Hello again lovelies. I'm back with Drabble Prompt Challenge. Since its the month of March...things are coming in like a lion.

First this prompt challenge and the word is 'Lucky'. The word was given then we had one week to go fly our kites.

Posting for the prompt challenge starts TODAY...and will be posted in it's entirety by Saturday...and or Sunday if F.F doesn't fail.

Then next weekend is the March Drabble Wars weekend. If you haven't checked it out before...go over to the FB page and take a look at all the fantastic authors as well as the prompt challenge authors that are making an appearance yet again.

So here is my author note. I don't leave too many of them. Thanks for checking out my shizzle. SM owns the characters, I just mold them like play-doh into my own little crazy shenanigans. I hope you enjoy... This story is EPOV all the way through. I may throw in some BPOV as outtakes later on. HEA and all that goodness! These will be short chapters...no more than 150 words, unknown amount of chapters because I just keep adding. It's an addiction. :)

And here we go!





Waking up to alarm clocks has to the worst and most annoying noise on the planet.

I sometimes wonder who came up with that sound.

Must have been a psych patient going crazy.

Pushing myself up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

Finally making my way out of bed and into my bathroom, I jump in the shower.

Feeling the water rush over me instantly wakes me up.

Quickly washing all the nooks and crannies, I jump out drying off.

Catching my reflection in the mirror, I am silently giving myself a rundown of what I have for the day.

I have no court cases.

Thank god that's a plus for a Friday.