

"How did you know?"

"I didn't, Jonathan did. Birthdays and other anniversary's would've been expected and it would have been the one thing Valentine would have known but never thought she would use."

"Makes sense," he shrugged. "Come on, I'm tired of being around so many people. I just want to be around you." He stood and held his hand out for her. Any anger was forgotten at the thought of being alone with him, just them, like it was at the cabin. He walked her down just a couple more blocks and stood in front of a brick building. It was small and quaint, not at all Jace's style of living. "Home sweet home," he sighed.

"No huge penthouses?"

"Nope, I wanted something less…just less. What do t-almost three people need all that space for?" She found it cute how he corrected himself to accommodate their daughter. Jace took her up and showed her around. It was actually pretty spacious for a two bedroom apartment. The lay out was much like the one in the cabin. It wasn't updated but held a certain feel of home that she hadn't felt since her mom died. Clary sat down on the couch and removed her coat. Jace hung his in a tiny entryway closet and took a seat next to her.

"I like it," she smiled. Jace leaned over and Clary lay back so her head rest on the arm. Jace lifted her shirt to reveal her tiny freckled bump and smiled.

"What do you think?" His lips grazed her skin causing a shiver to rush down her spine and her tummy began to tremble. Jace laughed, "I think she likes it too." Clary smirked and nodded, her hand came down and she raked her fingers through his curls. Jace sighed and rested his head on her bare skin while using her freckles to connect the dots with his finger. For the first time since her mother's death she felt safe, she felt like she belonged and she was happy. She had all she wanted or needed in this single moment and it would only get better from here.

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