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The Cell Games were beginning that day. All of the Z-Fighters knew things weren't going to be the same from now. Goku, Gohan, and Krillin were flying to the Lookout. Trunks had arrived minutes before. Kairi had just finished her separate training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. She was now wearing the Saiyan battle armor, with the blue jumpsuit underneath. When everyone was there, they discussed how they needed to do their best. All of them flew to the newly designed arena for the Cell Games.

'Well, it's finally happening.', Kairi said to Trunks using the bond.

'Yeah.', he responded.

They looked at each other, blue eyes meeting purple. They were interrupted though, by a certain arrogant human. Hercule Satan. He claimed that he was going to beat Cell, and karate chopped a pile of gray bricks. Hercule's students though, tried to fight Cell first. The first fighter was named Caroni. He started walking towards the ring, but first he noticed Kairi.

"Why, here you go miss.", Caroni said with a wink as he handed her a rose from the bouquet he was holding.

Kairi took the rose with a 'I don't care' look, dropped the rose, and crushed it under her foot with a smirk on her face. Caroni looked thoroughly insulted. He continued to walk to the arena. Caroni threw the roses in the air. He rushed to Cell, but Cell just powered up, letting Caroni be carried away by the air. Along with the roses. The next and last apprentice, Piroshki, tried to fight, but was utterly beaten. Finally, Hercule stepped up the the ring to fight Cell. He charged towards Cell, but was just smacked into a nearby cliff face-first. This caused a small chuckle from Vegeta, not even he was that arrogantly stupid. Everyone stood in silence, waiting for Hercule to return to the little group of people he was with. Goku started walking, but was stopped.

"Hey Goku, I know you've been wanting to fight Cell. But we all know when you fight him, that's probably gonna be it. So, can I just get a round in?", Kairi asked Goku.

"Sure.", Goku said as he started walking back to where he first was.

Trunks rushed over to Kairi and grabbed her arm.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", Trunks asked with worry in his voice.

"Of course.", Kairi replied, giving Trunks a reassuring smile.

Kairi stepped onto the white, tile tournament ring. She got into her fighting stance, making sure there were no openings.

"Well, let's get this over with shall we? I do want to fight Goku.", Cell said as he got into his fighting stance.

"Don't worry, you'll get your chance with Goku.", Kairi said as she began to power up.

The ground started to shake, rocks were levitating, air blowing in all directions. Kairi's power level rose to tremendous levels. Kairi rushed towards Cell, and just as he was going to attack, she after-imaged behind him. She was going to send a punch directly into his back, but it turns out that Cell had used a different form of the after-image technique. There was a direct image of Cell, but as soon as something makes contact with it, it disappears, leading to suspect that it was just a copy. The real Cell was in the air and sent a powerful Ki blast down towards Kairi, but she jumped into the air and slammed her fists into Cell's head, causing him to go crashing down to the arena. Cell recovered quite quickly and charged a Kamehameha at Kairi, she tried to rush away from it, but Cell made it stalk her, eventually hitting it's target. Kairi fell out of the air and she almost fell out of the ring, but floated just above the ground and back onto the ring.

'Get it together.', Vegeta thought as he watched the two others start using hand-to-hand combat.

Kairi and Cell started to punch each other, mimicking the other's attacks. Kairi landed a punch straight to Cell's gut, causing him to stumble for a second. He reacted by after-imaging behind Kairi and elbowing her in the neck. She fell down, clutching her neck. She rushed straight up, and decided to give him the 'Supersonic Crash'. She rushed at Cell, kicking him at his sides and knocking him around the air, until they were completely in the sky, then she slammed her fists down on his head, sending him 'crashing' into the ring, causing a few cracks on the outside from his landing. Cell stood on the ring, just looking. They continued to stare until a small pebble fell off one of the cliffs, then Cell charged a Destructo Disk. He sent the disk at Kairi, who narrowly dodged it. Although, it took quite a bit of flesh off her left leg. Kairi flew down all the way back to the ring, clutching the exposed flesh of her leg. Blood was flowing out of it like a waterfall. Her skin was turning whiter by the second. Cell walked towards her, and grabbed her leg, his black nails digging into the stinging flesh. Blood spurted out on the pure white ring, like a paint canvas. Kairi screamed out in pain.

'Oh Kami.', Trunks thought as he dug his fingers in the palms of his hand.

Cell threw Kairi in the air, tired of having blood drip all over the place. He started to use hand-to-hand combat again, but Kairi was defending herself still. Kairi swung her right leg across Cell's neck, sending him crashing into one of the sharp pillars on the ring. Kairi clutched the wound and cursed when she saw that her glove was covered with the red liquid. Her eyes almost rolled into the back of her head, but she shook it before she passed out, reminding herself that she can't blackout during a match. Cell jumped back into the air, grabbed Kairi's right ankle, and swung her onto the ring, causing more cracks. She stood up to recover, but stumbled and fell on her knees.

"Kairi! Just forfeit already! You're losing too much blood!", Trunks commanded.

"No! I can't!", Kairi replied.

Cell brought down his elbow to Kairi's back, knocking her face-first into the white tile. Cell grabbed Kairi's tail and hung her upside-down. Kairi was now as white as the tile for the ring. The biological android charged an energy wave and released it right in-front of Kairi. She was thrown into the air and landed right outside of the ring. Which meant, she was disqualified. Trunks ran over to her and gave her one of the Senzu Beans. Kairi was instantly healed. She and Trunks walked back to the other Z-Fighters just as Goku walked up to Cell. Both were silent as they got into their fighting stances.


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