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Summary: AU. Mind reader!Green. "Oh yeah? Fifty bucks," Gold challenged, absently wiggling the spork between his thumb and forefinger, amber eyes briefly surveying the vacant lunchroom. "Fifty bucks to get that guy over there to like you. What was his name…? Red?" –Originalshipping
Warnings: Compared to the manga I prefer a crude Green, it gives his personality a flare. Red, on the other hand, is going to be the quiet type that we all know and love. Ah. If you have yet to realize this fic contains slash, boys love, whatever you care to call it. Feel free to continue but if the mere notion of two guys coupled romantically disturbs/makes you uncomfortable, I would strongly suggest you hit the back button. And lastly would be the traces of OOC (I will definitely try to get their characters down to the best of my ability!)
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How Green despised Mondays with a burning passion his limited vocabulary, and groggy state of mind, could not even begin to describe.

Every day he only needed to remind himself he only needed one year to complete his high school days before entering college, he would no longer have to surround himself with his peers that had little to no concern over their future, however it never stopped his enthusiastically social personality to befriend them despite his rude and tactless remarks. Classmates he befriended would invite him during classes to skip the period to venture outside; it had startled them momentarily their offer was sharply declined even when they offered cheap bait such as alcohol or some woman they encountered to boast about. Green preferred the sanctum of the track field to finish his homework in solitude, he avoided the crowded lunchroom upon several occasions, and he maintained a healthy social life in school, almost always surrounded by a group of "friends."

The brunet was a good student, crude, but a good student nonetheless. At the very least, he reasoned optimistically, he would no longer have to delve into the subconscious of his social circle and their ridiculous or idiotic inward rambling. Staring into the reflection of the bathroom mirror dirtied by aged grime and graffiti, Green exhaled a rolling sigh weighing his shoulders. Mondays he would have to subject himself to wake to his early alarm and ready himself before the arrival of the school bus, every other day his first period would begin at a quarter before eight sharp, on Mondays the classes would begin at eight thirty: he would have to linger longer than needed be with his friends just because his grandfather refused to purchase a car for him. For a famous professor of animal studies he would have expected the cheerful elderly man to buy his favorite grandson—or rather his only grandson—a car for all his scholastic efforts!

Or suffering through hell day in and day out, tortured by the fact he has never been blessed with an absolute moment of silence. Green kept his lips sealed on his little secret regarding mind reading, especially to his only living relative besides his older sister. The voices were so loud, so boisterous, so inane, and reflected a myriad of emotions projecting into Green's head. Hidden beneath the sticky notes and pencils of the smallest pouch of his checkered black-and-green backpack was a silver compact pill case storing several white round-shaped tablets, his medication was to alleviate the headaches that occurred throughout the day. Green could not just choose whether to intrude someone's inner musings, he could not simply order his mind to halt the flooding thoughts, he was to submit and listen to someone constantly seeking the privacy of their mind to talk, talk, talk.

And Mondays made it all the more painful.

Dipping his hands under the running water of the faucet he splashed cold water on his face to remove all the traces of his weary disposition, he blinked several times to his reflection, blankly gazing as the droplets of water ran down his face. His frown twitched upwards to force a strained grin to greet his friends—or whoever chose to arrive by the school bus—at the lunchroom. One thing about Mondays is the supremely beautiful scene where the cluttered mass of students would be absent, their presence would fill the cafeteria by eight for those wanting to secure last minute conversations or breakfasts.

'Ahh, I needed that piss.'

'I am so screwed! If I don't get her something amazing for our one-month anniversary…shit! She'll dump me!'

'Is it so hard to flush the damn toilet?'

Green chuckled quietly. He will admit one thing: as irritating as it is to be capable of listening to someone's thoughts, their inner rage or rants could be occasionally humorous. Giving one final inspection on his appearance—including raking his hand through his hair to ensure the spikes were well kept, checking to see if the zipper of his brown cargo pants was closed, and smoothing the faint wrinkles on his black sweater—he turned on the balls of his heels, greeted by the few people loitering the hallways on the bleak Monday morning normally brooding in their heads, generally complaining of their lack of sleep or their impending first period. Green directed his focus on his high canvas black nikes, treading slowly through a group of people socializing loudly by the entrance.

His ego gained an extra boost in high school. It was not like middle school where the girls' fantasies would range from several dates, in high school their fantasies escalated to an entirely new level. Giving them any form of eye contact would make their thoughts run on a tangent, and as flattering as it was he found their girlish nature rather spine-chilling. He recalled one day he was heading to the library to check out a book for his class, a girl staring intently from across the room excitedly said in her head, 'How I would so let him do me.'

It could have been to directed to any other male in the library except he could feel her boring holes while his back was turned – he never minded having his own share of relationships throughout his four years of high school, he had a pair of beaten green converse at home where he would allow the girls he would date to write their names on any available empty spaces. He was surprised they never minded having their name written in sharpie beside any former girl he dated, some were memorable like the girl that graduated last year and gave amazing head. He coyly boasted whenever he trampled others in sports like basketball and the occasional football game, or perhaps beat his track record, but he was more guarded over his personal life with relationships…

Green thoughtfully gazed at his tray being filled with tater tots, a biscuit, and a reasonable dollop of scrambled eggs by the aged lunch lady. His friends would persistently try to pry information of his sexual tendencies, his preference, and every time he would deter the conversation to something else entirely. Sex was sex, an education was not meant to be skipped, he didn't revolve his life around sports, and he would always be part of a social circle. Green set his tray down on a secluded table in the lunchroom, stabbing his fork in the crispy, burnt tater tot, and taking a short pause before bitterly munching down.

The brunet felt an odd sensation welling in the pit of his stomach—he ruled out the possibility of his hunger—and slowly realized he was truly an oddball: he could invade the privacy of anyone's mind, he was deemed attractive to a handful of girls that could become his girlfriend in an instant, he also had friends left and right. It was a question whether it was just the pressure of the tedious cycle in his four years when nothing sincerely appealed to his interest. He could suggest everything felt monochromatic around him: he was not unhappy, not in the slightest, but even he became aware over the years something was missing. His emerald eyes scanned the desolate cafeteria, giving an attempt to survey what the small space could provide to his questions, but he shook his head disappointingly and chugged the small carton of orange juice.

There was no room to complain, several people gathered in the cafeteria to eat their breakfast, several occupants' mind completely blank of ongoing thoughts to just silently digest the dull atmosphere of their Monday morning. He bit back his startled gasp as a chair slammed beside his table, the occupant eagerly leaning forward, elbows propped on the counter and his hands supporting either side of his cheekbones. Gold flashed him a neat set of pearly whites, his smile radiating his energetic energy in the gray morning, his amber eyes staring intensely at the discarded biscuit beside the scrambled eggs on Green's plate.

Green regarded him with an equally fitting smile. "Mooch off someone else."

Gold feigned an expression of hurt complemented with a melodramatic sniffle. "How could you not care that I could be starving here?" Wiping an invisible tear from the corner of his eye, Gold fished a spork hidden in the pocket of his cherry-red sweater, stabbing the prongs in the syrupy-drenched fruits Green set aside in a separate plastic saucer. "There's nothing like the taste of high fructose corn syrup to start the morning! Breakfast of champions, I tell ya."

Green raised the carton of orange juice, his voice laced with an amused tone. "Or the taste of partially frozen concentrated juice."

Gold raised another piece of fruit to his mouth yet his focus drifted slowly from his raging stomach growling to his redheaded best friend he has been eying in his three years in high school. Green rolled his eyes: Gold denied having any romantic feelings for Silver—or rather claimed he would never become a homosexual in general—yet his thoughts, as much as Green never intended to pry, were absolutely shameless. Ranging from the painfully sweet ideas to give him a small token or a strange present to the dreamy gaze that would indicate Gold's inward fantasies he would describe thoughtfully—and enough to make the brunet cringe, especially when the ramblings began while enjoying a slice of pizza in his lunch hour—piece by piece that would border NC-17.

'Oh god, I want to pin him down, take off his clothes, and fu—'

Green parted his focus from his food, his head shaking from mingled disbelief and disgust. Oh Mondays.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't salivate near my tray of food, it's gross," he said with a weary sigh.

Gold's back straightened; he blinked several times to recompose his behavior, a strained laugh echoing the empty cafeteria. His nervous compulsion to conceal his evident infatuation with Silver constantly lead him to brushing the matter off with terribly constructed joke—Green laughed regardless, it was so horrible he couldn't restrain the string of chuckles that would escape past his lips—or merely laugh. Thankfully, for the sake of not aggravating his Monday depression, Gold chose the latter and insisted on eating from the half-empty saucer of fruits.

"Don't judge me, it's not my fault my mannerism haven't surpassed the fourth grade. My mom spoiled me too much," Gold huffed defensively; in mock rage he stabbed the white grape with a little more force than necessary. Green rolled his eyes, trying to salvage the temporary bliss of his half-burnt, half-crispy tater tots in his ever eventful morning.

"By the way," Gold spoke rudely with his mouth full of crushed fruits, small pieces of the breakfast's skin flew on Green's tray. Goodness, it took every cell in Green's body not to slam his head against the plastic countertop repeatedly. The amber-eyed junior may have been the most social and hyperactive student the school has ever seen, however he had his major faults: failing to read the atmosphere, too brash, extremely and yet unintentionally discourteous, and too much a morning person. Suppressing the tempting compulsion to leave the table the brunet nodded for the ebony-haired to continue.

Flooded with relief, Gold swallowed his food before continuing. The junior raised his utensil, mindlessly twirling its edges between his fingers and asked, "What happened to that girl you hooked up with a week ago?"

"Broke up. She was too clingy."

It only became apparent to Green how lifeless his senior year has become especially in the cafeteria: the seniors that are fully on their way to college were very much missed for their antics: the school's very persuasive vegan, N, constantly protective over the hot-headed Black when he approached White—again, he'll never forget that blowjob.

"You're single?"

Green wiped his hands clean from the remains of the ketchup smearing his fingertips with a napkin, his jade-colored eyes not leveling with Gold's amber hues widening wide as saucers. "I know, right? Who could resist this?" Joking blandly, Green ran his hand over his hair smoothly and very slowly for emphasis. "Ah, but seriously. Y'know…it's not all that surprising."

'Girls kiss the very floor you walk on, you prick!' Gold paused to exclaim loudly in his head, the reaction caused Green to cringe how very vocal Gold's inner musings could be. "I wonder if anyone would ever reject your advances," Gold paused thoughtfully in silence, he shook his head when the answer came to him without any mental input. "Nah! Unheard of!"

"No one can," Green jeered teasingly.

"Oh yeah? Fifty bucks," Gold challenged, absently wiggling the spork between his thumb and forefinger, amber eyes briefly surveying the vacant lunchroom. "Fifty bucks to get that guy over there to like you. What was his name…? Red?"

Green raised a brow: fifty for a small challenge? How hard could it be? Although Gold had very little confidence in him—'There's no way someone like Red'll like him. Fifty bucks, here I come! Cha-ching!'—he could easily admit he has yet to be rejected formally although he was never one to make the approach as he could easily detect someone nearing him with their running tangent of thoughts, and he would never deny it alarmed him especially in the worst possible timing. In his last year of high school he arrived late to class nearly four times in the last five months since the semester began: his excuse? Lessen the headache of someone's thought bubble downgrading him with every passing hiccupping sob and an excessive amount of water works.

The challenge was cruel, insensitive, heartless, and had the highest chance the outcome will definitely have an ugly end, but it was a free fifty practically! Besides, there was not much to do regardless.

Senior year was a time to relax but also a time to stress the impending graduation that will mark, a few months later, the start of college. Unlike most seniors skittering around the halls to sign their names to win scholarships, attend interviews, or slaving away their lives to regain their credits after slacking off the previous years, Green never carried much of a concern. He was educated, his grades were phenomenal—even if he was caught one or twice resting his head on the desk, snoozing soundly during the teacher's lectures—his grandfather was renowned wildlife researcher, including the interactions of several animals to human life in his published journals. What college, what university, what anything will deny the grandson of Oak admittance?

Regardless of his exceptional performance—his grandfather was always kind enough to give his gratitude to Green for several animals under his care. In his delicate age there were tasks difficult to handle when the anxiety of the animals was at its peak, the creatures would have no qualms to attack with all their might—he had quit his previous job as a cashier at a local retail store. His grandfather and sister were persistent to remind him he needn't worry about his personal expenses or any other. He enjoyed buying himself a new pair of nikes without having to bother his grandfather or his sister – and seriously, he would never turn down an easy fifty. The brunet could leisurely use the amount he earned from the petty bet to buy himself and his family dinner, new clothes, or something trivial he usually finds himself purchasing.

Following Gold's line of vision, his orbs settled on the sight of a marble-white teen nibbling on a blueberry bagel, his attention fixated on Blue chatting up a storm with him yet his expression seemed completely mesmerized staring at the arched ceiling—then again it was Monday morning. Who could ever be smiling…oh wait—his lips in a fine line between frowning and eating sluggishly. He rested the bagel down on the plastic plate, nodded once to feign acknowledgement to the talkative brunet, and stuffed his free hand in his black-and-red messenger bag, the flap bent lazily from the hasty swipe of his hand, and then he slipped a piece of paper to Blue. Blue excitedly drew out her notebook, her hand gripping her pencil firmly to quickly copy the paper's content into her own lined paper. With her distracted and quiet, Red fished his iPod Touch from the pocket of his oversized red hoodie, pristine thin fingers flicked through the touch screen absentmindedly, and seemingly pleased with his choice he pocketed it away after pressing his finger on the selected song. Red puffed a weak breath of air on his black fringes, several loose strands of ebony hair falling near his large fire-red eyes, he then raised both hands to adjust the black Dr. Dre headphones on his ears before returning to his modestly light breakfast.

Well. If Blue was able to befriend Red then perhaps he might not seem as unapproachable as Green first regarded him.

'–I'll get myself a shitload of food at a buffet. And then invite Silver. Oh god, this bet is so mine! Unless he chickens out…'

Green drank the last drops of beverage inside his quart-sized carton of juice, very much amused at the mere prospect of Gold being the victor. It was not happening. The brunet snickered under his breath, resisting the savage urge to laugh. The senior was more than eager to begin at any given point; Gold did bring about an amusing challenge in the darkest hours of his terrible and moody Monday morning. There would be less of a distraction in the cafeteria's vacant morning, giving him an advantage to have Red's thoughts uninterrupted or droned from noisy interferences—

"You're on," he concluded confidently, startling Gold from his own train of thought.

Gold blinked. "You for real?" 'Green is going for a dude! This is some legit shit up in here!' "You're not just playing me?"

Green rolled his eyes. "I'm not."

'I can't tell if he's lying.'

The senior brunet shook his head in exasperation. "Of course I'm not lying! Why…! Uhm," realizing his wording without Gold actually posing a question, Green made wild hand gestures to sway the odd look Gold was giving him. "Is there, err, a time limit or something?"

Gold either disregarded his friend's peculiar behavior or completely forgot when the excitement was glinting in the bright amber hues, his wicked smile almost personally proving Green will willingly admit defeat first. "Starting today 'til…anytime before spring. Deal?" Gold proposed slyly, outstretching his hand.

A nod and handshake later declared their bet was for the taking, even if the prize is a meager fifty that, he realized a little later, will not get him anything of great value. However their competition was all in good-natured fun, not for the person of choice per se, between two teenagers who had nothing left to preoccupy their Monday morning besides eating the rest of the free period away or chugging down artificial preservatives down their throats. The two teens parted ways, one striding confidently to the lunch table occupied by Red and Blue, the other stalking towards another group of victims to pester or mooch off.

It came to a decent amount of surprise Red's thoughts have yet to revolve around the grandeur size of Blue's breast: a fair amount of cleavage exposed from her band-name v-neck shirt, beads from her gaudy blue-silver necklace trapped between the presentable spacing and faint exposure of her neon-pink bra, or taking a moment to complement her unblemished face, her appealing and seductive eyeliner, the plumpness of her coral-pink glossed lips—however such an image was slightly ruined regardless as she was completely absorbed in her work, her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth in the utmost concentration—the cascading brown hair sweeping past her shoulders. It was a shame he broken up with her in the beginning of his senior year, everyone admired her when she wore her favorite short skirts in the summer or skin-tight jeans to complement her desirable ass. She was eyed by hormone-driven teens on a daily basis, how could Red not give not even a momentary damn?

Green furrowed his brows for a brief second. Hell! Blue even let her breast rest on the table, her body leaning forward and giving enough ample view of her most prominent feature. Red's mind was completely blank save for the song playing in his head.

'I'll say it to be proud, won't have my life turn upside down. Says the man with some, with some gold forged plan. Of life so incomplete, like weights strapped around my feet. Tread careful one step at a time.'

Blue tossed her pencil in her tote bag, mewling contentedly she finished her assignment with enough time to spare, and finally she cracked her knuckles before thanking Red graciously and promising to text him later.

'Please don't,' Red inwardly pleaded. Ah yes, Blue was entirely too endearing enough to overwhelm.

"Like, move aside Green! I've got places to go!" She huffed in mild irritation, slightly too childish enough to rationalize she could swerve around him to go to such "places."

"Say 'please,' your highness!" Green commented brashly, riling her further for his own amusement.

"How about no?"

"Do it."

Blue snarled, her bright white teeth flashing dangerously, in her impatience she stomped the heel of her white boots on Green's shoes viciously, and with a barely audible 'hmph' she left. "Dammit! That woman still acts like such a barbarian," he hissed under his breath. Despite the sheering pain in his toes pulsating through his leg he coughed to regain his composure, securing Blue's seat and flashing his own charming smile.

But even that moment his smile had almost faltered when the tactless Red sighed loudly through his nose, his eyes fixed in the opposite direction as if Green was a horrendous eyesore to society that he had to be in company of.

'Another annoyance. Ignore him and he'll probably go away.'

What a cheeky brat, the brunet thought moodily.

Green leaned forward to press the headphones down to fall on the teen's shoulders. For a fraction of a second Green contemplated running for dear life because the red eyes were maliciously narrowing, his expression evidently displaying his dismay over the unwanted company even daring to touch his headphones and interrupt the flow of his music.

Green retracted himself away from the ebony-haired teen. Casually he rested one hand under his chin, quirking his head a little in mock interest. "I'm Green," he remarked in a cool, friendly-like manner.

That, however, deflated once Red propped the headphones back on his ears. "Good for you," he answered quietly, his tone of voice adamantly against the encouragement of their short-lived verbal exchange.

Well. So much for an easy win.

If Red wanted to be difficult on the worst day of the school week then so be it.

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