One Night Is Not Enough

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And it all came back to this – a desperate man in the bed of a woman who had so enraptured him. She didn't seem to mind that he broke into her room. She didn't seem to mind that he could never be satisfied with a mere one night stand. Running her fingers through his hair, the two stared at each other.

"I've been waiting for you." Hermione said before kissing him.

Before the two of them continued their dance of the flesh, Hermione felt the need to say what was on her mind.

"I didn't think I would want you so much. I didn't think I would need you." She added as she began to remove his clothes. Too wrapped up in her task, she didn't notice him doing the same thing.

"I know we are on the brink of war." She added before feeling his flesh and his lips on hers. "I need you to survive."

Pausing, Severus looked at the woman below him, wanting nothing more than to promise such a thing.

"You know I can't guarantee that Hermione." Severus said as he ran his fingers along her flesh.

"Yes, I know, but you can try. We can try. I may not survive."

The weight of her words finally hit him. What if he lived and she didn't? For the first time in years he felt an actual pain in his heart at the thought that the exquisite creature beneath him might not come out of the war. It was easy to question his own mortality, but hers… that was the reality check.

"Let's not think on that. Let us enjoy this night." Severus said as he continued to kiss her. Noticing her hands in his hair, he loved the sensation of her fingers running through his locks. Taking his time, but not one for torture, it didn't take long for Severus to reach and his student's knickers.

"Speak to me in your second language." Severus said as he slowly slid the garment off of her; he didn't waste any time as he delved his tongue into her folds while silently muttering a translation spell.

"Vous m'avez donné une nuit, et maintenant je veux un autre. Je veux plus un si grand nombre." Hermione whispered.

She gave him one night and now she wanted another one. No. She wanted so many more. With his understanding of her request, he picked up the pace of his tongue, noticing her moans grow louder.

"Donnez-moi cette petite morte, baise-moi."

Hearing her words forced Severus to slow down. Replacing his tongue with two digits, he drew his tongue up her flesh until he came back to her lips. She wanted the little death that came from orgasm just as she wanted him to fuck her.

"I don't want to fuck you Hermione. I want to make love with you, not to you… with you." Severus said as he brought his lips to hers. He could feel her passage tightening around his fingers.

"How many boys have touched themselves while thinking of you?" Severus said as he traced his lips all over her flesh. When he looked up at her, he noticed her hands were fondling her breasts.

"How many of them would sign their souls over to the dark lord just to be here right now?" Severus continued as he removed her hands with his one free one and placed them above her head. Giving her breasts the same attention with his lips that she was earlier with her own hands, he heard her repeat one single word.

"Survivre… survivre… survivre."

She was begging him to survive. She was begging for him to come out of this war, safe and sound. He knew that it was her way of saying that if he survived the war she would never let him go.

Stilling his fingers, he removed them and made sure that she saw him clean them with his own tongue.

Feeling his erection throbbing against her leg, Hermione turned Severus over and placed herself on top of him. She gently grabbed his aching member and slowly ran her hands up and down it, feeling the pre-cum on her skin.

"You forget too to ask yourself those same questions. How many girls have wished to touch you the way I am? How many of them would beg to take you in their mouths and suck you off?" Hermione said as she lowered her mouth to him.

Gripping the sheets because he knew that he would pull her hair too hard, Severus didn't try to suppress the groans from his mouth as he felt her slowly take him in and out of her mouth. He knew that he was close, so close, and while instinct told him to shoot off in her oh so willing mouth, he didn't want to finish like that.

"Stop. Please…" Severus said.

Slowly releasing him from her mouth, she crawled up to him. Grabbing his hand and placing it in its previous location, she began to ride his fingers.

"I never thought I would live to see the day you would beg." Hermione said before she kissed him. Still moving her body up and down, she had trouble whispering, "I'm so close."

"You can never be close enough to me." Severus responded as he sought out her lips. And just as soon, she came. Collapsing on him, she let him do whatever he pleased with her. He could have tied her up for all she cared. Feeling herself being turned over, she caught her breath and watched as he placed himself in the perfect position for their joining.

"Je veux que tu en moi." Hermione said just as she felt his hardened member enter her body.

"J'ai besoin de toi pour survivre. Survivre à cette guerre et je vous aime." She said as her professor slowly moved himself in and out of her. Then he completely paused. Her words caught him off guard, and she could tell by the look on his face that he wouldn't take her words lightly.

"Say it again, Hermione. Say it again for me in English." Severus begged with a stern tone that she only observed from him in the classroom. It was almost as if he needed to hear it in English in order for him to truly believe every word that she was saying.

"I need to you say them Hermione." Severus whispered before he continued to piston in and out of her, picking up the force hoping that she would repeat her two sentences. As he moved her legs closer to her chest, he knew that would do the trick.

Pulling his lips to hers, almost as if she were telling him a secret, she whispered the words, "I need you to survive." She had to pause for a second as she felt her back being moved up and down the sheets on her bed. For a few moments she was afraid that her head would hit the headboard.

Then strangely, as if sensing the next line was to be the most important one, Severus slowed down. He remembered what he told her earlier about wanting to make love with her. He needed to fight knowing that it wasn't just a fling for the two of them. In such a short period of time, it had evolved into something else. But maybe it was something that never needed to evolve in the first place. Maybe they were supposed to be together.

"Survive this war and I will love you." Hermione whispered, as Severus' anguish made itself known. He kept the slow pace as they looked into each other's eyes.

Feeling the need to not end it there, Hermione continued to speak,

"I will love you. I will love you. I will love you. I will love you. I will love you." She continued to repeat between kisses as they continued in their joining. Severus wasn't dumb. He knew that her true sentence didn't involve the word "will". They were far past that tense.

"I'm close." Severus said as he continued to pump into her, and just as soon as he said it, it was done. Not wanting to break away from each other, the two languished in each other's kisses, knowing that the night was to be theirs. In hours the sun would force them to continue on with their lives, as if no such devotions were shared.

Maybe they would be able to squeeze in another night, but that was something Severus couldn't take a chance on waiting for. This could be their last night, or it could be the beginning of their lives together.

Clutching his head to her chest, Hermione knew exactly what he was thinking as she kissed his hair, hoping that somehow he would know that she too shared the same concerns. The two remained that way for the next few hours, not knowing what the future had in store. While one worried for the other, they both knew that it was no use to wonder what may or may not happen. It was important to live for each day and especially each night.