AUTHOR NOTE: First Story on fanfiction! So this story is about Death The Kid and my oc Ava Martin. This chapter is kind of short, and I apologize. I will be posting (hopefully) about once a week. And after this story I haved a France (Hetalia) story planned. But first is Kid-kun. ENJOY AND REVIEW!

Chapter 1

When I Walked By and You Caught My Eye

An ordinary day in Death City. The sun was shining, the sky was clear; a perfectly symmetrical day.

There were no assignments for the day so Death the Kid had decided to go into town by himself. He was expecting a normal walk through the town on such a beautiful day. But one sight changed his plans.

She was magnificent; perfectly symmetrical. Her long black hair cascaded down her back in curls and waves perfectly. Her blue sapphire eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She was perfection.

Her symmetry nearly overwhelmed Kid but he (barely) managed to maintain himself and watched from a distance.

Who is she? thought Kid. He has never seen her before. Then Kid noticed the twins standing beside her.

The twins were identical. Both the same height, blonde hair, green eyes, and the same outfit (ironically). They stood on either side of her, making her symmetrical.

Those blue eyes caught amber eyes and held for a moment. She smiled then moved on, disappearing down the street.

Kid thought she was mysterious, but he couldn't deny the spark he felt from her gaze.

Kid managed to narrowly dodge the scythe's attack. First day of school and he was already in a fight, with two idiots mind you. Not to mention the new professor and the idiot's partners were onlookers. Great.

Kid side stepped another attack and when he looked back at the entrance to the school, the same girl and twins he saw from yesterday were on the steps watching. Kid continued to fight Dumb and Dumber (take your pick on who is who) keeping one ear out to their conversation.

"My apologies, let me introduce myself," She extended her right hand to the blonde. "My name is Ava."

"Maka." they shook hands amd Ava then extended her left hand to the black haired girl.

"Tsubaki." Ava smiled.

"Nice to meet you, this is Jeremiah," she pointed to the twin on her right, then to her left and said, "And this is Josiah. These two are my weapons. I'm guessing your partners are the ones fighting?" The girls nodded.

"My weapon Soul is the scythe." Maka said as Soul's scythe arm narrowly missed Kid. Ava nodded in approval.

"My meister is BlackStar." Ava watched as BlackStar tried to lift Soul, only to fail. Ava raised an eyebrow.

"Interesting choice in partners." Ava looked back at the girls. "From what I've seen of course. Can never judge a book by its cover." A loud noise caught everyone's attention. They looked and saw Kid firing his Death Cannons. The blast lit up Ava's smiling face.

"Beautifully symmetrical."

Ava couldn't help but be impressed with Kid's fighting skills. He too had two weapons so he was symmetrical with every fighting movement that he made. As the smoke cleared, she couldn't help but look at Kid's calm expression. His partnership was much better than that of Soul and BlackStar. Those two couldn't stop yelling and boasting let alone match soul wavelengths. Ava's eyes darted to the hole in the ground then looked back to see Kid spit up blood and fall over. Ava's eyesbrows raised as Kid laid passed out on the concrete. His guns transformed back into their human form as Stein wheeled himself over followed by Maka. Tsubaki was busy dealing with BlackStar.

Jeremiah and Josiah leaned over to Ava's ears. "He's just like you." They whispered. Ava turned and faced them.

"If only, symmetry isnt such a big deal to me. Order is what I prefer."

"We know." Jeremiah said.

"I cant take a shower without you yelling about something!" Josiah said and laughed. Ava faced the group and looked at Kid now on his weapon's back. She looked over and saw Lord Death heading towards his son and the others.

"Hey! What's up, what's up, WHAT'S UP?" Lord Death said as he raised his hand to say hello.

"Hi Lord Death." Everyone said in unison.

"I heard my son had a very eventful first day." His gaze turned to Ava and the twins. "I'm sorry you couldn't come into the academy today."

"No worries. I learned quite a bit from watching this," She paused looking at BlackStar, Soul, and a passed out Kid. "Interesting group battle." Lord Death nodded.

"You and I can talk tomorrow." Ava nodded back with a smile.

"Absolutely." Lord Death waved and took Kid home. Ava began to follow Lord Death down the stairs to head to her house but was stopped by Maka.

"I can help you around school tomorrow if you want."

"That would be fantastic, thank you Maka." Ava waved and headed home with the twins. She looked at the back of Kid until the group made a right. Even then she looked down the road at him as they continued on straight.

"Love at first sight?" Jeremiah asked with a twinge of venom in his voice, not enough for Ava to pick up on.

"No, simply studying." Ava looked forward. "Simply studying a masterpiece."