Artemis and Rory sat in a booth accompanied by Wally and Dick; an awkward silence filled the air, covered up with the sound of dishes in the kitchen and the voices of waitresses and pedestrians in the tables surrounding the adult heroes. Dick sported a pair of black sunglasses, a disguise that he had grown just a tad too accustomed to, still wearing the dark spectacles even though his old teammates had long been aware of his secret identity.

"So…" Artemis let out in a deep sigh, "Think there's any way for this to get more awkward?"

"At least our daughter helps take off the burden of having to tell the old team we were having sex, I mean, I'm pretty sure that her birth will make that factor obvious."

Artemis blushed, giving Wally an embarrassed glare and glancing in Rory's direction, her head bobbing up and down to the beat of her walkman, headphones plugged securely in her ears.

"How about you watch your language in front of the eleven year old?"

"She has headphones in, she can't hear me." The redhead responded, sticking his tongue out playfully at Artemis. There was really no way to make this situation less awkward, but Wally was used to solving any drama with his inappropriate humor.

Dick let out a small chuckle, adjusting his sunglasses and getting up out of the booth. He gave an excited wave to someone, causing Wally to turn his head in response, looking for whoever his old friend had spotted.

"Zatanna!" He said with a smirk, giving the brunette a cheerful wave. Artemis got out of the booth and hugged her old friend, almost not noticing their other old teammate who walked behind her. It was weird to see them both grown up…

"Conner," She said quietly, touching her hand to his arm. He had already been fully grown when she last saw him, yet he seemed more complete now… In fact, he looked exactly like Clark, minus the cowlick and different eye color. He smiled at her, still showing his usual awkwardness of expressing emotions. There were some things that people just didn't outgrown.

Zatanna was beautiful in every aspect of the word; he hips, breasts and shoulders causing her to fit into her outfit perfectly. She sported a lavender blouse, a white scarf tied around her waist.

"Finally ditched the white capris?" Artemis asked with a giggle. She and Zatanna had never exactly had much in common, but something about them had clicked, sparking what had sadly been a short lived friendship.

The brunette laughed.

"I'm going to be thirty years old next year… I had to let them go sometime."

"You don't look a day over twenty-five." Dick chimed in, giving his old team mate a flirty smirk.

The old friends had gotten caught up in talking, meaning that it took them a moment to notice their other two team mates walk into the old café. Kaldur's naturally polite nature hadn't changed in the slightest; he stood quietly while the girls got caught up, not wanting to interrupt the conversation. M'gann was another story entirely. The bubbly Martian soon found herself in the arms of her old team mate, nothing but pure joy on her face.

"It's really great to see you guys." Artemis said with an uncomfortable smile, suddenly remembering what she would have to tell them…

She looked back at Rory, who sat with her elbows on the table, staring at the adults in curious silence. This was all very new to her… She had a father now… not to mention she was finally going to be interacting with real live superheroes. This was exactly what she had wanted her entire life… how come she didn't know how to feel about it?

M'gann hadn't changed in the slightest, yet used her powers of transformation to give herself a few age lines. She was sixty years old in earth years at this point, making her still a juvenile on her home planet. It was easy to tell that she was giving an honest attempt to act maturely in front of her grown up old friends, trying as hard as she always had to fit in. Kaldur was similar in appearance, also sporting little difference of his teenage years. His muscles had broadened, finally getting him past his awkward skinny years, and he sported age lines as well.

"It's so funny that we're all seeing each other again!" M'gann said cheerfully. "Especially you, Artemis!"

Zatanna nodded in agreement, smirking quietly and putting a hand on her hip.

"I know it isn't our business, but do you care to tell us where you ran off to all those years ago? You disappeared faster than I can say deraeppasid."

Artemis nodded slightly, nodding as she looked at the ground. They had all been so close when they were teenagers, and she felt like it was her fault that they had grown apart… She was the first to leave. She had been so young, how was she supposed to tell the team that she had gotten pregnant?

She looked over to Rory, who looked at her in wonder. She didn't know who any of these people were; she just knew that they were superheroes that her mother had once worked with. Wally was continuing to keep his eyes on the young girl, a smile on his face.

"Something came up…" The blonde continued, sighing slightly. She knew that she shouldn't be ashamed of herself… She didn't want Rory to think that she was embarrassed by her. "I had to leave… right away…"

She signaled her old team mates to join her at the table, the adults suddenly noticing the young redhead who sat next to her and Wally. "I had gotten pregnant…" She said quietly, brushing her hand through Rory's pigtails. "I thought that, since we were meaning up, it might be a good time for you to meet her. My daughter, I mean… Rufina…"

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