Chapter 15 - EPOV

Watching Bella sleep in my arms is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

I can't believe that she is laying here naked in my arms; in my bed.

All of the fantasies of her, don't compare to the reality of her.

I'm ready to go to sleep, but I'm afraid that if I do that will disappear.

I know it's irrational.

But my mind is full of thoughts like that.

I feel her move against me.

Her hair is splayed across my chest and her hand is laying over my heart. It's almost like she knows she owns it now.

I hope when we wake up that she doesn't regret what we did.

I have never made love to anyone the way I did with her. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I have ever made love until tonight.

She is everything I've ever wanted.

She didn't know about the crush I had on her all those years ago, but she does now.

I had to tell her, I want us to be honest with each other.

I hope that we will be able to be together, with any luck she'll want to be with me.

I can barely keep my eyes open now. My last thought before I fall asleep is of Bella.

I wake up and Bella is laying with her ass pressed against my hard cock.

She moans in her sleep.

"Edward," she whimpers.

"Love," I say quietly looking over at her.

She opens her eyes and looks at me.

A shy smile forms on her face, as she clutches the blanket to her.

"Bella, good morning," I say kissing her lips.

She kisses me and puts her hands into my hair.

We both moan into the kiss and I feel her rock against me.

Fuck, she feels so good.

I take it that she has no regrets.

I wrap my arms around her as she straddles my legs.

Just the sight of her naked above me, has my cock hardening even more.

Slowly she wraps her hand around me, moving her fingers over the tip and downward.

I buck my hips upwards as I moan.

She smiles down at me as she touches me.

I love the feel of her hands on me.

"Bella," I say as she lifts up and aligns herself with my cock.

Slowly she lowers herself on me.

"Mmm...fuck Edward, you feel... so good," she says as I'm fully sheathed inside her warmth.

She rolls her hips as I push up into her.

Our moans mingle together as we move in sync.

I grasp her hips in my hands, helping to guide her up and down my cock.

Her moans spur me on.

Fuck, she looks hot moving above me.

"Bella...ugh, baby you are sexy as hell riding me, the way your tits bounce."

I capture one of her nipples in my mouth. I suck her tit like I was a baby being fed. She tastes so good, but I already knew that.

I feel the tightening in my balls as she rides me harder, swiveling her hips in a motion that is driving me crazy.

"Bella, love, I am getting so close baby, what you're … ahh... doing to me is making me fucking crazy...a..are you close baby?" My voice coming out raspy.

"Edward...ugh, I am so close ...please...mmm I love how deep you are in me. Cum with me," she pants out above me.

She screamed my named out as her pussy clenched around me and as she did, I came hard too.

I could feel long, thick spurts of my cum shooting into that hot, tight pussy.

I sat up, wrapping my arms around her as she leans her head against my chest.

Both of us trying to get our breathing under control.

She looks up at me and gives me a shy smile.

How can she be shy after what we did, amazes me.

"Bella," I say and she looks at me.

I capture her lips in mine and slide my tongue against hers.

We are still connected as we kiss.

Fuck, being wrapped in her warmth is too much for me to handle.

We break apart to breath again and I hold her to me.

I feel so much in this moment, more than I have ever felt for any woman.

At that moment, her stomach growls and we both laugh.

"I guess we should venture downstairs to find some breakfast," I say as we move off the bed.

"Edward," she says looking up at me, " what will I wear downstairs?"

"I think maybe I can find you something," I say with a smirk.

I hand her one of my t shirts, and rummage in my drawer for some sort of sweats.

Finally finding some of my mom's sweatpants in the closet, I hand them to her.

She eyes them, and I tell her they are my mom's.

She smiles and slips them on.

Fuck, my shirt looks good on her body.

She can wear any of my clothes anytime.

We walk hand in hand down to to the kitchen.

My mom already had breakfast cooked and waiting in the oven for everybody.

I made us a plate and put it before her.

"Thank you," she said looking up at me through her lashes.

I pour us some juice and sit next to her.

We start to eat as Bella picks up a piece of bacon and holds it out to me.

I take a bite of it and continue until I reach her fingers.

Slowly I chew the food and swallow it before taking her fingers in my mouth and slowly suck on them.

She moans and the sound goes straight to my cock.

"Holy fucking shit!" We hear from the doorway.

We turn to see Alice standing there with her wide eyed stare.

Fuck, so not ready for the little pixie.

"Alice, I need to tell you something," Bella starts to say.

"I already know, Bella and I fucking knew you two would be perfect together."

We all laughed.

I couldn't help the smile that was on my face.

I never thought I'd find love, let alone with Bella. But luck had other plans, and for once my sister was right.

Love finds you when you least expect it.

And with any luck, we'd be together forever.