Chapter 1- EPOV

Every year I hope to meet the love of my life, but each year I never find her.

But maybe with any luck this will be the year that I find her.

My sister, Alice claims this is finally the year.

Sometimes I wonder if love just runs away from me.

I have gone on many dates, but they were not the one.

I want to find the one who is it for me.

The one that will have that spark of something. I want to find my princess, the one who will own my heart within a few minutes of talking to her.

Does such a woman exist?

I am in the process of moving back to Forks from Seattle.

I just got done with my residency at Seattle Children's Hospital, and I'm going to be working at my father's practice as the pediatrician.

It's my dream to be a pediatrician. I love kids and I want to help them when they are sick.

So for my parent's annual charity fundraiser that they host, I'm going in with an open heart and mind.

"Edward, make sure you wear the suit I left for you," Alice yells from downstairs.

"Yeah, yeah. I know I have to look my best," I call back to her as I walk into my old bedroom.

Somethings will never change.

It's nice to be home.