Once upon a time, there were angels.

A dark haired beauty fell from grace and damned himself to the pits of hell.

One cursed to be grounded flew up, up, up on his tainted gray wings and proved them all wrong.

The last was simply always there, comfortably in the middle, with arms held open wide and ready for them to come home to her. Because they would.


Once upon a time, there was a pack.

The proud Alfa, who was quick to act and defend what was his to his dying breath.

His cool Beta, the balance, the one who did the thinking and planning and always quietly watched.

And their mouse, quietly beautiful and subtly strong, who kept them motivated and focused as she watched a broken angel from afar.


Once upon a time, there were warriors.

One was bound and chained, trapped in a destiny he did not want by masters he despised.

One, as beautifully deadly as a poisoned butterfly, teased and laughed as she killed with razor sharp blades.

One fought with his bare fists, for that was all he had, and put every ounce of himself into everything he did.


Once upon a time, there were walls.

The first was large and thick, unshakeable and unmovable, forever unyielding in its quest to protect.

The second was thinner and looked weak, but was filled with clever traps and tricks to banish the enemy.

The third was decorated with jewels and gold, so that it shined like the sun. It seemed like a simple decoration, nothing more, but people tend to forget that jewels are sharp.


Once upon a time, a green monster faded slowly away as he gave his life to his successor.

Once upon a time, a silver wolf howled at the dusk, screaming for his pups to be returned.

Once upon a time, a red-eyed witch danced with a chimney under the full moon.

Once upon a time, an immortal mother cried over the grave of her long-dead son.


Once upon a time, there were angels. And one day, there would be again.




Uhh...Uhh...Uhhh...I'm sorry, but what the hell did I just write? I mean, Angels…And packs…and warriors…And figgin' walls? *Sigh*. Could you at least tell who was who?