This was bad... even compared to all of the other tight spots Harley had seen, this was pretty bad. Two of the Joker's men were dead (she'd cry over them later), their last man was a wimp (which is probably why Joker had changed his name to Cur...), and Joker's cell had broken when he dove for cover, so no back-up would be coming.

This damned deal... that damn mob rat! Joey always seemed off, but she never thought his fear of the Joker would be less than his love of cash. Now the remaining three were taking cover behind some crates in a warehouse that SMELLED LIKE FISH! Harley made a mental note to-

Harley screamed as she lowered her head as bullets suddenly breeched her defensive crate -fucking automatics. Joker stood up and shot at the thug who had gotten through Harley's crates. It sounded like The Joker got him before he knelt back down to reload.

"Mistah J!" Harley yelled over the bullets.

"What?" he snapped back in his normal volume, still over powering the bullets.

Cur shot a few tentative bullets from Harley's gun. WHY had she given him hergun? That's right, his gun had been jamming lately and she thought she'd be fine with her bombs.

Speaking of bombs... she dug in her bag for a grenade, pulled the pin, and threw one over her crate and covered her ears before it exploded, causing enough damage and distraction for Joker to safely take out three thugs before the bullets began again.

"These crates smell like FISH!" she whined.

"Well Poo," he coddled as he reloaded his gun again, "why didn't you just crawl over here when you WASTED YOUR LAST BOMB!"

Harley was taken a back and she reached over to touch her bag of tricks. Shit. He was right. It was empty. But hadn't she packed eight? No, seven for good luck –like it was doing her much good. Where had they all gone? She pouted as she tried to think over their enemies' bullets –The Joker and Cur now being smart about their bullets.

The first bomb went on their way over here. She was in an especially good mood and had thrown it up in the air. Joker had scolded her for it, not wanting to have to outrun the cops on their way to the meeting. She had calmed down a bit, not wanting to make trouble for her Puddin.


Unfortunately when they passed by an alleyway where she and The Joker had gotten hot after an especially successful heist, she couldn't help but throw another bomb up in the air. Joker had pulled over the car and had gripped the steering wheel so hard she thought poor Teddy would need to replace it later. Worse, he might have drag her into a nearby alley and slap some control into her. Fortunately he just snipped at Teddy to take the rest of her bombs away. He took away four but she kept one just in case.

So that was two...

When they got there, the place gave her the creeps as they walked down a concrete hallway into an office in the back. When the mob thugs first pulled out their guns Teddy threw a bomb at them, killing them all in one shot.


Teddy had thrown one more to clear the way for them. Teddy and Buddy -who were the fastest runners out of the five of them there- had thought it was enough to tackle through the mayhem, but Joker pushed Harley behind the crates and dove behind some metal bins just before the shooting started again. Cur dived behind the barrels a split second before the shooting from pure luck.


Teddy would have two more in his coat pocket...

"Boss! We gotta get outta here!" Cur shouted, hugging his gun to his fat chest. His eyes were wide with fear.

"SHUDDUP!" Joker yelled at him before he fired a couple of shots at their enemies.

"Bu-but BOSS! There has to be another way out! A back door or, or something!" he offered up desperately.

"Cur, SHUT UP! Do you think we can just reach the car before they reach us?" Harley yelled at him. God damn it all. Why didn't HEhave her bombs while Teddy had her gun? Then again, Cur wouldn't have used the bombs to save their lives.

"IMA TRY! I, I need to get outta here Ms. Quinn! I, I gotta get out!" He started to get up and run, but Harley wasn't having it.

If he ran, those thugs would run after him thinking they all were retreating. With only one gun, they'd have no chance.

Harley reached inter her bag for her weight filled rubber chicken. She grabbed it, aimed, and threw it straight at his head. It was a direct hit and Cur made a comical face right before he collapsed back on the floor before he had even gotten off of his knees.

Joker cackled loudly. "Love how fast you shoot them down Harls. Now just ricochet that chicken off of the last four guns and we're out," he joked. Harley smiled.

Four? There were only four? One gun and two grenades... it'd probably more than enough. She started thinking she could get them out of here. The thought made her grin ear to ear, which made the Joker frown suspiciously.

"Harley...?" he questioned darkly. She could tell he knew she was going to do something risky.

"Just give me some cover Pud," she snipped at him and got ready to sprint to Teddy for her grenades.

Joker growled as he started rapidly shooting at everything that threatened his little harlequin.

If even one of their bullets so much as grazed her... not even the Devil himself was going to keep the Joker from slitting their stomachs open and letting their own stomach acids eat away at them.

The Joker's black heart clenched at the thought, and at its strangeness, he paused.

It seems Harley's in a bit of a pinch... lets see how this all turns out... although from the summary I'm sure you all know where this is going.

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