"These eyes of mine show me many things. One thing they've shown me...people's limitations are set, fixed, and unchangeable. Only a fool wastes his time trying to become something they can never be!"

His words repeated themselves in her head over and over again.

She would always wonder when he stop obsessing over his clan and focus on something more productive.

But when she's here, soaked in warm crimson liquid, that would be the last thing on her mind.

Neji's voice could be heard faint in the disappearing background.

She could hear the worry in his tone and desperately wanted to call back, but the unbearable pain was restricting the urge.

His words were gradually growing softer, leaving only the chirping of passing birds to be heard by her.

She began to realize how clueless she was, never understanding how peaceful nature really was; how calming it was to her.

The comforting little melody played by the birds accompanied her as she was consumed by a deep darkness.

"Sakura-chan!" Lee bellowed, sprinting towards her in an odd fashion.

She widened her eyes as he grabbed her shoulders.

"How is she?"

Sakura seemed to calm down, bearing a frown upon her face.

"She's in serious condition."

Neji's footsteps trailed down the hallway, being followed by silence.

Thoughts ran through his head. Most about the predicament his female comrade was in.

He found his way to the room she was being held in.

The doorknob slowly turned, requiring light to enter the room.

His breath was shallow beyond words. Her pale complexion caught his eye, forcing him to remember what happened on their assigned mission.



"Konoha Senpu!"

"Hakkeshou Kaiten!"

"Konoha Goriki Senpu!"

The four shinobi threw all they had into their performed justus. They were running low on chakra and this battle had to end-as soon as possible.

The remaining Cloud nin charged at the weakest person they thought was present at the time-the kunoichi. Now, if she had the time to think, she would have called them sexist bastards who judge people by their gender, which they were. But, now, about eight foreign shinobi are running up to her in an offensive manner with weapons at hand.

There was no time to think.

They caught up to her, knowing that she was suffering a mass loss of chakra and attacked, showing no mercy whatsoever.

Lee dashed towards her, wanting to be there in order to save his teammate-but he was too late.

Blood was spattered everywhere; down on the dew-covered grass, over to the side where the forest trees grew, but most landing on the attackers themselves.

End of Flashback

Neji's fists clenched at the very thought of it, knowing that the pounding he gave those enemies was well worth the pain.

Her eyes began to flutter open, much like the flapping of a butterfly's wings. Her respiration steadied itself and she exhaled a deep breath.

Light was surrounding the room, birds flying out of the window, chirping their usual little song. It was quite peaceful actually, if you listened carefully.

She twisted her head, ignoring the searing pain building up inside of her. Her facial expression changed from tired to suprised when she saw a pair of cold, frigid white eyes staring back at her.

Although Neji didn't show it, he was quite relieved of the fact that she awoke. Not knowing what to say, he decided to keep the serenity of the room stay serene.

Silence cleared the room, patiently waiting for someone to say what was on their minds.

She cleared her throat, finally building up the courage to speak.

He waited.

"I know you're disappointed in me."

Neji paused, giving her a glare before he spoke.

"Why would I be?"

She gaped at his answer. He would've usually agreed with her about a topic such as that.

"Because I was weak."

He smirked.

"You were running low of chakra. All of us were."

"But I could've done something to save myself."


"...Like what?"

Her eyes narrowed.


Neji stepped closer.

"And what would that be?"

"I don't know! I could have stepped out of the way, or slit their throats with a kunai! Besides, if I called on you to help me, all you would do is smirk and think of me as a helpless kunoichi." she retorted.

"You know I wouldn't think that."

"Please, all you care about is your clan."

He closed his mouth, preventing any other words to flow out.

"That is not all I care for."

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I forget about your precious Hyuuga pride?" she snapped, crossing her arms.

"Like I said before, that is not all I care about."

'She can be so arrogant at times.' Neji thought to himself.

"Then what do you care about?" she glared at him.

He stalled for a moment, then continued talking.

"Above all, your safety."

She stared at him and smiled inwardly.

"How can I believe you?"

"Because Tenten, you were the one that broke the cage I was trapped in. You were the one that set me free."