Huddled up in amber sheets with one of her best friends Amelia, Winry Rockbell sat glaring at the T.V screen. It went out for the ninth time and Amelia and herself were about to argue about who gets up to fix it. The blinds were pulled back but no light was showing through the thick layer of snow stuck to window.

" Come on Winry. I got up last time!" Amelia exclaimed; pulling her shoulder length, honey-bun blonde hair in to a braid.

" No! Its freezing. Please Amelia. I will pay you back later." Winry begged; her own blonde hair spread out over her shoulders.

With a sigh Amelia kicked the sheets off of herself. Her checkered pink t-shirt and her gray pajama bottoms were horrible at shielding her from the bitter cold.

Winry smiled heartily watching Amelia get fed up with the T.V and start banging it on the top. She sighed longing to be in her blue tank-top and matching boxers. But that would be impossible unless she wanted to be found as an ice-cube.

"Win! Come on and help me with this. Please!" Amelia growled, her hand furiously bobbing over the T.V top.

"Hey,hey. Don't take your issues out on my T.V." Winry sighed standing up.

" Its not my fault your T.V is friggin' old. I'm surprised you don't need an antenna! Why don't you get a new one?" Amelia growled about to punch the T.V top again.

"Hey! Don't judge her! She's a trooper. Besides, why would I spend all sorts of money on a brand new T.V when this one works perfectly well!" The T.V then blurred to life, and the opening titles for 'Uptown Girls' shows clearly.

"What did I tell you? She's a trooper!" Winry grinned, rearranging the sheets around her slim form.

"Shut up. Your T.V just hates me. Now move over." Amelia chuckled trying to sit next to Winry. Winry let her head drop to the pillows. Why they didn't lay on her bed, Winry did not she laid taking in her mocha brown room, dark brown upholstery bed, white curtains, and black dresser. Her brown leather bean bag chair sat in the corner of her room with her white antique vanity table, and her old fashioned T.V directly across from her bed. Their on the left of her door hung a cork-board covered with pictures of herself, Amelia, Alexis, Hannah and Miranda. Also the chalk board next to her bedside table was covered with encouraging messages written in colorful chalk. Encouraging like 'You the bomb Winry! Don't explode though- Hannah 3' or 'Stay amazing Winry and buy me ice-cream!-Miranda' and 'Winry, your the most beautiful, and kindest person I ever met and I'm glad I did. Stay yourself-Alexis' also 'BOOM GOES YOUR HEART since its so full of love for us!-Amelia' Winry smirked at her Vanity table knowing she needed to put all the cosmetics away but didn't want too. It was a mess though, her ivory foundation (she rarely used), all her eyeliner's tossed about, her eye shadows covered most of the table with her nail polishes. Seeing how her hairbrush and comb sat on top of the mini drawers and all her hair products like hair spray, curling cream, her curling iron, frizz control stuff and extra shampoo and conditioner sat under the desk part in the little shelves. Her 'ocean breeze' perfume and 'orange spritz' one was sitting on her eyeliners and the same with her vanilla and cherry blossom lotions.

Sighing again, Winry then knew she had to call up the girls and have them help clean her room.

"Hey, Amelia. Get changed and prepared for cold. I'm going to call up the girls so if you want to take a hot shower, do it now."


Winry watched as Amelia grabbed a bundle of clothes and darted to the bathroom. She then got up and walked to her black vintage phone and called Alexis.

"Hey Alexis, meet me and Amelia at 'The Square' in an hour ok."

"No problem Win, I'll be there. Bye."

Thats the way the conversation went with Hannah and Miranda too. Winry quickly ran to her closet and selected her outfit. Amelia was out of he shower so she ran to the bathroom and took one. After re-checking her outfit in the mirror to make sure it was ok, Winry set out to her vanity table. Winry shoved everything to the side so she could make room in the middle. 'The snow already makes look pale.' She thought. Winry dabbed on some foundation and looked at her blue eyes in the mirror while Amelia shouted tips.

"Use a brown since your in a warm mood today!" Amelia said nodding towards Winry's outfit.

Winry nodded grabbing a light brown eye shadow and put it on. Using a black eyeliner to pop her eyes out, she spurted on some 'ocean breeze' perfume and nodded to Amelia.

Amelia frowned and grabbed her snow jacket. Winry did the same. Amelia wearing a pink beanie, pink flannel jacket and thick black jeans and white gloves smiled warmly at Winry. Winry was wearing a white pull over under a dark brown jacket, a black beanie, and black jeans with cute brown slouch boots.

The girls shuffled awkwardly down the stairs and said goodbye to Winry's grandmother. After the long walk the girls finally made it to 'The Square' and met Alexis, Hannah and Miranda. Alexis had her shoulder length brown hair in a thick braid, wearing a hunter's green jacket and black skinny's with nikes. Miranda wearing something similar had her hair in Miku pigtails while Hannah had hers down. The five girls ran to embrace each other. After talking, they went walking.

"Lets go to Mana's Cabin. They have hot cocoa there! The short cut is through the train-station!" Miranda bragged .

"Lets go!" Winry cried.

The five girls raced to the train station but slowed to walk to say hi to old friends. Winry holding all her friends' papers and stuff stood by the rail-road tracks lost in thought. The next thing she noticed was that a train pulled up besides her. There was one thing different about Winry and that was that she loved mechanics. She stood there observing the crimson red train until someone ran into her.

"Ooomph!" She said as she fell on the cold ground. The papers that she was holding flew every where and she struggled to pick them up. Winry's hand touched another and she looked up into a pair of beautiful amber eyes.

The owner of the eyes spoke up, "Sorry about that. You should watch where you stand though." The owner said offering her his hand. She saw that the man who owned those eyes had blonde hair, darker than her own that was in a braid. He had on black leather pants and a jacket to match. He was a bit shorter though.

Winry unable to say anything just gaped and nodded.

"Bye." The boy said handing her the papers and dodging out of sight. Winry stared at the place he ran from and thought, "Will I see him again?"