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Takes place in future timeline...yeah.

"Darn them! They're too powerful!", a pissed off, 13 year old Trunks shouted.

It had been three days since the last android attack and Trunks and Gohan were in a daily training routine.

"Did you just sense that immense power level?", Gohan asked.

"Yeah, what was that?", Trunks replied.

Gohan and Trunks flew to the north where they sensed the power level. There, they found a small capsule house and a young girl outside it. She looked to be no more than 13 years old.

"Who are you?", the girl asked.

"I should be asking you that same question.", Gohan said

"Well, I'm Kairi and...I have a tail", she pointed out.

Kairi had the most gorgeous shoulder-length hair and the most piercing, but kind purple eyes.

"I'm Gohan and this is my friend Trunks.", Gohan stated.

"Nice to meet you.", Trunks said, awkwardly.

"Umm...do you guys want to come inside? You both look a little bit like you're freezing.", Kairi asked .

So, the three people went inside and Kairi offered both men a cup of tea, which they gladly accepted.

"So, why exactly do you have a tail?", Gohan asked, confused.

"Oh, I uh, I'm a Saiyan.", she answered.

Gohan and Trunks did a spit-take when they heard that news. Then Kairi told them about how her parents, Fasha and Tora had her when they were down in Hell. A.N. (Sounds weird? I know. Couldn't think of any way to put it.)

"So, you're a 13 year old saiyan who was born in Hell?", Trunks asked.

"Yep, I know it sounds weird, doesn't it?", Kairi said.

"Can you transform into a Super Saiyan?", Gohan asked.

Kairi shook her head and then Gohan explained what it was.

"O.K., Trunks and I need to head back to our training. See you around!", Gohan said as he and Trunks flew away to a desolate rock settlement.

"Bye!", Kairi shouted as they left.

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