A figure speaks, "I can't believe our author is making us doing this."

"Of all the people I could be stuck with, why did it had to be you?" the other comments.

They two figures, one blue and one purple walk up to an open room and still talking.

"Guys!" A voice hollers to them, stopping them and both turn to see where the voice originated from.

It continues, "This isn't the time or place for this. Set your petty differences already, we need to tell these fanfiction people... These lovely ladies and gentlemen, about what is about to happen or clear anything up!"

Both ask, "Who the hell are you?"

The figure wearing a cloak says, "I can't disclosed my identity, if I do... I must kill the two of you!"

The other two gulp nervously and walk up to the chairs set up.

The blue speaks, "Hello, this is Marcus and this is thing is called Questions."

The purple responds, "I'm Mayhem, the better looking and smarter of the two. Basically if you have any confusion about any of the stories or anything else, please write it here. Review here, we need it to make the story better."

The figure in the cloak speaks, "Big news about the story, Unvoiced Experiments. The first chapter will be posted tomorrow and will be posted weekly, meaning every Saturday will have a new chapter!"

Mayhem looks to the cloaked figure and asks, "Can you tell us something?"

The figure replies, "Yes, Deathmetal180 doesn't own any of the characters the gracious people offered for his story. You rock! Nor does he own Lilo and Stitch the series, the characters, the movies or the characters from Lilo and Stitch wikia. (.com/wiki/List_of_Experiments) He only owns us, the story and his own OCs."

Marcus comments angrily, "He meant about yourself?"

The figure smirks, "Spoilers. I can't say a thing, just wait for the story to be published and then everything will be clear."

Mayhem responds, "Please, nothing is clear with that hard head. He should be lucky to have a functionally brain."

He whispers, "Even if it's small."

Marcus retorts hotly, "I heard that!"

The figure breaks the two, "Guys! Don't eat each other!"

Mayhem speaks, "Fine."

Marcus says, "Agree."

The figure says, "Good, now let's begin with a further description of you. Marcus."

Marcus replies, "Okay, well I like poetry and swimming. I like to have fun and spend time with friends."

Mayhem interjects, "Gah! This is making me feel sick, stop talking!"

Marcus adds, "I like to sing and dance, though I prefer music."

Mayhem retorts, "I prefer you to shut up!"

Marcus looks to Mayhem and says, "Want to start something?"

Mayhem replies, "Please, why should I dirty myself with trash."

Marcus comments, "That's it!"

The figure goes between the two, "No! No more fighting here."

He pushes the two and says, "Mayhem can we hear more about you then?"

Mayhem says, "I want to rule a world where experiments are on top and everything is under us!"

Marcus and the unknown figure lightly chuckle.

Mayhem questions their reaction, "What?"

Marcus answers, "As if the author will allow you to do that."

Mayhem retorts, "He might, you don't know."

The figure speaks softly, "This is too much. We should cut our loses before something happens."

Marcus speaks, "OOOHHH! I found something, it looks like a piece for the next story."

Both Mayhem and the figure go over there and try to grab it out of Marcus' hand.


All three end up breaking it.

Mayhem and Marcus point to each other, "Look what you did!"

The figure speaks, "Easy there, our author is smart. He made a copy for himself, don't fret."

Mayhem says, "But I want to know what happens!"

Marcus joins in, "Me too."

The figure smiles, "Be patient and all will be revealed."

He says, "Until then, let us end this before it get messier."

All three wave and say, "Bye!"