Chapter 1

Humphrey opened his eyes.

"Huh, must've dozed off."He whispered to himself as he looked around, surveying his surroundings.

He seemed to be in an Alleyway. To his left, a way back onto the streets, ad a dumpster, which hid him from view.

He looked down, and found a Scar-L, red dot sight, grenade launcher, Suppressor and heartbeat sensor. (Yes, I have been playing call of duty, now READ!)

He looked beside him and saw an M16A4 with an under barrel shotgun, and an M4A1, Red dot sight, and flame thrower.

He heard a voice over his headset.

"Humphrey?" the voice called. "Alpha One? Do you read me?"

Humphrey pressed the button on the side of the headset. "I read you loud and clear, go ahead Alpha Two."

"The cargo is entering the den. Are you in position?"

"Copy that, I'm in position and waiting for your signal." Humphrey replied as he pulled out a pair of binoculars, focusing in on the small transportation vehicle, which seemed to be carrying several prisoners, as it slowly rolled through the dust filled abandoned city, towards the P.O.W. impound.

Putting away his binoculars, he checked all his weapons and Ammo before patiently awaiting his signal.

He would not have to wait long though, as he heard a shot from his comrade's Barret .50 Cal.

In a split second, he rushed towards the truck, eliminating all hostiles in his way.

When he finally reached the truck, he pulled aside the curtains, allowing the four prisoners to exit the vehicle.

Humphrey looked to the black wolf that was nearest to him. "Kylee, good to have you back." he whispered, passing the female his M9.

"Good to see you too Bro." she replied.

All three of the prisoners were dressed in White Tee-Shirts and Khaki cargo pants.

Humphrey looked over to the golden brown wolf next to Kylee and nodded, handing her the M4A1.

She in turn nodded and took the rifle. "Thanks."

He handed his M16A4 to the younger white one.

"Alright, let's get going." he said loudly over all of the gunfire in the distance.

The three nodded and started to move, but stopped when they were engaged by a small fire team.

"Quickly behind the truck, I got these guys!" Humphrey commanded.

The three did as told and watched as he began to return fire.

"His aim is remarkable." The golden brown wolf whispered to Kylee, who nodded responsively.

"Yeah, I know." Kylee chuckled.

"Do you think he needs our help?" the white one wondered.

Kylee shook her head. "No, he's got this."

Humphrey jumped to his right, going into a roll as he hit the ground, rolling right behind the truck with the other three.

"Damn it. I'm out." he growled to himself.

Kylee nodded and handed Humphrey his pistol.

Humphrey glanced at Kylee.

"Kylee, these two will go with you o the rendevouz point where you will meet Nicky, Garth and Shawn." he explained, handing her a small watch. "This will lead you there." he shouted over the gunfire.

"On the count of three, you run for that building, and I'll cover you."

"You." he said, gesturing to the brown wolf.

"Kate." the wolf answered.


"The name's Kate."

Humphrey nodded. "Kate, you and Her get my sister safely to the rendezvous point." He instructed. "Ready? 1...2...3!"

Instantly, he jumped from his cover and began blasting off rounds at the incoming hostiles as the three other's ran for the building.

Once he was sure that they had safely gotten into the building, he followed.

As he entered through the door, an enemy peered around the corner, ready to blow him away; But Humphrey countered this move, grabbing the hostile and slung him against the wall before killing him with his own knife.

Humphrey picked up the ACR 6.8 and grabbed all the magazines he could see on the fallen foe, before sprinting off to the rendezvous point.


"Is this the right spot?" Kate asked as Kylee came to a stop, halting the other two.

The tiny GPS watch he gave them had lead them to a large courtyard.

"That's what his GPS says." She replied as she looked around.

The sound of footsteps came from all around them, Causing Kate and Lilly to swing their guns in those directions.

"Hold your fire!" Kylee shouted, "That's Humphrey's team."

She was right as three American dressed soldiers emerged from three different directions.

"Good to see you in one piece Kylee." Nicky greeted.

Kylee nodded.

Shawn looked around. "Where's Humphrey?"

Kylee looked behind her. "He stayed behind to make sure we got out safe. Go ahead and call for Evac, by the time it gets here, he'll be back." Kylee suggested.

With a quick nod, Garth turned on his headset. "Guardian 3-5, this is alpha Four, we are ready for Evac."
He said loudly into his mic.

"Roger that Alpha Four. Enroute for Evac. E.T.A. Ten minutes."

"Copy that Guardian 3-5, see you in a few." Garth replied, turning off his headset before turning back to the other five. "Evac in ten minutes."

With a nod from the others, Nicky tossed Kylee an MK14.

"I assume these are the two?"

Kylee looked back at Kate and the white wolf. "Yes, Kate and Lilly. They are the entire reason we are here."

Nicky nodded. "I just hope you're right about Humphrey."

Kylee's face turned to despair. "Yeah, me too."

An eerie silence followed, making them all feel uneasy.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, the silence was broken by the sound of a bullet bouncing off the ground, passing harmlessly through Kylee's sleeve.

"Contact!" she screamed.

Instantly, they were all behind cover, hiding behind Walls, boxes, dumpsters, the fountain, anything that would provide efficient cover.

Kylee was the first to return fire, firing off four rounds before ducking back down beneath her cover. Each shot met its target, the head of the hostile wolves.

"Now I know why you're Alpha leader, Lieutenant Kylee." Nicky chuckled as she sprung up from her cover, blasting three guys in the gut with her Scar-L hybrid sight. "How much longer 'till Evac?" she shouted, hoping her voice could be heard over the sound of gunfire.

"1 minute!" Garth called back.

"There's too many, we need to pull back to the secondary LZ!" Lilly shouted as she sent a volley of rounds into her target.

"No, wait! Look!" Kylee screamed as she pointed to the enemy soldiers who were being wounded not by them, but by someone else. There was a flash of light around the corner, and sure enough, Humphrey came sprinting around, spinning back around and emptying the clip in his AK into his pursuers.

"Looks like you were right on the money Kylee." Kate commented.

Just as he slid into over next to Kylee, the sound of propeller blades slicing through the wind filled the air.

"Look there's our ride!" Shawn shouted.

Kylee grew frustrated when he saw the A-H 6 hovering towards the ground. "An AH6! What the hell!" she screamed. "There's only enough room for four. Three will have to stay!" She called to her teammates over the multiple sounds.

"Five." Humphrey corrected as he picked up Kylee and threw her in the passenger seat. "Get them out of here Demon!" he commanded. "Kate and I will find our own way home."

"Copy that." Demon responded as she lifted the helicopter off of the ground, piloting it back to base.

"Come on! Let's get out of here." He said as he turned and started sprinting off towards the middle of the city. "We'll lose them in the city."

With a quick nod, and after firing off a few rounds at the pursuing contacts, she shot off after him.