The Geek and The Bully: A DuncanxNoah story

Summary: At school Noah always get bullied by Duncan. But what happens if Duncan started to be friendly to him TOO friendly?

A/N: Hi ppl I making a DuncanxNoah story! Great is it? I hope u guys enjoy it! Plus I don't own Total Drama and the characters but me XD

Noah P.O.V

I was at school with my annoying twin sister Jasmine. I was at my locker getting my stuff. "Hey Noah!" Cody said. "Hey Cody what's up?" I said. "Oh nothing now we have to go to class. Plus Duncan is bullying you this year." I was shocked. "I thought it was Harold turn this year." Cody sighed. "I guess not." I nodded then sighed. "This is great because Duncan is bullying me I like last year than this year and it just started." Cody nodded and walk with me. Later Duncan dropped my books. "Oops my bad." He laughed and walked away. I sighed and get my books I wish I was just like Jasmine sometimes. "Can things get any worse?" I said to myself.

At p.e we went to the gym with our p.e cloths. Our gym teacher was talking while Cody whisper something to me. "Do this gym teacher ever shut up?" I laughed. We was playing dodgeball that I can't stand. And I got hit by a ball alot of times! "I hate dodgeball!" I said to Cody. "Me too no worried you didn't play on Total Drama." We tried to covered ourself from the balls. "What's wrong nerds too afraid of balls?" Duncan laughed. I rolled my eyes. "No we just afraid getting hurt with it." I sighed at Cody. "You're really a pain in the..." I get hit by ball at the face. Duncan was laughing. "Noah are you ok?" Cody said. "I'm going to the nurse."

I woke up in the nurse's office. "Where am I?" I asked. "You're in the nurse office. I'm glad you awake." Cody said. "Geez Cody thanks." "Well we need to go to class like now." I nodded.

At science class guess who is my partner? Duncan is my partner. I sighed. Luck for Cody his partner was Jasmine my twin sister. I sat next to Duncan. "Hey nerd what's up?" I rolled my eyes. "Do you know you and I have the same classes together." I was shocked. Why do I have to have the same classes with him. "That's wonderful." I rolled my eyes.

Later at science class I was doing my work while Duncan was playing around. Then Duncan make fun of me. I got angry at him. "Could you leave me alone?" I said. "Why nerd getting angry?" He laughed. I get more angry.

At lunch I sat next to Cody. "Hey Cody." I said. "Did you have fun at science class?" Cody asked. I looked at him. "I take that as a no." I smiled at him. "I wish it wasn't me this year." He nodded. "Well Harold is happy." "Because it's not him this year it's me it should be him this year because look, it was that dude right there. Then it's Harold remember the pattern?" He nodded. "Yeah it was him then Harold, you and me." I nodded. "I need know why it's me this year. I need information." "Well good luck with that. Plus Duncan was happy that you was his partner at science class." I nodded. "That's weird because rememeber two years ago he was my partner and he wasn't too happy and now he happy weird." He nodded. "Plus he not flirting with my sister as he use to." "That's so true this is a weird day." I nodded. The school bell ring. "See you after school." "Acturally tomorrow I'm busy after school." He nodded. "See you tomorrow." I nodded.

After school I talked to my sister when we was going home. "Hey did Duncan flirt with you today?" I asked. "No that's weird even when he has a girlfriend he still flirts with me maybe he likes somebody else." I nodded. "Plus Duncan was happy when he heard that you was his partner." "I know right plus this year it shouldn't be me it should be Harold." Jasmine nodded. "I need to know what going on with Duncan like now if it's yaoi or not." I rolled my eyes. "Does he likes you or not?" Jasmine asked. "I don't know how should I know?" "Well I just asking geez." I rolled my eyes again.

The next day it was more weird than yesterday. I was with Cody as always when it was P.E. at the gym. And this time we was playing basketball. I couldn't throw shit. "Not even trying huh?" I rolled my eyes. "Duncan help him until he throws a ball while the rest of you are done for the day." The gym teacher said. Cody sighed because I'm alone with Duncan. Everybody left, but Duncan while he try to help me throw a ball. Duncan sighed. "Here Noah let me help you." I was shocked he usual just call me nerd, but he call my name. This is too weird. He tried to help me throw a ball, but I still can't throw the ball. Duncan sighed. "Noah you not doing it right." "Duncan you usual call me nerd, but now you want call my name." I said. "Just pay attention." I rolled my eyes.

At science class it was so weird it's even more werid than Jasmine and that's all bad. I sat next to Duncan I was doing my work while I feel like something under my boxer. I looked down it was Duncan's hand touching my dick. "Duncan what are you doing?" I whispered. "Do that feel good?" I blush a little. I nodded he smiled at me. "Good because I want it good." He whispered me. "Noah are you doing?" The science teacher said. "Um nothing." I said. Duncan stop touching my dick and pretend he was working the whole time.

At lunch I talk to Cody. "Cody guess what Duncan did to me when we was science class?" I said. "He hurt you or something like that." Cody said. "No he touch my dick when we was there." Cody rolled his eyes. "Noah stop lying Duncan did not do that." "Um yes he did that's why my pants are unzip." Cody rolled his eyes again. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

After school I went to the boys bathroom because I know Jasmine sneaks to the boys bathroom sometimes. Later Duncan came. "Hey Noah." He winked at me. I blush a little. "What do you want try to hurt me?" I said. "Aww baby don't act like that." I was shocked. "Baby?" He nodded. "Ok Duncan what do you want?" "This." He kissed me and I was shock at first, but then I kissed him back. He under my shirt and I went under his. We stop kissing for air. I didn't say anything. Jasmine opened the door. "Noah come on oh you guys having a momment?" And I started to blush

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