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Same Time, Next Year


Thursday, August 24th, 2000...

Justin couldn't believe Brian was treating him this way, that he had rejected him. He was sure, so sure that once he showed up at the loft, Brian wouldn't be able to resist and they would spend another incredible night together, but it looked like he was just fooling himself. He was leaning on a lamppost, trying to keep it together, trying so hard not to cry, when the front door to the apartment building opened and it was Brian walking towards him. Justin just couldn't take the humiliation; his only thought was to get away as fast as possible and he took off towards Daphne's car.

"Hey, hey!" Brian shouted and came after him at a run, "I just left a complete stranger alone in my apartment so don't run away when I'm trying to talk to you! We need to get something straight..."

"You don't do boyfriends!" Justin said whirling around.

"Ah, Mickey's been talking to you."

"You'll fuck anyone!" It was Justin's turned to shout. The words ripped out of him and there was pain in his voice and unshed tears shining in his eyes. "He's ugly! You don't even know him. And I..." suddenly, his voice faltered "I really lo.."

"Justin..." Brian interrupted.


"I've had you. What happened last night was for fun, you wanted me and I wanted you. That's all it was." He explained almost gently, his voice a weird combination of kindness, annoyance and condescension.

Although Justin could see in Brian's eyes complete honesty and could hear in his voice that it was exactly what Brian had believed, something deep down in his soul rebelled at the thought of being nothing but a trick to this man; that elusive something stubbornly clung to the tiny smidgen of hope that he shouldn't take the words at face value, that Brian was wrong. Hoping beyond reason that Brian would contradict it he asked "A fuck?"

"What did you think it was?" Brian answered in a pitying tone that was breaking Justin's heart, "Look, I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient. You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. Love is something straight people tell themselves they are in in order to get laid, and then they end up hurting each other because it was based on lies to begin with. If that's what you want then go and find yourself a pretty little girl and get married."

"I don't want that, I want you!" Justin pleaded.

"You can't have me, I am to ol...You are too young for me. You are 17, I'm 28."


"OK, 29 - even more reason. Now, go...do your homework!"

At those words Justin burst into tears, not caring anymore whether or not Brian saw them, got into the car and drove off, hardly seeing the road in front of him.

Brian watched him drive away with a touch of regret, thinking that maybe he should have broken his "no repeats" rule just this once. The kid after all was an absolutely phenomenal fuck, especially for a virgin. After he got over the initial fear and pain that went along with having sex for the very fist time, he was so incredibly eager to learn, so willing to please, so wonderfully responsive, so amazingly joyful when giving and receiving pleasure, so surprisingly uninhibited that he blew away Brian's jaded mind, not to mention almost wore him out. As soon as Brian realized the nature of his almost nostalgic thoughts about the previous night with Justin, he decided that letting the kid go was absolutely the right thing to do before he turned into a total lesbian. So he ruthlessly pushed those thoughts and any unwanted feeling of regret out of his mind. "I will not think of last night or of him." he ordered himself, "August 23rd has no meaning to me whatsoever! Well...I'll think of Gus being born, but that's it – nothing and no one else matters!"

Brian decisively walked into his building, then into his loft and proceeded to ruthlessly reaffirm his self-imposed rules of no repeats, no apologies and no regrets into the not so tight ass of Mr. George "Goodfuck".

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