I looked over to Luna, who stood gazing off at...something. It seemed as though she was looking for something.

I stood, grabbing my rifle as I joined her.
"There's an airport not too far from here, we could easily fly out of here." She explained. "We could go home."

"Who says it'll be any different when we get home?" I replied.
"But that might be our only chance to get out of here." Kylee agreed, forcing herself off the ground, it was around this time Lilly awoke.
"Come on, let's go." Kylee said, helping Lilly up.
"But you two are in no condition to travel." Luna protested.
"Trust me, they're capable." I grinned.
Luna sighed, obviously unwilling to allow this however, there wasn't much of a choice.
"Alright, let's go."


We began our journey, heading down the mountain, there were very few zombies standing in our way. The first one was a silent kill, thanks to Nicky's huge knife.

But as we moved on, I felt as if we were being watched from every window and alley, still we kept moving. The more we walked, the deeper the feeling took hold. I led them around a corner and waited, looking around the corner. It was strange, there were no infected to be seen anywhere, however, Nicky kept saying she could hear whispering. Just as I thought we were clear, a bullet zipped by, shattering the closest window. I ducked behind a nearby garbage bin, commanding the others to do the same.
I pulled my rifle around the corner to spot the hostile force, only to have it shot out of my hands.
It fell, just out of reach, and between complete exposure and a truck that was out of commission.
"Blast!" I screamed furiously. "They've got me zeroed."
Nicky nodded an shot out of cover, firing at whatever, directing all attention to herself.
I used this distraction to jump from behind my cover and grab my rifle, going into a roll and landing hard behind the truck. I popped back out, spotting and disposing of my targets.
"Well." I said, joining Nicky. "That was a waste of time."
She nodded, turning to continue on. However she froze, spinning around a corner, where we found Humphrey, Kate and Garth.
"Whoah, Nicky...take it easy."