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I'm Lily Christensen and my life as I know it will forever change starting with my decision to quit my afterschool job. But before I get to that, let's go back and briefly summarize how this all begins.

The week before school let out, signaling the beginning of my senior status, my mom and dad announced that we were moving across the country at the end of summer to be closer to my aging grandparents. As much as I loved my grandparents, obviously, that did not go over well with me. The thought of moving somewhere new was terrifying. Besides, I had a boyfriend and to have to move across the country and try and make new friends during my senior year wasn't eliciting happy thoughts. They had talked it over, and after much apprehension, they decided to let me stay with family friends for my last year of high school.

I'm 18 and have an afterschool job in the mall selling perfume and cosmetics. I have always been good with my money and had enough saved to get my own apartment. Really, I wanted to get my own place. I had a boyfriend and needed that privacy that I couldn't get at home, but ended up staying home anyway. I figured I would get my own place after I graduated from high school. That was when everything was good. I was happy that I had a plan for my life and had applied to different universities and waited for my acceptance letters. If I got into my university of choice, I would def go. But I had a whole year to plan for that.

Mom and dad had a tearful exit with mom and me mainly crying. We had moved our belongings out of the house; about 95% of it was in moving trucks headed to Oregon. It was hard to see another family move into our house and make it theirs, but moving around a lot from base-to-base, one gets used to it. We all stayed with friends on their last night in West Virginia. I shared a bedroom with my friend Amanda who was a couple years younger than me. It was comfortable there, we get along very well. That part of my life was the only normalcy I had. Things with Jack weren't always perfect, but once mom and dad left things had begun to get even more out of control. He had become overly intrusive in my life and extremely possessive.

Nearly three months later, I was heading into work and was looking over my shoulder as I walked quickly through the parking lot. I was dreading the next few hours because this was the day that I worked my shift alone. I had broken up with my boyfriend a month before, which didn't go well at all, and haven't told my parents yet, not that they could do anything 3000 miles away. Basically, if one ignores a bad situation it goes away, right? Apparently, it doesn't, but staying with friends provides a buffer, a line that Jack will not cross.

It was a slow day at work and I was leaning on the counter just waiting for a customer to wander by so I could help beautify them. After working nearly every day for the last two years, I have seen all the new products and scents so really, I was bored stiff. A few hours into my shift, I saw a tall skinny male approaching my counter, arms filled with oriental lilies. It felt like I had swallowed lead and it was sitting in the pit of my stomach. My palms became clammy and my mouth was so dry. He carefully set the beautiful blooms down on the counter. "I have a delivery for a Lily Christensen." I plastered on a fake smile and answered, "I'm Lily." The guy handed me a form to sign, which I did, and then he turned around and walked away.

I frowned at the blooms and took them back into the storage area and set them on a table. I removed the attached card that read "Love J" and tore it up into tiny bits, throwing them into the trash. I then picked up the telephone and called my boss. "Patricia...this is Lily. Today, sadly, is my last day. My parents miss me very much and I am moving to be with" I managed to have a lengthy conversation with my boss who tried to persuade me into staying, but I held firm. I met up with my co-worker, explained what was going on, hugged her and punched out for good. I was sad to go, I loved that job.

I sat in my car, and through shaking hands, I called my mom. I was in tears telling her how much I missed her and said I wanted to move there and be with them. My dad had flown home that night and I had packed up my sparse belongings and put them in my car. He and I drove the entire way to our new home in Oregon. I had told him that Jack and I broke up and that I wanted to start fresh and was missing my family. Once we left the state of West Virginia, I felt free.

Mom called the new high school in our town and managed to get me enrolled fairly easily. I would start school in two weeks.