This continues on directly after Jimmy's 'my people' speech.

NCIS Squad Room.

"Sit down." As Ed just stares at him Jimmy's heart begins to pound. Oh, god. What have I done? Is this it? The end of Breena and I? She loves her dad so much and now we've argued. Who will she choose? He is so caught up in his panic that for a moment he fails to see that his future father in-law has gone to sit down in the cubicle behind Gibbs'. An awkward silence begins to settle on the squad room as the two men glare at each other with an intensity that would put Gibbs to shame. Then just as Palmer opens his mouth to speak the sound of clapping startles him and he looks away from Ed to see Abby standing there.

"Well put Jimmy. I could not have said it better myself.'' She grins a clearly approving grin at him.
"But..." She glares at Ed who subsides into silence.
"What are you doing up here Abby?"
"Looking for you of course. I need your help with something in the lab. Can you come down?"
"Sure." They start to walk away but then Jimmy turns back. "And you can stay right there until I come back." Ed nods but Palmer has already walked away.

Abby's Lab.

"So what can I help with?"
"Nothing. My babies are already doing their thing."
Abby starts to pace the lab. "I just wanted some company while waiting for Tim and Tony to find Gibbs and Ziva. I mean I know they will. I am sure they will. It's just that it is snowing really hard and..."
He gives her a hug to stop her pacing. "They'll be fine Abby. They're team Gibbs you know."
She steps out of the embrace and smiles at him. "Of course I do. I know it here." She taps her head. "But I don't always know it here." She taps her heart.
He gives her a reassuring smile. "Guess I should get back upstairs to Ed."
"I also asked you down here to give you a break from him."
"Thanks Abby but it will be fine." He says it with more confidence than he's really feeling.
"I know it will be Jimmy. Breena loves you and that is all you need to know. I am sure when Ed gets to know you he will love you like we do and besides..."
"If you stay down here it will give him time to think about what you just said and hopefully he'll realize how right you were and how you feel about working here. Even if he feels like he's losing Breena to you he has to respect that sort of passion."
"Thanks Abby."
"You're welcome Jimmy."
They sit in a comfortable silence waiting for the team to come home.

A/N – I would've liked to have written this with Tony or even Gibbs overhearing and praising Jimmy but as they were out of the office it had to be Abby. Not that I think he needed praise for the speech but I think some acknowledgment of it and how he's part of the team was an interesting idea to explore.