One Night Is Not Enough

Author: KMuggle

Rated: M

Disclaimer: I am playing around with characters that are not of my own creation.

Author's Note: I've had this idea for a story for years and began to write it… but then my computer crashed and of course, I didn't have it backed up. Starting from scratch, I began again and hope to improve on what I can recollect from the original. Enjoy!

Severus Snape silently crept past the corridors that lead him straight into the private quarters of Head Girl, Hermione Granger. It had been almost two weeks since he last worshipped at her temple, and he noticed that with each passing day he became more agitated. Maybe it was the war. Maybe it was the knowledge that time was running out. The tension of the approaching battle began to show in his features. He knew now that any day his status as a double agent would be put to the test; his true allegiance would be called upon.

For days now the smallest things would set him off. Yes, he was easily irritated with the mundane happenings of Hogwart's and the feeblemindedness of the dunderheads – that was the usual for him. Still, it didn't take much to spark his fuse. Students would walk in the opposite direction once they spotted him. Some of the Slytherins deliberately went out of their way to avoid him. To say Severus Snape had simply been testy would be a gross misrepresentation.

It didn't hit him why he was so frustrated until he saw her earlier that day in class. She had been doing her work perfectly, as usual, but it wasn't until he noticed a tendril of hair that had come loose from her ponytail that he realized why he seemed to suffer from a thirst that was so unquenchable.

There she was, acting as if nothing ever happened between them at Grimmauld Place. He gave Granger credit for not romanticizing it. It was something he expected her to do, but surprisingly enough, the war had somehow made her harder, almost colder. She too knew that the end was soon near and she could only hope to come out of it alive. Before the class ended he knew he had to have her again.

And that hunger is what led him to his current destination. Breaking her wards, which weren't as easy as he originally anticipated, Severus felt the beat of his heartbeat begin to pick up as he thought about placing a silencing charm on his shoes. Seeing her stillness, he decided it would be unnecessary.

As he crept towards her bed, her face peaceful in its slumber, he stared at her, knowing that while they had already crossed the line of inappropriateness, he could no longer control the urge to possess her again, or maybe he wanted her to do the same to him.

Sensing his presence, Hermione opened her eyes.


Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, her vision of him was confirmed. Severus stopped walking. Hearing the breath exit his mouth, Severus noticed she was wearing a long sleeved shirt; something so simple, yet completely seductive on her. Softly smiling as she stretched out her exquisite body, she appeared to be more than willing to welcome him back into her arms on this night.

"Severus." She whispered, a confirmation of her acceptance.

Not knowing what to say, but too scared to remain silent, Severus brought his lips to hers, wanting to enjoy the sensation before he started to run his hand over her belly. While he needed her two weeks ago, the need he felt tonight was entirely different from their previous consummation. There were moments where he felt as if he couldn't breathe. The thought of her flesh, already scarred from the war, was enough to throw him off his train of thought.

This is what an addiction must feel like. He mused to himself earlier that evening as he tried to wank himself off. No. The mental images of their night together would no longer suffice – he needed to experience her again. He needed to breathe her in, consume her and allow her to do the same to him.

Moving onto her bed, the soft squeaking was a reminder of the extra weight. He immediately thought that nothing would make him happier than to just lie next to her, bask in her presence. But no… he would indulge in that fantasy some other time. Thankful that she no longer had to share a room with anyone, Severus snaked his hand around her neck, pulling her body up to his.

Sliding his hands under her shirt, he sighed with the relief that can only come from such contact. Closing his eyes, a pained look on his face, Hermione noticed the look, even in the darkness. Wanting nothing more than to comfort him, she began kissing the worry lines, the troubles, the fears, and the hesitations away. Feeling his hands hold on to her, she removed her shirt before she brought her lips back to his.

He didn't know if the moan that escaped from her was intentional, but the two didn't seem to care as their lips continued on their collision course. She didn't fight him, but welcomed him into her arms as she began to loosen up the buttons of his white shirt.

Not even bothering to remove the shirt from his body, Hermione began to kiss his chest, paying more attention to his scars. As he watched her lips work their magic over his ruined flesh, there was no guilt for his crime of wanting her. Already hard, Severus loved how much devotion she gave to every inch of his flesh. Taking her time, she carefully worshiped with her lips what he felt was never worthy of love or admiration.

Hermione's lips stopped over his heart as she looked up at him. He could see every thought running through across her face. Knowing it was his time to make his ultimate confession, Severus gently grasped Hermione's face and pulled it to his. He needed to feel her lips on his; he needed to feel what love, or some strange distortion of it was for one night. But before he could do that, his tongue released the two sentences he had wanted to say ever since their first encounter.

"One night is not enough. One night is never enough."

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