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Summary: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were betrothed to each other since they were two years old with the option of weather to honor the contract or not, but what happens when they go to Hogwarts and someone tries and break up their friendship before it can become more…

Warring: slash, Mpreg and selected Weasley bashing don't like it please don't read….we are going to pretend that Ron and Ginny are twins to make this story work

Chapter 1: Who do we choose?

James and Lily Potter were in the living room relaxing after a long day of trying to keep up with their hyper active one year old son. They were currently in a deep discussion about which family they should approach about making a betrothed contract with as it was a pureblood custom for two pureblood families to betroth their children, but the children were allowed to void the contract before leaving Hogwarts if either of the children found someone else. While Lily thought this custom was outdated she was going along with it for James's sake.

"What about the Weasley family and their daughter Ginny" Lily suggested.

James thought about it and agreed with this wife that the Weasley's daughter was a good choice but was personally leaning towards the Malfoy's and their son Draco.

"I was actually thinking about the Malfoy's and their son Draco. You know that having kids won't be a problem as wizards can also get pregnant." James replied.

Silence followed while they both thought of a solution on what to do when an idea popped into Lily's head.

"How about since were throwing Harry a birthday party tomorrow that we see how he interacts with both Ginny and Draco, then whoever he prefers more, that's who we will choose!"

James smiled at his wife and replied, "Lilly I think that's a great idea and this way Harry can have some say into whom he will marry."

With everything settled, they decided to head to bed and get some sleep before having a bunch of rambunctious two year olds running around their home.

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